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We have deployed several top-notch quality
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Gammastack - The Betting Platform Development Company

Want to enter the billion-dollar sports betting industry? Let Gammastack create the software you need. With over 8 years of experience and 40+ gaming projects under our belt, we can create customized sports betting software for your specific needs.


Turnkey Betting Software Development Solutions

Want to drop the Gammastack branding? Choose the white label plan and add some of our most common features to your betting software.

Use your logo

Add your company’s logo to the betting software

Your tagline

Add your tagline in the betting software

Custom Branding

Choose custom colors, fonts and images in line with your branding

Custom Pricing

Choose a pricing plan and charge your end users as per your convenience

Robust Back End

Most betting software providers do not provide a robust back end. Gammastack makes sure that the software does not crash or behave in an unexpected way


The betting platform will have a detailed calendar to alert users about upcoming fixtures.

Timely Notifications

Players, bookies and admins will get relevant updates about the bets they place and upcoming games

Betting Community

All the first-timers and betting veterans can exchange tips and news in the betting community

Live Feed

The betting software allows for live matches to be watched and will update scores and the odds accordingly

Payment Gateway

A secure payment gateway will allow you to accept crypto and fiat currency both

AI integration

Players can use Artificial Intelligence to place bets and calculate their odds of winning



As betting software development providers, we understand even the most complex use cases and offer a myriad of advanced features in case you wish to incorporate those in your whitelabel betting software.

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Settle bets in real-time

Bets cannot be placed once the game begins and have to be placed in a stipulated amount of time which can be customized according to you.

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Make way for some healthy competition and allow users to see who is taking home the most money every week. This increases the number of bets placed.

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Manage Bets

The admin can manage the players and bookies’ bets and keep an eye in case there is a discrepancy.

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Betting Tips

Allow bookies to send betting tips to clients to increase the awareness among rookies and help out veterans

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Admin Dashboard

Admins gets access to a dashboard that allows them to have an overview of the entire platform, bets placed, money earned and the trends.

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Advanced Risk Management

Admins get full control over the software to keep the betting platform from being hacked or unauthorized use.

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Betting Markets

Choose which betting markets you would like to incorporate in your custom betting software.

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Speech-Based Betting

Allow bets to be placed using speech for next level betting.

Need more features?

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Betting Types - Betting Website Software

There are several traditional and new styles of betting out there in the market. We allow you to choose which ones you would like to incorporate during the whitelabel betting software and mobile apps development and add new styles.

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Single Bets

Ideal for first timers, the Single bet involves only a single unit of the currency at stake on a simple outcome. This helps first-timers get initiated in the betting market as well as get a taste for winning.

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Pool Betting

This kind of betting rewards all the players with the right selection instead of being dependent on the outcome of the fixture.

Double Bets

Double Bets require two selections to be made within a bet and the user only wins if both outcomes are in their favour. A little more advanced than the single bet, double bets are popular among amateurs when they want to win big.

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Widely popular among the betting community, over/under requires players to predict if they think a score will be over ‘X’ number or under ‘X’ number to win. This can be applied to any sport with a countable statistic

Treble Bets

Similar to double, a treble involves making 3 selections within a bet which must have a favourable outcome in order for the player to win.

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Easy Way

This bet indeed is the easy way out. Users bet on both the outcomes of the game and get paid a fraction of the win.

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A little more complex but just as popular as traditional betting, handicaps are ideal for betting pros.

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Head to Head

Easily understandable by rookies and preferred by experts, Head to Head allows players to bet on the final outcome of the game – win, lose or draw.

Want to include more betting types?

Whitelabel Betting Software Development Panels

Typically there are three panels available in a betting software – player, bookie and admin. Customize these panels or add new ones based on your requirements.

Player Panel

Customize the player panel with your branding and UI/UX to allow for easy navigation while placing the bets.

Create Account

Choose the method of account creation and collect information as needed.


Send players tips to increase retention and engagement. Customize the kind of tips and the frequency to suit your business model.


Accept both virtual and real currencies from players

Anti-Fraud System

Keep the players’ transactions secure with the software’s own anti-fraud system which can be completely customized.


Create a custom schedule based on your business model to show the players

Sports Selection

Allow players to choose the games they are interested in when they sign up. The selection of sports is completely up to your business idea.

Live Scores

Add the capability for players to see the live scores in order to improve retention

Betting Patterns

Offer all or some of the betting patterns to the players based on their experience and money spent.

Bookie Panel

Bookie panel allows bookies to manage their clients efficiently and manage their accounts if needed as well as send them tips and receive odds from major bookies.

Create Account

Choose the manner of sign up to collect all information required

Manage Availability

Allow bookies to create their own schedule and manage  their availability

Receive Odds

Allow bookies to receive odds from major bookies in their account

Manage Schedules

Keep a track on the upcoming fixtures and games you are invested in

User Management

Allow bookies to manage users efficiently from their account

Offer Customer Support

Allow bookies to get in touch and receive assistance whenever an issue arises


Send them notifications and allow them to send notifications like betting tips to their clients

Admin Panel

Add an admin panel to manage everything from one account in the betting software development.

Complete Management

Monitor games, bets placed, payments made and user accounts in case of a discrepancy

Manage Promotions

Decide which ads should be shown to the players and bookies from the account


Advanced analytics are always available to the admin

Customer Support

Admins can get in touch with support whenever needed

Need more panels?

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Real-Time & Time Based Bet Settlements

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AI integrated Betting System

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Player Level Betting

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Detailed Admin Dashboard

sportsbook software development solutions

Unlimited Betting Markets

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Advanced Risk Management

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Speech-Based Betting

Odds and Sports data Integration

Expert team of developers when it comes to odds and sports data integration from multiple suppliers/partners.

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Speech Enabled Betting

Bring a twist to the overall gaming experience and stand out in market with with voice enabled bet placing.  

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Live Game Cast & Real-Time Scores

Bringing the real feel of sports with live cast and real-time scores and allowing punters to bet on and enjoy their match in real time.

AI integrated Betting

Our development team is capable of integrating an AI system Integrations to take your betting platform to next level

Payment Gateway

No limit to payment Gateways. We can integrate any number of payment gateways based on your country of operations and jurisdiction.

Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies

Open you sportsbook to a new set of punters by accepting bets in cryptocurrencies(bitcoin, ether, ripple etc.). Our blockchain team can help you create and launch your own cryptocurrency.

Other vanity metrics

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Brand Recall

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