How to develop an eSports Tournament Website

Have you ever imagined where exactly the market of eSports will reach 20 years from now?

The eSports industry is as lustrous from inside as it seems from outside. Based on the huge number of matches played on a daily basis globally, League of Legends alone had  reported 100 million active monthly players worldwide in 2016 which then gave an indication in the growth of eSports

What is eSports

eSports or electronic sports are video games played between teams or by individual players. Online as well as offline competitions are organized for engaging a large number of audience. Some of the games that have shaken the entire eSports industry are League of Legends, Counterstrike, DOTA2, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, StarCraft, among many others. 

With over 600 tournaments registered under DOTA2, it has become a large entity in the world of eSports. They have awarded a prize money of as much as $60 million USD to the players since the tournament began. Not only just the million dollar prizes and fame, eSports has approximately 800+ million viewing hours on streaming platforms such as Twitch or Youtube. In 2019, it was estimated that the total audience of eSports would grow to 454 million viewers and that revenues would increase to over US$1 billion

eSports Industry

Based on the figures of Newzoo’s annual report, the eSports industry generated $201M revenue in 2019. According to Newzoo, sponsorship is the biggest eSports revenue stream ($359 million in 2019), followed by advertising ($174 million), media rights ($161 million), game publishing fees ($116 million), as well as merchandise and tickets ($96 million). Peter Warman, an eSports analysts at Newzoo says, “It has the potential to become one of the top five sports in the world”

Here is a recent study report by Newzoo showing the growth of viewers:

Best eSports Software Development

As mentioned by Forbes, eSports revenue will grow 38% this year to $906M and reach $1.65B by 2021—with most of the business likely coming from North America and China.

When we count on the age range these eSports fans are most likely to fall in are majorly in the age group of 18-32. And digging deeper to find the craze in eSports, most of them are not eSports freak rather they are technology consultants, analysts and other techies.

Associations are rising as the developing ecosystem perceives a requirement for service structures. For instance, World eSports Association (WESA) is an open and comprehensive association that means to professionalize eSports in regions, for example, player depiction, organized rules, pay shares for gatherings similarly as setting up obvious schedules for fans, players, facilitators and broadcasters.

Type of eSports Solutions

eSports Betting Software 

These softwares are designed and developed for the bets done on eSports. These software are basically the collaboration of eSports website and betting platforms.

White Label Fantasy eSports Software

Get your own licensed and labeled Fantasy eSports Software once and for lifetime with white label fantasy eSports by GammaStack

eSports Collaboration Software

eSports Collaboration Software entitles you with all the social media sharing and allows you to create a community of eSports on various social platforms.

eSports Tournament Management Platform

Convenient to use and easy to create and manage various tournaments in it.

Mobile eSports Platform

To get better results in terms of revenue, there are Mobile eSports Platform to attract a large number of audience.

eSports Team Management Software

A large number of teams gather in the eSports tournament, thus to manage them, an eSports Team Management Software is developed. 

Custom eSports Software Development

Along with the exclusive features, integration of on-demand features on your eSports software.

eSports Production Tools

eSports production tools are integrated in our eSports software

  • Match Coverage
  • Community Interaction
  • Live Streaming
  • Gameplay Capture

White Label eSports Software

White label eSports software comes with a package of all the features needed for your eSports Software.

Development of an eSports Tournament Website

Development of any sports website through custom-coding is not as easy as it seems to be. From integration of various APIs to display the current scores. It requires almost every minute detail.

Here are few things that are kept in mind before the development of the eSports website:

  • Your target audience and the country 
  • The games for which eSports tournament website is developed for
  • Product (Custom Development or White Label)

After deciding these factors, following are the steps required to build an eSports website.


In web development wireframing is one of the main steps that can’t be neglected. Wireframing decides the entire structure of the website before the design and content is added to it.

2. Design

Web design surrounds all the skills and production needed in the production and maintenance of an eSports website. The designer who designs the eSports website makes sure that it has a user-friendly interface and looks attractive to your customers.

3. Development

This is the part where the heart of your website lies. Development of a website is necessarily done through coding to make it more customized and responsive on every platform the user wants to play it.

4. API

An application programming interface is the set of certain protocols and tools that ascertains how a website should interact with the user environment. 

5. QA (Quality Assurance)

Quality Assurance of a website is the proof of how a website works, both in terms of design and development. When quality assurance is tested, it is to detect the design faults and development bugs in any website.  

6. Devops

As the name suggests, DevOps  is the development and operations part of a website. It is the intersection of software development and information technology operations that reduces the entire process of the website.

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