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Must-have Esports Games For Esports Betting Platform

Must-have Esports Games For Esports Betting Platform

Table of Contents

1. Scope of Esports Betting Industry

2. Things To Keep In Mind While Picking Esports Titles

3. Best Games For Esports Platform

There is no doubt that the esports industry has witnessed phenomenal growth. One of the reasons behind the explosive growth is the variety of games the industry has to offer. Esports comes with 40+ titles that have something in store for everyone. These game titles cater to the needs of not only players but also keep the punters engaged. From shooters to battle royal, from sports to combat, esports keeps everyone entertained. 

No wonder when it comes to picking esports games for esports betting platform, business owners strive to hit the nail. After all, one wrong move can cost them huge audiences, bettors, as well as viewership.  

So which games make all the headlines? Which games attract the bettors as well as players and which ones should you choose for your sports betting platform? 

Before we find out, let’s take a look at the scope of the esports betting industry. 

Scope of Esports Betting Industry

Scope of Esports Betting Industry

Covid-19 pandemic didn’t spare any industry. From the sports betting industry to land-based casinos, all industries had taken a major hit. The pandemic not only forced bookmakers to seek new opportunities but also pushed bettors too look for new ways to keep themselves entertained. And when everyone was looking for answers to fix the bleeding revenue system, esports opened its doors.

The Esports industry had also suffered its fair share of the blow, but thanks to the digitization, things fell into place. Even though esports events were canceled, professional competitions took place online, revealing countless opportunities for bettors, players as well as bookmakers. Esports betting did have humble beginnings, but today, it has successfully made its way into the big league. 

The Esports betting industry has triumphantly hit the mark of $13 billion and today, it stands as one of the most lucrative industries on the planet. From industry hotshots such as Unibet to small sports betting platforms, today, everyone is striving to provide best-in-class esports betting services to keep the bettors as well as players engaged. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Picking Esports Titles

So you are planning to get yourself a cutting edge esports betting platform. You’ve planned out the user experience, you’ve got the all features sorted out, but what about the games?

When it comes to picking the best esports games, it’s crucial to consider a few factors to ensure the success of the platform. Below is the list of factors that must be considered before incorporating the most popular esports games in your esports betting platforms.

Game Popularity

Most popular esports games automatically attract huge audiences to your platform. When your esports betting platform boasts all the popular games, it not only enables you to attract players to your platform but also bettors.  

Number of Players

Player participation is also one of the key factors to consider. The more audience a game has, the better it is for your esports betting platform. Having a good fan following and a good number of players not only ensures participation but also enhances player engagement. 


Viewership is another crucial factor that enables you to analyze the popularity of the games, investment as well as business opportunities, and the engagement. Factors like AMA, ACV, number of unique viewers, hours watched, peak concurrent users, etc enable you to make more informed as well as better business decisions. 

Betting Opportunities

Several popular games for esports betting platforms come with diverse aspects that create lucrative betting opportunities. And these bet types help you keep the bettors engaged on the platform. Hence incorporating such games titles ensure bettor participation and also enhance the thrill of betting. 

List of Best Games For Esports Platform

Best Games For Esports Platform

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was launched 8 years ago, in the year 2012, but even today it makes it to the list of top esports game titles across the globe. Counter-Strike is one of the popular titles for esports betting platforms which is a  multiplayer FPS. The game was released for diverse gaming consoles such as Xbox 360, Windows, as well as Playstation 3. The best thing about this game? There are several factors that keep the players engaged. These factors include lucrative weapons, attractive skins, frequent game updates, and diverse global events that are held every year. 

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is another popular title for esports betting platform. The game was launched by Activision in the year 2003 and in the succeeding years, the game received more spin-offs and sequels. The good news? Players can expect more diverse versions and engaging spin-offs in the future. The launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was a complete game changer and today, Call of Duty has established itself as one of the most successful franchises around the world. Call of Duty League also created history by attracting 331,000 viewers on Youtube only. One can easily assess the popularity of this game title by these numbers.     

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) easily sits on the list of best esports games. It is one of the most loved MOBAs (Massive Online Battle Arenas) that has dominated the esports industry for years. League of Legends was launched in the year 2009 and for 11 years, League of Legends continued to entice the players. The game receives its fan following majorly from South Korea and receives massive viewership from around the world. The League of Legends world championship was witnessed by 100 million people in the year 2019, where the winning team FunPlus Phenox was awarded the prize money of $834,375. 


Overwatch 2 is trending today but the original version of Overwatch is still witnessing new heights. The Overwatch leagues consist of 20 teams that compete with each other for 26 weeks for a grand cash prize of $5million. In terms of viewership and winning teams, The USA and South Korea remain dominant countries producing top earners. The Overwatch grand finals were witnessed by 1.12 million people worldwide via digital platforms such as Youtube, ABS broadcast as well as Twitch. 


In the past two years, Fortnite gained immense popularity as it rolled out $80 million in awards. This not only enabled it to earn the title of best esports games, but also made it one of the most 

popular games for esports betting platform. Why people love this game title? Fortnite is also known for making big changes right before the giant events to support healthy competition. Fortnite had gained over 125 million players within a short span of one year, and even though the buzz created by the media is gone, the game is still hitting new marks and milestones in the esports industry. The game comes with two modes — Battle Royal and Save the world. As the names suggest, Battle Royal is a player vs player game in which 100 players compete against one another while Save the world is an environment VS player game where common objectives are provided and a team of four players strives to achieve them. In the year 2018, the Fortnite viewership reached 205,259 and around 10,898 Twitch channels showcased content around Fortnite.  

Dota 2

Dota 2 is easy to learn, which makes it perfect for new players, but certainly, it’s hard to master. Dota 2 is one of the popular games for esports betting platform. This MOBA esports title was created by the masterminds behind Counter-Strike: CS GO, the Valve. The game is immensely popular in Asian Regions and also draw popularity from France, the USA, and Romania. The player count for DOTA 2 is around 400K and when it comes to prize pools, there is no match. Dota 2 offers the best. The game requires players to select from more than 100 playable heroes. Once they are done picking, they are required to take them to the battlefield to make use of the hero’s unique playstyle, abilities, powers, and traits. In the year 2019, DOTA 2 TI9 championships attracted the viewership of 1.08 million! 

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

StarCraft 2 is one of the popular titles for esports betting platform. This RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game allows players to discover and explore various aspects of winning. The players control one out of three races which include Zerg, Terran, Protoss, and aim to destroy the other players they see on the map. The game comes with various aspects such as base building, resource management, army controls, tech trees, and much more. StarCraft is well-known for exceptional gameplay that’s adored by players and million-dollar cash prizes which makes it one of the most popular esports games on the planet. According to Twitch matrix, there are 27 live channels Twitch TV, and it’s also the 69th most streamed games. 


Halo is also considered one of the best games for esports platforms which is a series of games that were developed and launched in the year 2001 by Bungie. The game was then followed by Halo 2 and Halo 3, which were released in the years 2003 and 2007 respectively. The rights of the game were transferred to another developer, which led to more spin-offs and sequel games. Today, Halo stands as a well-known esports title that has maintained its place in the esports industry for several years. Though the game witnessed its own share of dark days, the game made a huge comeback after the success of the Halo Championship Series Pro League. In the year 2017, the world witnessed one of the biggest Halo championships that successfully hit the mark of 135,000 viewers. 

Rocket League

Rocket League is a hybrid between racing cars, soccer, and of course, the rockets. The virtual sport involves rocket-powered cars that are used to move and toss the ball around. The game increases the excitement by rendering users a breathtaking experience by offering them mid-air boost and one of a kind shots. When the players manage to get the ball into the net, they get to witness a splendid mix of colors and sound. The game gained mouth to mouth publicity quickly and the most recent Rocket League Championship attracted the viewership of 140,000 viewers. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG in short has already made headlines around the globe. PUBG was developed and launched by PUBG corporation and it quickly became popular. The game is an online battle royal game that can be played by multiple players. The best part? PUBG is ideal for players with minimum skills and also entices professional players with its marvels. The game was released for personal computers, multiple consoles as well as mobile phones due to which it gained massive popularity. PUBG comes with diverse modes which include Solo, Duo as well as Squad. The custom mode also gives you access to Zombie mode. 

Rainbow 6 Siege

Rainbow 6 Siege is one of the popular titles for esports betting platform that has successfully made its place in the list of top first-person shooter games. The game focuses on environmental destruction and heavily stresses on the coordination of team players. Players engage in diverse activities such as attacking, defending, defusing bombs, recusing people, and hostages, etc. In the year 2017, the game had successfully acquired the viewership of around 40million people and in the year 2018, the viewership had mounted up to 80 million. 

Mortal Kombat 11

The mortal combat is known for blood, bruises, cracked bones, and ruptured spines. All the elements required to quickly build fame. The concept is quite simple, the game makes use of time travel and puts the players against their rivals that belong to the past so that the present can be altered. The gameplay has improved immensely, all thanks to modern-day technology and the animation is better than ever before.  

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 has made its way into the esports industry and there is no doubt that it’s here to stay. The game is popular because of the single-player story but its gaining fame and even more popularity because of its 3D movements, diverse fighting styles, and top-notch slow-motion effects. The game comes with exceptional graphics that are hard to find in even some of the best games out there which keep the players engaged.

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