Esports Production Tools

GammaStack offers you a wide range of esports production tools integration that is maintained by a third-party backend team to create video solutions in all our esports softwares. With software-driven video technology, we cover a variety of tools to build your brand and give your viewers a quality experience.

  • State-of-the-art esports production tools
  • Scalable and flexible esports software
  • Stellar Visual Content
  • High-end technology software solutions

Effective Esports Production Kit

With our scalable and robust esports software that supports videos with high resolutions up to 1080 & 4K UHD at 60fps, you get an effective esports production kit that helps your viewers with social media interaction, regular stats and much more interesting facts.

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Some Brownie Points of Esports Production Tools

Esports Production Tools On-demand Customization

Gameplay Capture

With our esports software supporting production tools, the team behind take cares to engage your audience to capture gameplay for production. There are many software for recording the gameplay.

Esports Production Tools Match Coverage

Match Coverage

The production unit behind is responsible for covering the entire match during the esport tournaments ensuring your players’ emotions and intensity to be displayed with high-resolution that give your users connect to the players.

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Community Interaction

As the word suggests, community interaction allow the players to interact with their fans including player Q&A, real-time reaction, live interviews, etc. This helps in shaping the entire ecosystem of esports community.

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Live Streaming

Our esports tournament management software with the help of production tools enables live streaming on our esports platform. Your players can watch the players playing matches and tournaments live.

Features of our Esports Software

Fantasy Sports CMS And Banner Management

Production Tools Integration

This feature enables your esports software to work like a high-end software driven technology that could give your viewers and ultimate iGaming experience. We got you covered with professionals that create rich and high quality video content and give your brand a great recognition.

Esports Production Tools Multiple Console Support

Multiple Console Support

Our esports software gives your players to choose from a wide range of consoles, including Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and many more. Thus, giving it complete web support and multiple console support.

Esports Production Tools Tournament Chats

Tournament Chats

How exciting it would for your player to play while they can plot the match while chatting? Our esports software has this feature enabled into it, so that your players can have conversations in between a match.

Sports Betting App Secure Payment Panel

Multiple Payment Integration

For the convenience of your players, we provide multiple payment gateways in your esports software so that your users can make payments on the platform without hassle-free.

Various Esports Formats

Our esports software is equipped with diverse esports formats. You players can select from single-elimination, round-robin, league, double-elimination, bracket groups, etc. thus enabling your players a full-fledged freedom to customize the tournament.

Sports Betting App Sports Selection Panel

Live Leaderboards

This feature show live scores of the matches being played in the tournament. This helps your players to track the match and entire tournament.

Esports Production Tools On-demand Customization

On-demand Customization

Our esports software is 100% customizable according to your needs and demands. We can integrate multiple API’s to your esports platform.

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GammaStack is known for delivering feature-enriched high-technology esports software solutions. Our iGaming professionals create and design softwares that are compatible with multiple devices. At GammaStack, we strive for continuous growth and success so that our clientele always keep us in priority when it comes to esports software development and services.


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What is esports?

Esports is a gaming competition where professionals from different locations compete with other players.

What are esports production tools?

Esports production tools include a variety of tools and gadgets that are required for creating high quality content videos.

What are the major features that is covered by esports production tools?

Major esports production tools cover gameplay capture, match coverage, community interaction, live streaming, real-time graphics, etc.

What are some features that an esports software required?

Some must have features of an esports software includes multiple payment integration, various esports integration, multiple esports tournaments, production tools integration, and many more.

How will you choose a reliable & trusted esports software provider?

You can choose a reliable and trusted esports software provider who can provide you with all the features mentioned above. GammaStack is known for providing a feature-enriched esports software solutions


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They are the best esports software providers I have worked with. Their working pattern and behaviour is phenomenal & I would surely recommend them.

Mark Clown. TunisiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/12/17

GammaStack is known for delivering high-end solutions in Esports Software development. So, we asked them to build us a software with all the necessary integrations and thus the software they were undoubtedly strong and robust.

Date: 2019/12/17

We were looking for an esports software provider, when we got to know about GammaStack, we approached them and asked them to build us a software that can integrate esports production tools. And they did it amazingly!

Date: 2019/12/17
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