Sportsbook Turnkey Solution

Looking for a comprehensive sportsbook turnkey solution for your users that delivers a one of a kind betting experience? GammaStack brings you a next-generation feature-loaded solution for enticing your users.

  • Esports & Non-sports Coverage
  • Scalable Modules
  • 50+ Sports Covered
  • 100+ Betting Markets Covered
  • Quick Launch in 3 Weeks

Bespoke Online Sportsbook Turnkey Solution

Want to get your hands on a comprehensive sportsbook turnkey solution that comes with a plethora of features and delivers a thrilling betting experience to your users? Want to boost engagement and user participation on your platform? Then GammaStack can help. We at GammaStack specialize in providing all-inclusive sports betting turnkey solution that comes with all the latest tools and features designed for an exceptional betting experience. Our turnkey solutions get all-set for launch within three weeks of time, which enables you to start acquiring users quickly, without any hassle.

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Key Modules of Our Sportsbook Turnkey Solution

The best trait of our modules is, each one of these can be scaled down as well as scaled up as per your precise requirements.

Powerful Sports Betting Engine

Our dominant sports betting engine is designed to boost engagement as well as user participation on your sports betting platform. Our robust sports betting engine covers dissimilar bet types, in-play matches, various betting markets and so much more. In addition to this, our sports betting engine ensures your users have a splendid experience from the initial interaction with the platform interfaces to the final result of the wagers.

Risk Management

Our cutting-edge risk management module integration employs our dependable trading teams and automation and notifies you whenever your business is at elevated risk. In addition to this, our risk management module also equips your business with best-in-class odds.

Flexible Payment Integration

Our payment integration module is tailored to be as flexible as possible. Our payment integration module comes with various payment gateways that are trusted by global leaders around the world. In addition to this, we enable you to amalgamate the payment gateways of your choice as per your needs.

Multiple KYC Integrations

The KYC module ensures you get your hands on authentic as well as error-free data and enables you to verify user profiles without any hassle. We also provide you with complete freedom to ensure you get the KYC provider of your choice to make sure there are no speedbumps in your business.

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Choose your Sportsbook Template

Upsides of Choosing GammaStack’s Online Sportsbook Turnkey Software

Customized Betting Experiences

Our team of seasoned and proficient professionals builds next-gen solutions that enable you to customize betting experiences as per your needs.

Award-winning Solutions

Our solutions have received recognition as well as awards from presenters all around the world. Our cutting edge solutions come with all the latest tools and equipment which satisfy the needs of modern-day punters.

Easy Configuration

Our online sportsbook turnkey software allows you to configure the platform without any hassle. You can configure multiple aspects like odds, risks, payouts, time-based controls, and many more.

Zero Revenue Share

We ensure you get maximum return on investment by strictly complying with zero revenue share policy.

Compliance with Major Gambling Jurisdiction

Our online sportsbook turnkey software complies with diverse major gambling jurisdictions so that you can carry out all your business activities seamlessly.

Cost-effective Solutions

At GammaStack, we aim to equip businesses with feature-loaded solutions to ensure they can get their hands on cutting edge software solutions within their budget.

High-risk management

Our high-risk management tool ensures your safety by keeping you informed about odds.

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Key Features of Our Sportsbook Turnkey Solution

Pre-match & Live Odds

Our online sportsbook turnkey software supports live odds as well as pre-match which gives your users complete freedom to pick between placing bets in a limited time frame or placing bets before the commencement of the match.

Diverse Bet Types Covered

Our online sportsbook turnkey software supports several bet types which enables you to boost user engagement on the platform. These bets include head to head, handicaps, pool betting, over/under, and many more.

Multiple Sports Covered

Our robust solutions cover diverse sports which include football, hockey, golf, wrestling, baseball, and many more.

Admin Dashboards

Our admin dashboards allow you to multitask effectively, manage the platform seamlessly, and reduce security breaches without any hassle.

Social Media Sharing

Now you can enable your users to share posts on social media without any hassle with our social media sharing module and boost your brand’s reach with minimum efforts.

Diverse Esports Supported

To keep you ahead of the competition, our comprehensive solutions support several esports such as league of legends, call of duty, starcraft-2, and many more.

Multi-lingual Support

Our multilingual support enables your users to access and use the platforms in their preferred languages without any hassle.

Several Betting Markets Covered

GammaStack is one of the well-known sports betting turnkey solutions providers that support over 100+ betting markets which help you boost engagement of the user.

Live Feeds

Live feeds enable your users to stay updated by giving them access to crucial details about ongoing matches as well as live scores.

Multi-currency Support

Now enable your users to place wagers in their preferred currencies without any hassle.

Widget-Based API

Our widget-based API gives you complete liberty to deploy widgets as per your requirements and multitask without any hassle.

Detailed Betting Statistics and History

Our turnkey sports betting platform delivers your users detailed statistics and history which enables them to keep track of all their activities on the platform.

Backend Admin

Our backend admin enables simplify player management, team management, game management, and much more.

Retail Betting

Our solutions enable you to carry out retail betting seamlessly and equip you with dashboards that come with employee access, odds display, printing solutions, and much more.

Customer Support

We provide you 24/7 customer support to eliminate all the roadblocks and speed bumps you might face.

Our Sports and Non-sports Coverage

Kabbadi Betting Software
Horse Racing
Sports Personalities Betting
Sports Personalities
Celebrity Betting
Politics Betting
Tv and Novelty betting
Tv and Novelty betting
Award Ceremonies
Award Ceremonies
Weather Betting

Panels Supported by Our Online Sports Betting App

  • Live Scores
  • Betting Tips
  • Wide Sports Selection
  • Notifications
  • Anti-fraud system
  • Betting markets and bet types covered
  • Crypto and Fiat integration
  • Schedules
  • User Accounts
  • Real-time and Time-based Settlements
  • Player Level Betting
  • Robust Admin Dashboard
  • AI Integrated Betting System
  • Advance Risk Management
  • Speech Base Betting
  • Player Level Betting
  • Odds from Major Bookies
  • Customer Support
  • Odds and Sports Data Integration
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Schedules
  • Bookie Account

Additional Features of Our Sportsbook Turnkey Solution

Real-time Settlement

Real-time settlements allow you to settle wagers in real-time, which boosts participation on the platform.

Speech Based Betting

Speech-based betting enables your users to place bets by harnessing the power of voice commands.

Gorgeous User Interfaces

Our gorgeous user interfaces enable you to make powerful first impressions and help you keep the users on the platform engaged.

AI Integration Betting

Now you can render an electrifying betting experience to your users with the help of AI integration.

Cryptocurrency Integration

Cryptocurrency integration allows you to enhance safety and security on the platform and help punters place bets by making use of major cryptocurrencies.

User-friendly Solution

Our user-friendly solutions enable your bettors to navigate without any hassle and discover and explore all the features with ease.

Strong Framework

Now you can do more in less time with our robust framework that allows you to multitask seamlessly.

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How Do We Implement your Turnkey Sportsbook

Requirement Elicitation Gammastack

1. Requirement Gathering

FIFA Tournament Management Software - Brand Loyalty

2. Research

Task Allocation

3. Project Planning

Sports Betting Exchange Software Designing

4. Theme Selection

Sports Betting Exchange Software Development

5. Basic Customizations

QA & Testing Sports Betting Exchange Software

6. Advance Customizations

7. Third-party Integrations

Sports Betting App QA & Testing

8. QA Testing

9. Go Live

Gammastack Marketing Assistance

10. Marketing Support

Unique designs
Scalable Modules

Why Gammastack?

Creative designers and proficient developers
Quick Launch

GammaStack has established itself as one of the most prominent sports betting turnkey solutions providers and we aim to arm your business with feature-loaded solutions. In the past 8 years, we have equipped several businesses of diverse sizes with cutting edge solutions and have enabled them to achieve their enterprise goals.

Awards and mentions

Silicon India Company of the Year
Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
Rising Star 2019 Award
Premium Usability 2019 Award


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Gambling Commission
Malta Gaming Authority
Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
General Data Protection Regulation


U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Florida State Golf Association INC
All India Gaming Federation

Data Partners

Stats Api Integration
Betradar API Integration
Goal Serve API Integration
Exe Feed API Integration
Fantasy Data API Integration
Sportradar API Integration
LSports API Integration
Slotegrator API Integration

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Payment Gateway

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