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Top-notch Esports Team Management Software Development

Our feature-rich Esports team management software solution can help your users become more organized, keep track of news and updates, help them network better and manage everything in one place, without any hassle. GammaStack can be a perfect pick for the development of your Esports team management website that can help your users to focus on the games and tournaments.

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Major Highlights of our Esports Team Management Software

Gamer Profiles

Every gamer on our Esports team management application gets his own dedicated profile. Your users can get started by registering on the platform, creating their profiles, writing their gaming bio and picking their interests and favorite games. In addition to this, your users can also apply to join and follow the teams they’re interested in.

Team Creation and Member Management

Our Esports team management application enables every user to create teams for specific games. Members can be added after their profiles are reviewed and admins get the authority to remove members in case of spam, identity fraud, etc.

Powerful Search Feature

The search feature of the Esports team management website developed by us helps your users to search for specific players and teams. The searches can be further refined with the help of powerful filters based on availability, country, games, ratings, levels, etc.

Dedicated Team Dashboards

With the help of dedicated team dashboards, teams can add new members, remove members, keep track of member activities and upcoming events — all in one place. The dashboards enable your user to define roles and responsibilities and manage teams effectively.

Activity Feed and Announcements

On the Esports team management platform developed by GammaStack, every team gets its own activity feed where team members can share experiences, insights, discuss upcoming events and make important announcements.

Team Promotion and Networking

With this feature, your users can promote their teams in order to increase their member count. Teams can also increase their network and followers by collaborating with other teams as well as with the help of unpaid and paid promotions/shoutouts.

Multiple Team Management

This feature enables your users to create and manage multiple teams at the same time. Your users can easily create multiple teams, add members and carry out all the activities effectively without any hassle.

Real-time Communication

With live threads and knowledge sharing rooms, team members can create and discuss strategies, share updates, discuss new games and solve queries in real-time.

Media Manager

With the help of the media manager, your users can add, remove and manage media, for example, documents, pictures, sound, videos in one place effortlessly.

Merchandise promotion and In-app purchases

This feature gives your users an opportunity to promote their team’s merchandise and sell. Your users can also explore the merchandise listings and can make in-app purchases to acquire the merchandises as per their requirements.

Tournament Creation and Promotion

This feature in our Esports team management application enables your users to create and promote tournaments across the platform. This feature not only helps them create engaging tournaments but also enables them to increase participation with the help of effective promotion.

Calendars and Event Invitations

With the help of calendars, your users can stay more organized and can create events. Invites can be sent to various players and team members to keep track of the participants and predict the success of the event.

User-friendly Interfaces

At GammaStack, we design and develop for humans. We ensure that the platforms developed by us are not only highly functional but also render seamless experience for your users.

Responsive Design

Your users don’t have to stay confined to their desktops. With responsive design, your users can manage their profiles and teams from their fingertips. We at GammaStack ensure the smooth functioning of our solutions across all devices so that your users can gain access from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Why GammaStack is Perfect for Esports Team Management application development?

Extensive Brainstorming and Planning

After communicating with you and understanding your idea, we brainstorm for hours. We plan and develop the best and most cost-effective strategies that serve as a cornerstone for your project.

Engaging Solutions

The solutions created by our team are not only gorgeous but also are highly engaging. We not only ensure a seamless user experience but also ensure that our platforms delight the users.

Solutions at Highly Competitive Prices

At GammaStack, we are committed to our clients. Not only we provide the best in industry services and products developed with cutting-edge technologies, but also we make sure our solutions are cost-effective and don’t hurt your wallet.

On-time Delivery

We always deliver on-time. Our team of dedicated designers, developers, testers and project managers always ensure on-time delivery, even in the case of time-sensitive projects.
Quick And On-Time Delivery

Highly Creative and Skilled Professionals

At GammaStack, our team of designers is highly creative and our developers are equipped with hands-on experience in cutting-edge technology. Our teams have assisted and served various clients from around the world in diverse domains, which makes GammaStack a perfect choice for your next big idea.

Thoroughly Tested Solutions

We understand that bugs can be embarrassing. Many new applications lose users because of major and minor glitches. But that’s not the case when we are developing your project. Our team of highly focused and determined testers ensure the delivery of bug-free projects.

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Some More Crucial Features of Our Esports Team Management Software

Apart from all the features we just talked about, the following crucial features are also incorporated in our Esports team management website
Esports Production Tools Tournament Chats



Sports Betting App Customer Support Panel

Discussion Rooms

Sports Betting App Secure Payment Panel

Payment gateways


Sports Betting App Customer Support Panel

Activity and Availability Tracker

Community Moderators

Sports Betting App Development Notification

Push Notification

Dedicated Team building for Individual Esports Titles

Reliable and robust solutions
Modern designs and future-proof solutions

Why GammaStack?

Complete transparency
Team of experienced professionals
When it comes to Esports solutions, GammaStack is a well-established and trusted solution provider. With our several solutions and never-ending list of happy clients, we become a perfect choice for Esports team management application development. Equipped with more than 10 years of experience in the iGaming industry, GammaStack has delivered several solutions to businesses and clients across the world.


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