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GammaStack equips your business with stellar betting exchange horse racing software that comes with all the latest features and tools that enables you to deliver an electrifying betting experience.

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Unrivaled Betting Exchange Horse Racing Platform

Looking for a next-gen betting exchange horse racing software solution that delivers an exciting as well as a thrilling betting experience to your users? Then GammaStack can help. GammaStack specializes in building outstanding betting exchange horse racing software that comes with all the features and tools crucial for enhancing engagement as well as boosting participation and renders a thrilling betting experience to your users.

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Perks of Choosing Betting Exchange Horse Racing Software

Award-winning Solutions

Our teams of seasoned professionals develop software solutions that have not only received recognition from all around the globe but also have received prestigious awards.

On-demand Customizations

To ensure you get all the features as per your requirements, we provide you on-demand customizations.

Outstanding Betting Experience

Our betting exchange horse racing software solution is crafted to deliver one of a kind betting experience to your users and enhance engagement.

High-risk Management Tool

In order to keep you updated, we have incorporated a high-risk management tool that helps you stay informed when your platform is at increased risk.

Real-time Reporting & Analytics

Stay updated with authentic as well as error-free data and make better business decisions with our real-time reporting and analytics.

Cost-effective Solutions

We at GammaStack equip business with cutting edge solutions at highly competitive prices so that you can get the solutions they need within your budget.

Key Highlights of Our Betting exchange Horse Racing Platform

Matching Engine

We have tailored our matching engine to ensure that the customer gets matched seamlessly to opposing customers without any frets.

Back/Lay Odd Types Supported

Our betting exchange horse racing platform supports back as well as lay odd types to ensure maximum engagement.

Horse Racing Live Streaming

Now your users can witness all the action live with our horse racing live streaming, without the hassle of switching screens repeatedly.

Custom Rates of Commission

Our betting exchange horse racing software allows admins to adjust and manage commission rates as per their specific requirements without any hassle.

Liquidity Management and Bet Limit

Our betting exchange horse racing platform comes equipped with a bet limit as well as liquidity management for ensuring a smooth betting experience.


Increase player participation with our cash-out feature and enhance bettor engagement on the platform with minimum efforts.

Comprehensive Admin Dashboard

Our admin dashboards arm admins with all the features crucial for the seamless management of the betting exchange horse racing platform.

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

GammaStack has partnered up with diverse as well as the most renowned payment gateway providers which enables you to facilitate payments without any frets.

Multi-tier Agent System

Now your admins can build great agent networks with the help of our multi-tier agent systems.

Customizable Affiliate Systems

Our fully customizable affiliate system enables you to create new affiliate systems as well as enable you to keep track of various affiliate campaigns without any hassle.

Flexible Commission Types

Our betting exchange horse racing software solutions support diverse commission types which include Tiered CPA, or Standard that’s based on FTD amount as well as TD count, Tiered Revenue Share, or Backed with Standard that’s based on FTD and NGR.

Betfair API integration

Want to get your hands on error-free as well as authentic data? Our Betfair API integration enables you to get all the legitimate data without any hassle.

Identity Cards for Players Insights

With the help of identity cards, you can seamlessly keep an eye on bettor activity and avoid fraud on the platform.

Real-Time Bet History

With the help of real-time bet history, you can get all the information about the wagers placed by bettors on the platform.

Multiple Odds Formats Supported

Our betting exchange horse racing platform supports diverse odd types which include fraction, decimal, and much more.

Multilingual Platform

Our platform can be accessed in multiple languages which enables your customers to use the platform in the language they are fluent in and understand the platform better.

Various Bet-type Supported

To ensure the bettors on the platform stay engaged, our betting exchange horse racing platform supports diverse bet types which include in-play betting, live betting as well as pari-mutuel betting. In addition to this, our betting exchange horse racing platform also supports straight bets which include win, show, place, across the board as well as exotic bets such as Quinella, Trifecta, Exactor, Superfecta, Daily Double as well as Pick (3,4,5 or 6).

Types Of Racing Competitions Our Platform Supports

Flat Races

Flat races comprise of minimum obstacles that enable racers to utilize their full potential and run as fast as they can.

Steeplechase Races

Steeplechase Races are common in the United Kingdom as well as in Ireland. Since this type of pf race involves various hurdles, racers require precision, technique as well as concentration to

Harness Race

This one is quite different. Instead of riding the horse, the jockey gets pulled to the finish line by the horse in a cart.

Endurance Race

Endurance races can last up to 3 days which makes predicting the odds extremely difficult.

Popular Horse Racing Tracks We Support

USA Horse Racing Tracks

USA Horse Racing Tracks

UK Horse Racing Tracks

UK Horse Racing Tracks

France Horse Racing Tracks

France Horse Racing Tracks

Australia Horse Racing Tracks

Australia Horse Racing Tracks

Japan Horse Racing Tracks

Japan Horse Racing Tracks

UAE Horse Racing Tracks

UAE Horse Racing Tracks

And many more

And many more

Various Other Sports Included in our Betting Exchange Platform

To enable you to keep the bettors engaged, we provide you a plethora of sports to keep up the betting spirit on the platform.

Additional Features of Our Betting Exchange Platform

  • Retail/Bet shop Solution
  • Creation and Deletion of User Accounts
  • Agent System
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Major Cryptocurrencies Support
  • Liability & Tracking
  • Powerful Back-end Support
  • Live Betting

How We Build State-of-the-art Solutions

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Software Designing

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Development Process

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Third-Party Integrations

Gammastack API Integration


On-demand Customizations

Gammastack Eye-Catchy and Brand-Specific UI


Software Testing

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Marketing Support

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Sports Betting Software Launching

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Cutting edge Technology
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Why GammaStack?

8+ Years of iGaming Experience
User-friendly Solutions

GammaStack is one of the prominent and well-known betting exchange horse racing platform providers that’s known for equipping businesses with cutting edge solutions. We at GammaStack strive to deliver you the best. Hence, our team of designers and developers create solutions that exceed expectations and enable you to achieve your business goals. 

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