Sports Prediction Software Integration

Add the power of sports prediction software to your existing or newly created sports betting platform to entice your users and boost engagement with our sports prediction software integration services.

  • Custom Prediction Games
  • Zero Revenue share
  • 25+ Sports and Leagues Supported
  • Seamless API based & iFrame Integration
  • Multiple Pool Contests Types

Stellar Sports Prediction Software Integration

GammaStack specializes in providing first-rate sports prediction software integration services that enable businesses to reach their business goals. Get our cutting edge sports prediction software integrated into your existing or newly created sports betting software solution and deliver an electrifying as well as one of a kind experience to your users. The best trait of our sports prediction software? It gets easily integrated into your sports betting software seamlessly so that you can extend your sports betting platform without any hassle.

Perks of Choosing GammaStack For Sports Prediction Software Integration

Pre-built Design Templates

Choose from our several pre-built user-friendly as well as gorgeous design templates and get them integrated into your sports betting website. All the templates we provide are customized as per your preferences and your brand guidelines.

No- revenue Share

With GammaStack, you can make the most out of every dime, every penny you spend. We firmly comply with zero revenue policy to deliver you maximum value.

Ready to Launch

We tailor software solutions that are ready to launch. All the solutions that get deployed can be used by your users without any hassle.

API and iFrame Based Integration

To ensure the sports prediction software gets integrated into your platform easily, we provide API as well as iFrame based integration services.

Award-winning Solutions

Solutions crafted by our teams have received awards and recognition from some of the most prominent presenters. Our solutions come with all the latest features and tools that fulfill the demands of modern punters.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We create high-end solutions at highly competitive prices which enables you to get the software solutions you need without burning holes in your pockets.

Bug-free Solutions

Bugs and glitches can easily take a toll on the credibility of your platform. And this can hurt your business severely as Sports Betting Software platforms carry out tons of transactions every single day. Hence we deliver a bug-free and glitch-free platform for seamless user experience.

On-time Delivery

We deliver on time. To ensure our clients launch the solutions within the pre-decided time-frame, we deliver the solutions on time to ensure they can get started.

On-demand Customizations

Want to incorporate exciting new features to your platform? We’ve got you covered. We provide on-demand customizations to ensure you get all the features in one solution.

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Key Highlights of Our Sports Prediction Software Integration

Diverse Leagues Covered

Our sports prediction software integration services support 25+ sports and leagues that enable you to boost engagement on your platform.

Ongoing Global pools

Now allow the users to enter global leagues that are played by players worldwide and amp up the enthusiasm.

Custom/Private Pools

Our sports prediction software integration also includes custom/private pools that enable your users to create pools they can enjoy with their family, friends, and coworkers.

Live Results

Elevate the excitement on the platform by delivering live results and keep them playing more and more.

Custom Rules

Pool admins while creating custom pools can create their own rules and build tournaments of their choice.

Bonus Questions

Boost the thrill of the game on your platform with bonus questions. Choose from our suggested bonus questions or allow your users to create their own.

Game Winner Recognition

Recognize the winners, highlight their names, and celebrate their wins and enhance player participation.

Detailed Records

Store and access all your records in a few clicks with our detailed records features and get insights on your fingertips.


Get your hands on all the crucial statistics and improve your competitions effectively with our statistics feature.

Best-in-class Insights

Create outstanding challenges and questions with our best-in-industry insights and make better decisions and comparisons.


Leaderboards not only promote healthy competition among players but also promote enthusiasm. Highlight winners, their rewards, and increase participation effectively with leaderboards.

Scheduling Tools

Plan ahead and manage games, leagues, tournaments effectively with our scheduling tools.

Mirror Predictions

Help players save time and by rendering them mirror prediction tools that enable them to copy their predictions from previous matches to next matches.

Our Various Contests

Simple Contest

In simple contests, the player with who scores the maximum points wins the contest.

Trophy Contest

Trophy contests share similar traits with knockouts or sudden death where the player who wins the game gets promoted to the next round. The player who wins the final round wins the contest.

Leagues & Tournaments

In this contest, participants compete with each other. The losing participants get removed while winning participants get promoted to the next round.

Drop Out

As the name suggests, the losing players get removed while the winning players make it to the next round.

Bracket Contest

Players get grouped into brackets and they hierarchically move forth. Players get promoted step by step and teams get organized likewise for competition.

Misfit Contest

Want to design your own challenge? We’ve got you covered. We incorporate custom challenges in the solution to enable you to get the challenges of your choice.

Custom Challenges

We enable our customers to incorporate custom challenges desired by them. Want to include challenges crafted by you? We’ll do that too!

Additional Features of Sports Prediction Software

Sports Betting Software Multilingual Support

Multilingual Solutions

Now you can provide cutting edge sports prediction software solution to your users in their native language. Render ease of access to your users and allow them to use the sports prediction software in the language they love.

Speech Based Predictions

Speech Based Predictions

Deliver outstanding user experience with speech-based predictions that enable your users to play the contests by using their voice!

Gammastack Easy to Use CMS

Robust Framewor

Our strong framework enables you to control several and diverse aspects of your platform without any hassle as well as enables you to maintain security and prevent breaches.

Fantasy Tennis Software - Real time statistics

Real-time Settlements

With real-time settlements, you can enhance the engagement on your sports prediction platform and boost participation.

Quick Time to Market - Fantasy Sports Software

Editable Design Templates

Enable your users to access the solutions in the languages they love and prefer and deliver ease of access to your users.

Mobile Responsive Fantasy Sports Platform

Responsive Design Templates

All our design templates are responsive which enables your users to access the platform with the device they love the most.

Blockchain Bitcoin Casino Solution for Convenient Transactions

Gorgeous User Interfaces

Our sports prediction software comes with highly intuitive, gorgeous as well as user-friendly interfaces that enable your users to have seamless game experience.

How We Build First-rate Solutions

Requirement Elicitation Gammastack

Idea Elicitation

This phase is all about listening to your ideas. This is where we acquire a clear understanding of your big ideas, your needs, and the platform you want to build.

FIFA Tournament Management Software - Brand Loyalty

Research and Analysis

After understanding your ideas, we move to research and analysis where our teams spend hours and days to gather all the resources to build your dream platform.

Sports Betting Exchange Software Development

Theme selection and Customization

This is the phase where we present you with several pre-built themes to choose from which consist of several latest features. Once you are happy with the chosen theme, we perform all the necessary customizations as per your requirements and your brand guideline.

QA & Testing Sports Betting Exchange Software

QA testing

All the integrations we perform are tested repeatedly to ensure bug-free delivery. Every feature, every tool gets tested to deliver you the best.

Fantasy Esports Launching and Marketing

Go Live!

After concluding the testing phase, we launch the solution. The solutions are delivered on time and are ready to use by your users.

Gorgeous User-friendly Interfaces
Unique designs Templates

Why Gammastack?

Customizable designs
State-of-the-art features

GammaStack is one of the well-known sports prediction software integration service providers that enables you to expand your existing or newly created sports betting solutions, helps you entice your users, and enables you to acquire more customers without any hassle. In our 8+ years of iGaming industry experience, we have enabled our several clients to reach their business goals, maximize their profits, and accelerate their success. With our team of seasoned and highly skilled professionals, we become an ideal pick for all your sports prediction software integration needs.

Awards and mentions

Silicon India Company of the Year
Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
Rising Star 2019 Award
Premium Usability 2019 Award


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