Turnkey Esports Tournament Platform For FIFA

Enhance your userbase, maximize your profits, and climb new ladders of success with our feature-loaded turnkey esports tournament platform for FIFA.

    Top-notch Turnkey Esports Tournament Platform for FIFA

    Looking for solutions that can be launched quickly? Want to capture the market with high-end solutions that come at highly competitive prices? Then GammaStack is the perfect pick. We deliver top-notch solutions for FIFA that come packed with all the latest functionalities and features and render electrifying user experience that keeps your users engaged. Our team of developers and designers craft highly user-friendly solutions that aim to accelerate your success.

    Perks of Our Turnkey Esports Tournament Platform For FIFA

    Quick & Easy to Launch

    The platforms developed by us are launched without any hassle since they get ready for deployment within 3 weeks. The platforms contain all the features desired by you in addition to all the pre-built features which makes them easy to launch.

    100% Transparency

    All our processes are one hundred percent transparent and from beginning to end, our processes do not include any hidden or additional charges.

    On-demand Customization

    We incorporate all the features desired by you by providing on-demand customizations so that you can tailor the solutions as per your needs.

    Trusted Third-party Software Integration

    All the solutions that we integrate are rendered by reliable third party software providers that also provide solutions to the global leaders of diverse industries.

    Cost-efficient Platform

    We provide top-notch solutions that come packed with all the high-end and latest features at extremely cost-effective prices, which means you can get the best solutions at the best prices without hurting your wallet.

    Multiple Device Support

    We enable your users to access the turnkey esports tournament platform for FIFA via several devices such as tablets, mobile devices, laptops, etc.

    Constant Communication

    In order to avoid any surprises, we keep you in the loop and constantly keep you updated with all the processes taking place during the development.

    Diverse FIFA Tournaments

    FIFA League Qualifying Tournaments
    FIFA Global Series Playoffs

    Global Series Playoffs

    FIFA EWorld Cup

    FIFA eWorld Cup

    Key Highlights of Our Turnkey Esports Tournament Platform For FIFA

    Various Tournament Formats

    Our FIFA platform supports several tournament formats namely bracket, round-robin, league, and eliminator.


    Leaderboards increase healthy competition and promote player participation. Displaying names of best players in the tournament on leaderboards and distributing badges, points, rewards, etc boost player engagement.

    Live Streaming Software Integration

    Twitch.TV, Azubu, YouTube Gaming, and many more. We provide live streaming software integration so that your audience can enjoy the live streaming of the tournaments.

    Participant Management Tool

    We equip admins with our participant management tool that enables them to manage the participants of the tournaments effectively without any hassle.

    Dedicated Back Office Admin

    Our dedicated back office admin equips admins with several tools that enable admins to do more in less time.

    Feature-loaded Game Lobby

    Users after signing up get access to all the brackets, tournament types, their formats and so much more with our feature-loaded game lobby.

    Diverse Regions Supported

    Diverse regions such as Oceania, Europe, Asia, Africa, The United States, and many more support our tournament management platform.

    Easy Tournament Management

    From tournament creation to tournament promotion, our tools assist admins with all the activities and tasks that come with tournament management effectively.

    Follow and Followers Module

    Our tournament platforms for FIFA facilitate interaction and enable users to follow each other and stay updated with the help of the follow and followers module.

    Easy Tournament Creation Process on Our Platform

    1. Tournament Creation

    The tournament creation option on the dashboard allows admins to start the process of creating tournaments by clicking on the button.

    2. Required Fields

    Once started, in the second step, the organizer needs to fill in all the crucial details such as tournament type, rounds, time, bracket-style, etc which can be altered later.

    3. Choose a game

    Organizers can choose from the list of esports games and can set it to FIFA.

    4. Live Streaming

    For enabling live streaming, organizers can select the option provided.

    5. Date and Time

    Before publishing, the organizers will be required to fill in the date and time and all the other crucial information related to the tournament.

    7. Information Section

    The information section contains all the important information regarding the games and tournaments and the contact information of the person players can reach out to, in case they have any queries.

    6. Publish

    With just one click, the tournament can be published once all the details have been provided. For greater visibility, it is recommended to change the setting from private to public.

    8. Sending Invites

    Organizers of tournaments can send invites to players on the platform once the tournament creation process is concluded and the tournament is live.

    Additional Features of Our Turnkey Esports Tournament Platform For FIFA

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    Social Media Sharing Module

    Gammastack On-demand Customizations

    SEO Friendly Platforms

    Customized Features

    Robust Backend Support

    Speech-based betting - Gammastack

    Diverse Esports Production Tools

    Mobile Responsive Fantasy Sports Platform

    Responsive Platforms

    Sports Betting Software - Real-time Betting

    Live Scores

    Esports Tournament Mobile App Development for FIFA

    Boost your brand awareness and recognition and gain an audience on the smaller screens with our mobile application development services for iOS and Android. We enable enterprises to increase downloads by rendering highly engaging and user-friendly mobile applications that provide outstanding gaming experience to your users.

    Diverse Other Series

    Counter-Strike : GO

    Looking for more esports?

    How we Deliver First-rate Solutions

    1. Idea Exploration

    We love hearing new ideas and taking up new challenges. This is the phase where we discuss your innovative ideas for your ideal turnkey platform and explore all the possibilities.

    3. Theme Selection

    We offer you various pre-built themes in this phase. Once you choose the theme, we customize it to comply with your brand’s guidelines.

    5. QA Testing

    Each and every feature gets rigorously tested by our QA team to ensure the smooth functioning of the deliverables.

    2. Research

    Once we are done, we get to the research part where we explore the best solutions ideal for your business goals.

    4. Customizations and Integrations

    Once we have all the basic customizations in place, we move to high-end customizations and integrations where we customize features and perform all the software integrations desired by you.

    6. Deployment

    Only when you are completely happy with our turnkey esports tournament platform for FIFA, we launch the solution.

    Unique designs
    Highly skilled professionals

    Why GammaStack?

    Scalable and secure platforms
    Robust and scalable solutions

    When it comes to delivering feature-loaded and highly functional solutions that come with a quick delivery time of only 3 weeks and come at highly cost-effective prices, GammaStack is the perfect pick. Equipped with years of experience and a highly qualified team of seasoned professionals holding expertise in various and several domains of iGaming technology, we have established ourselves as one of the leading and most trusted esports solution providers.

    Awards and mentions

    Silicon India Company of the Year
    Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
    3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
    Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
    Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
    Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
    Rising Star 2019 Award
    Premium Usability 2019 Award


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