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Immerse your users in enticing real-time esports universe and hike your business revenue through esports streaming software development solutions by GammaStack.

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  • 40+ Esports Games Covered
  • Mobile App Development

Content-Rich and Easily Navigable Esports Streaming Software Development

GammaStack is a reliable and well-known name in the esports industry. We have gained great recognition for offering unparalleled and industry specific esports streaming software development solutions. You can opt for our streaming software development services and offer content rich and high quality esports tournament streaming solutions to your valuable clients. Whether it’s about trending esports games integration or state-of-the-art features implementation, our esports streaming platform has got you all covered. We can offer you an ultra-modern esports streaming platform that is similar to twitch game streaming software.

Benefits of our Esports Streaming Software

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Real-Time Latency

Our esports streaming software offers real-time latency for your users thereby enabling them to have real-time interaction and responses such as comments and reactions as per the events of the tournament.

Customized Features

Brand Marketing

An additional revenue stream of brand marketing is made available to you on our esports streaming platform as you can also do the promotions of different brands over the streaming platform with multiple audiences.

Real-Time Result System

Engaging Gaming Interface for Attracting Users

To offer an engaging and thrilling gaming experience for your users, an exciting and easy to navigate gaming interface is present in our esports streaming platform.

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SEO-Friendly Platform

Our esports streaming software is SEO friendly that means it is optimized with all the necessary search engines as well as social media factors that enhances its relevance and helps you to beat your competitors.

Multi-Currency Support - Gammastack

Zero Revenue Sharing

Our zero revenue share policy helps you to stay ensured about the unwanted share of revenues and get a transparent pricing module.

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Suitable for Audience with Varying Interests

Our esports streaming software considers the interests of audiences of varying interests thereby covering multiple popular and exciting esports tournaments on our platform.

Mobile Responsive Fantasy Sports Platform

Mobile Responsive

To keep your mobile using audience stress free, we ensure that our esports streaming software is highly mobile responsive and convenient to use.

Features of our Esports Streaming Software

Rewind Video

Video rewinding is one of the key features of our esports streaming software using which your users can rewind the video at the time of live broadcast and see it from the beginning or replay some particular stream portions.

Browse Tournaments

Your users can browse all the tournaments in a convenient manner and make a choice as per their specific preference on our platform and choose the esports tournament whose streaming they require.

Low Latency

The low latency in our esports streaming software enables the streamers to have lesser time between the broadcasting and when video gets streamed to viewers thereby enabling your viewers to have real-time interactions without any time lag.

Chat Integration

Your users can have seamless communication among other members of the esports community through the feature of tournament chats in our esports streaming software.

Easy to Use Gaming Interface

An easy to use and attractive gaming interface is integrated in our esports streaming software that acts as an enticing factor for engaging a great count of users towards your platform.

Virtual Goods Selling

You can also add one more additional revenue stream to your esports streaming software by facilitating your users to purchase some virtual goods and send those items to them at the time of streaming.

Public Chat and Private Chat Separation

Your users can also keep their public chats among different groups of esports communities separate from their private chat among friends over the same streaming platform.

Streaming Content Suggestions

The streaming content suggestions are made visible over the popular social circles and your users can opt for the content that suits their interests as well as requirements.

Engaging Content

Our esports streaming software displays high quality video streams that are rich in content that proves to be really engaging for the multiple users coming on your platform.


The feature of co-streaming is quite a unique one ! It enables more than one streamer to stream on the platform at the same time in a hassle-free manner without compromising with streaming quality aspects.

Real-Time Analytics

We ensure that our esports streaming software is well-updated with the real time analytics about the different crucial activities being carried out on the platform.

Multiple File Formats Supported

Our esports streaming software supports multiple known file formats that are capable of producing quality video clips over the platform.

Loyalty Programs

To increase the retention rate of your users, we integrate some loyalty programs in our esports streaming software that enables you to award the users with bonuses as a reward for referring your platform to others.

Popular Esports Titles Supported on our Esports Streaming Software

Looking for something else?

Esports Streaming Mobile Application Development

Our esports streaming mobile application development solution is a perfect contributor in engagement of the mobile using audiences for your platform. Whether your user desires to go for the web, desktop or mobile version, we have got them all covered. We ensure that our client’s every requirement gets fulfilled in a perfect manner. Backed by a team of mobile app developers who are well versed in mobile application development technologies, we are capable of offering you feature rich, responsive and ultra-modern esports live streaming app development for :-

Esports Streaming Android App

Esports Streaming Android App

Esports Streaming iOS App

Esports Streaming iOS App

Need More Features?

Brownie Points of our Esports Streaming Platform

Connected with Reliable Stock Live Data Providers

Convenient to Use CMS

Game Monitoring

Easy Navigation

Sports Betting Exchange Software Development

Back-Office Admin

Comprehensive Rules Display Before Start of Game

Enticing Front-end Theme

Player’s Account Management - Gammastack

Regular Notifications

Task Allocation

Multiple Esports Titles and Tournaments Supported

Myriad of Esports Production Tools

Mobile App Development

Servicenow Integration Services - Accelerated Growth

On-Demand Customizations


Platform Similar to Twitch TV, Steam, Youtube Gaming, etc

Our Esports Game Streaming Software Development Cycle

Jurisdictional Compliant Fantasy Sports Software

Requirement Gathering

Requirements are gathered by our professionals who then analyze the needs thoroughly to find out the most precise and efficient solution.

Designing - Fantasy Sports Software Development in Paris

Gaming Interface Designing

Creative designers create an engaging gaming interface and design the entire platform in an innovative and brand specific manner.

Hockey Betting Software - Cross-platform Solution

Third-Party Integrations

All the necessary and top of the line third-party integrations are done by our developers.

Marketing Assistance & Maintenance - Fantasy Sports Software


Our testers do quality analysis of the platform and test it for the existing as well as potential bugs.


Final Delivery

Your esports streaming software is ready to go live now !

Hockey Betting Software - Testing

Task Allocation

Task gets allocated to the specific team members who then move towards making their particular strategies for the software development.

Sports Betting Software Development Germany

Features Integration

Our developers integrate all the necessary and industry specific features in the esports streaming software.

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On-Demand Customizations

We also carry out the on demand customizations as per your requirement to ensure that all of your expectations are perfectly fulfilled.

Final Delivery - Fantasy Sports Software

Marketing Support

Our marketing professionals also help you with the marketing guidance so that your platform can get enhanced relevance and recognition on search engines.

8+ Years of Experience in the Industry
Customized Solutions

Why GammaStack?

Industry-Specific Approach
Adherence to Quality Aspects

GammaStack is a recognized esports streaming software development company that offers comprehensive esports solutions as per your specific requirements. We are connected with some of the top third-party providers of industry and thus do best third party integrations in our esports streaming platform.

Awards and mentions

Silicon India Company of the Year
Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
Rising Star 2019 Award
Premium Usability 2019 Award


Gaming Laboratory International
Gambling Commission
Malta Gaming Authority
Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
General Data Protection Regulation

Data Partners

Stats Api Integration
Betradar API Integration
Goal Serve API Integration
Exe Feed API Integration
Fantasy Data API Integration
Sportradar API Integration
LSports API Integration
Slotegrator API Integration

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