The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Sports Betting Businesses

The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Sports Betting Businesses

You’ve got yourself a cutting edge sports betting platform and your platform comprises all the latest tools as well as features. But to attract new users to the platform, you need an effective marketing strategy.

Several sports betting platform owners make use of diverse marketing strategies to attract new punters to the platform. These strategies include content marketing, bonuses, social media campaigns, mobile marketing, email marketing, etc. But there is one marketing strategy that’s most effective and is used by all the sports betting companies. Sports betting affiliate marketing. Why is it effective? Because betting affiliate marketing brings in most customers to the platform.

In this article, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about sportsbook affiliate marketing for sports betting businesses. This article will not only enable you to help you understand how sports betting affiliate programs work but will also help you understand all the ins and outs of this affiliate sports betting marketing strategy.

But before we go any further, let’s take a look at the basics.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Sports Betting Affiliate Programs Work?

Affiliate marketing comes with three four aspects. The affiliate marketers, the business or the brand, the network, and the customer. The process requires affiliate marketers to promote the brand by using various means for which they earn a commission on each sale they make or each customer they bring in. Hence, this model not only benefits the sports betting businesses by bringing in new customers but also benefits affiliate marketers as they also get to earn profits.

What is an Affiliate Network?

Affiliate marketers use several ways to promote products, schemes, offers, etc. And to ensure they find the most suitable offers and schemes to promote that are relevant to their content, they make use of affiliate networks.

So, in simpler terms, it can be said that affiliate networks stay in the middle of the brands and affiliate marketers. They allow marketers to find offers and promote them to a much broader as well as more suitable audience.

In the case of sports betting, whenever a marketer registers for online sports betting affiliate programs, sending quality traffic to the online sportsbook becomes their primary job. For traffic that converts into a customer, online sportsbooks award a piece of commission to the affiliate marketer. sportsbook affiliate programs can also allow marketers to promote a specific event, a bet type, a particular game, etc.

Now that we know what is sports betting affiliate marketing, an affiliate network, and how gambling affiliate programs work, let’s take a look at how marketers promote sports betting businesses and their offerings by making use of online sports betting affiliate programs.
What is an Affiliate Network
What is an Affiliate Network
What is an Affiliate Network

Methods Affiliate Marketers Use to Promote Your Sports Betting Business

Below are several methods by using which affiliate marketers promote sports betting businesses.
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Website Content

There are several punters who run successful blogs and websites to share betting tips and strategies which enable other punters to polish their skills. These website owners promote new sports betting businesses with the help of banner ads, by publishing news, information about offerings, schemes, products, etc.

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YouTube Videos

Similar to website content, several YouTubers also help in generating quality traffic by promoting products in between their videos, creating content around the topics, talking about businesses and their offerings, etc.

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Several bloggers write reviews about businesses to generate awareness about them and drop the links to the business’s website to generate traffic.

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Social Media

Social media is a hub of people looking for ways to be entertained. This allows marketers to find the right people and target the audience better by making use of filters such as hashtags, groups, pages, etc. This allows marketers to effectively promote businesses and generate awareness as well as traffic for the brands.

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Email Marketing

When an affiliate marketer signs up for a brand’s sportsbook affiliate program, they are provided some links to promote. This enables businesses to track the leads the affiliate marketers bring in. The marketers write sales scripts and include hyperlinks in the mails as call-to-actions and promote offers, services, spread awareness, etc.

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In today's cut-throat competition, ranking on the first page has become a must. Hence, businesses as well as maketors optimize their web pages to improve their ranking and to ensure they are found by their target audiences.

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Offers & Discounts

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Coupons are a great way to promote products and services and also help affiliate marketers bring on quality potential customers onboard.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the basics, let’s understand more about the betting affiliate business model.
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Types of Affiliate Marketing Models

Below are four key affiliate marketing models that sports betting businesses make use of.
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Revenue share in Sports Betting

Revenue share or simply Rev share in sports betting is a long-term model in which the sportsbook affiliate marketer earns a commission on the net profits earned by the business through the referred punter. Revenue share model is one of the most preferred models as it keeps bringing profits to the affiliates and keeps them motivated to find and bring high-quality traffic to the platform. But there is also a shadier side to this model. The affiliates do reap the profits but also incur losses whenever the referred punter wins.

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CPA in Sports Betting

CPA in sports betting stands for cost per acquisition and sports betting platforms pay sports betting affiliates when the referred bettor makes the first deposit on the platform. Since this model is aimed at acquiring quality punters, most sports betting businesses don't pay commission to the affiliates if the punter flees from the platform after making the first deposit.

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CPL in Sports Betting

CPL in sports betting stands for cost per lead. CPL requires leads to complete a certain set of actions, which can include filling a form or buying a product etc. It’s not enough to lead people to the brand’s websites in this model. Hence it is recommended only for those affiliate marketers who receive traffic in high volumes. Noob marketers usually prefer to stay away from this plan.

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Hybrid (Mix of Revenue Share and CPA)

The hybrid model is a mix of revenue share and CPA model in which the affiliate marketer receives a payment every time the referred punter makes the deposit. But there is more. If the affiliate marketer keeps bringing in new leads that continue to make deposits, the percentage of commission might get increased with time.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Sports betting

Sports betting businesses benefit from affiliate marketing in several ways. Below are some of the key benefits:
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Access to International Markets

Sports betting platforms receive visitors from all over the world. And affiliate marketing can be the best way to promote your business overseas. Not only is it a proven way to appeal to the audience worldwide, but it’s also cost-effective. In addition to this, the marketers situated in diverse areas promote brands in a way that appeals to local audiences, which helps brands grow.

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More Exposure and Boosted brand Awareness

Affiliate marketing allows large as well as small sports betting businesses to get more exposure and boosts brand awareness. This not only helps businesses become more relevant but also enables them to attract a larger pool of audiences.

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Target Audience Better

Sports betting affiliates marketers have a clear understanding of the industry and the target audience which enables them to promote sports betting businesses effectively. Hence at the end of the day, businesses receive well-aware and well-informed customers that convert better which enables them to scale up easily.

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Minimum Risks

Affiliate marketing does not require any big budget but only requires you to pay for performance. This enables businesses to create customers which do not need any nurturing and helps them operate within their budget by allowing them to pay a piece of profit to the marketer.

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Easy Tracking with Detailed Data and Stats

Affiliate marketing renders businesses complete insights about sales, conversion, etc which enables them to monitor and tweak their programs effectively for better growth of the business.

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Return on Investment

More than 80% of brands use sports betting affiliate marketing to enhance their reach, conversions as well as sales. Why? Affiliate marketing requires businesses to pay for only those leads or acquisitions that bring them business, which translates to greater return on investment.

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Pool of Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is a great source of passive income, which is one of the reasons why it appeals to several people. With several marketers promoting a business on diverse platforms, sports betting businesses can easily increase their customers with minimum efforts.


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Top 5 Betting Affiliate Programs And What You Can Learn From Them

Top 5 Betting Affiliate Programs And What You Can Learn From Them
Let’s take a look at the top 5 affiliate programs, their key highlights, why affiliate marketers love them, and what sets them apart from the rest.
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888 Sports Affiliate Program

888 sports is one of the first-rate online sports betting platforms that offers its users thousands of pre-match and live matches at best-in-industry odds. The online sportsbook provides access to mobile app for seamless gambling experience and also promotes responsible gambling to ensure a safe environment for its customers. Why do marketers love this affiliate program? They ensure their marketers earn high commissions, give them access to personalized commission plans, they have a 30-day cookie policy and they also provide dedicated account managers.

Online Casino Software

Bet365 Affiliate Program

Bet365 is a UK based online gambling company that was founded in the year 2000. The company specializes in online casinos and sports betting and caters to the needs of 53 million customers all over the world. Why affiliate marketers prefer their program? They provide a 30% commission on every customer they get, pay every month, they have a 45-day cookie policy. The best part? For every activity on the platform and bets placed by the referred punter, marketers earn a commission.

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1Xbet Affiliate Program

1xbet boasts around 400,000 users and provides a wide selection of sports to keep them engaged. These cover basketball, volleyball, football, ice hockey, handball, cycling, formula 1, water polo, and many more. The platform also offers several bet types such as handicap, over/under, correct score, run of play, live bets, etc. Why do affiliate marketers love promoting 1xbet? 1xbet offers 25% commission on each referral, provides resources in native languages so they are easy to understand and pay every week.

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Betfair Affiliate Program

Betfair is one of the leading and well-established online gambling companies that was founded in the year 2000. Betfair is known to operate one of the biggest betting exchanges in the world and apart from this, the company also offers its customers online casino, online bingo, online poker as well as a sportsbook. Betfair boasts more than 4 million customers and the company earns over 50 million pounds in a week. Why affiliate marketers love Betfair affiliate programs? Betfair offers 30% revenue share, processes payments every month, has a 30-day cookie policy, and refrains from no negative carryover policy.

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5k Betting System Affiliate Program

This one is quite different from the rest. 5k Betting system is an online tipster service for sports betting that's run by Ben Cross, who claims that he can bring profits to all of his subscribers. What do subscribers get? They get access to selections on a daily basis via mail. Why affiliate marketers love this affiliate program? The 5k betting system pays 50% commission on every sale an affiliate makes, which translates to around $20 per referral.

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Best Affiliate Networks for Gambling Businesses

Below is the list of best as well as most used affiliate networks for gambling businesses.
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CPALead provides monetization for android as well as iOS mobile applications and provides support in over 200 countries. The platform consists of 20,0000 members and more than 2000 affiliate programs. What appeals to affiliate marketers? The minimum payout which is $50. The platform also comprises over 700,000 traffic sources, low-risk options, self serve advertising services as well as device detection for better targeting.

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Peerfly enables marketers to reach international markets and equips them with geolocation tools that help them target an audience better by allowing them to target specific regions. In addition to this, this affiliate network provides 24/7 customer support which can be reached via chat, email, or phone. Peerfly has generated over 8million sales/leads to date and comprises over 75 publishers that are spread across 165 countries.

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CPA Kitchen

CPA Kitchen is one of the most prominent affiliate networks for the iGaming industry and it offers rev share, CPA as well as CPL models. This affiliate network equips businesses with unique tracking systems, detailed reports, smart tools, AD rotators, and much more. Marketers receive a 3% commission from the profits generated by their referrals.

Sports Betting Software

AdWork Media

Adwork media supports several sales models such as CPA, CPL, CPS, and much more, and programs also offer a variety of modes to affiliate marketers such as surveys, subscriptions, gambling, etc. The minimum payout is $35 and the program supports popular payment options such as western union as well as PayPal.

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EvaDav is an ideal affiliate network for promoting business internationally. The platform supports the revenue share model, pays stably on a weekly basis, provides 24/7 customer support, and offers more opportunities to boost earnings with referral programs. For brands and businesses, Evadav provides 100% brand safety, 100% viewability, fraud safety, and targeted audience.

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Awin (former Zanox)

Awin is an award-winning affiliate network that works with more than 205,00 publishers and operates in 15 markets that are known to generate 147 million sales worldwide. In addition to this, Awin also provides you a specialist account management team to make the process as seamless as possible.

Sports Betting Software

Gambling Affiliation is one of the most renowned affiliate networks with more than 10 years of experience in the iGaming affiliate industry. The website boasts around 35.000 affiliates, over 250 campaigns, works closely with over 75 advertisers, and supports CPA as well as revenue share models. In addition to this, the website supports diverse payment methods such as Neteller, Paypal, bank transfer as well as Neocash.

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MyLead is another renowned affiliate network that provides over 1000 partner programs, diverse tools for webmasters as well as 24/7 customer support. In addition to this, the affiliate network offers more than 1690 affiliate programs and boasts more than 112000 publishers all over the globe.

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Want Top-notch Affiliate Networks in Your Sports Betting Platform?

Then GammaStack can equip you with a feature loaded sports betting solution that comes with best-in-class affiliate networks that not only enable you to target your audience better but also enable you to maximise your profits.In our 8+ years of experience in the iGaming industry, we have equipped several large as well as small businesses with solutions that come with some of the best affiliate networks that help them acquire a new user base, retain old customers and maximize their return on investment.Want to know more about our sports betting solutions or have more queries about affiliate networks? Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Sports Betting Affiliate Marketing

Does your sportsbook come with an affiliate system?

Yes, the sportsbook provided by us comes with an affiliate system.

I don't need a standard affiliate module. Can you provide customization services for the same?

Yes, we can customize the standard affiliate module as per your business requirements.

What is sports betting affiliate marketing?

Online sports betting affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy that enables affiliate marketers to send potential customers to the sports betting platforms by making use of various means and for every conversion, affiliate marketers earn a commission.

What are online sports betting affiliate programs?

Almost every sportsbook offers a sports betting affiliate program which is an arrangement on how much commission an affiliate will receive, when he’ll receive etc.

How can sports betting affiliate marketing help me increase my profits?

Sports betting affiliate marketing can help you generate more traffic, can boost sign ups and number of bettors on your platform. In addition to this, it can also help you build a significant user base.

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