Start Your Fantasy Sports Business With Our White-Label Solution

Use Gammastack’s white-label fantasy sports software to create professional fantasy sports mobile apps and website solution, at a fraction of the cost.

  • 15+ Sports Covered
  • On-demand Customizations
  • Quick Time to Market
  • Zero Revenue Share
  • Intuitive and User-friendly UI

Market-Ready White Label Fantasy Sports Software Development

GammaStack is known for providing top of the line white label fantasy sports software development solutions that can take your fantasy sports business to unmatched level of success. Whether its about staying ahead of your competitors through an ultra-modern fantasy sports solution or getting quickly launched in the industry through a white label fantasy sports software, we can be your perfect helping hands for all of your requirements. Our white label fantasy sports platform is perfectly wrapped up with all the necessary and trending features along with exciting fantasy game types.We bring you the most innovative fantasy sports software along with the on-demand customizations in it.

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Benefits of our White Label Fantasy Sports Software

SEO Friendly

Our white label fantasy sports software possessing requisite and innovative features enables you to make quick market entry.

Marketing Support

We are backed by a strong team of marketing professionals who provide you the most proven marketing strategies for your platform.

Higher Level of Security

We ensure that our white label fantasy sports software comes with higher level of security in gaming operations as well as transactions.

Convenient Transactions

Multiple payment gateways and major cryptocurrencies support bring convenience in the payment transactions for your users.

Multiple Device Support

Our white label fantasy sports software is compatible on multiple devices including desktop, mobile and tablet.

No Revenue Share

We are known for our zero revenue share policy as we do not ask for any unwanted revenue sharing from our valuable clients and follow transparent pricing model.

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Major Features of our White Label Fantasy Sports Software

Admin Dashboard

Our white label fantasy sports software comes with an admin dashboard that enables you to centrally manage the gaming operations and analyse the game statistics of the platform.


The leaderboard in our white label fantasy sports software can help your players to stay well informed about the scorings of the leading players in the game.

Referral Bonuses

The referral bonuses in our white label fantasy sports software helps your players to earn extra bonus points for referring the platform to the other players.

Achievement Badges

The players with exceptional performances in the leagues or matches are awarded with the achievement badges to boost up their confidence.

Multiple Exciting Game Types

Multiple exciting game types such as stock market games, predictors, oppo picks and many more are covered in our white label fantasy sports software.

Multiple Draft Types

A variety of basic as well as custom drafting options are available in our fantasy sports software including auction drafts, auto drafts, salary caps, pick’ems and many more.

Manual and Integrated Data Feeds

We are connected with the renowned data feed providers thus our white label fantasy sports software comes with the best data feeds.

Player Management

Multiple players and their respective gaming activities can be easily managed on the white label fantasy sports software.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateways are integrated in our white label fantasy sports software for easing up the transaction process for the users.

Major Cryptocurrencies Support

Our white label fantasy sports software comes with major cryptocurrencies support that enable players to do seamless and convenient transactions in their desired crypto currency.

Social Sharing

The social sharing feature in our white label fantasy sports software helps your players to socially share their gaming achievements in their social circle.

Multilingual Support

The multilingual support in our white label fantasy sports software helps you in making your platform easily accessible to the players from different locations across the globe.

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Sports Catalog of our White Label Fantasy Sports Software



Stock Market

TV Reality Shows

Brownie Points of our White Label Fantasy Sports Software

Happy players

Super admin

Multilingual Fantasy Sports Platform

fantasy sports platform

Fantasy Sports Integrated Wallet Management System

wallet management system

Fantasy Sports CMS And Banner Management

and banner management

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard

Easy to use CRM
and customer dashboard

Fantasy Sports Real-Time Reporting


Fantasy Sports Bonus Management


Fantasy Sports Agent Management


Fantasy Sports Multiple Payment Methods

Easy access to
multiple payment methods

Fantasy Sports Gaming Licenses

Easy access to
necessary gaming licenses

Fantasy Sports White Label Support

white label support

How Does The Turnkey Fantasy Sports Software Work?

Choose From Our Range Of Fantasy Sports Framework

We have 100+ fantasy sports frameworks across all sports – cricket, football, soccer, kabaddi, basketball, rugby, golf, hockey and more. Our frameworks support all basic and premium features required. All our white label fantasy sports solutions include fantasy sports app and fantasy sports website platforms.
Esports Platform
Fantasy Sports Customise Software

Brand The Software As Your Own And Customize It For Your Business

Our white-label fantasy sports solution can become the most profitable tool for sportsbook to acquire players and grow business. Our white-label solution is home-grown and does not restrict you from making customization. Configure our fantasy sports software solution is a way that provides the best gaming experience to your users.

Ready To Be Promoted To Your User Base

Whether you are new to the business or are a pro, we brainstorm with you on the best ways of launching and promoting your fantasy sports software to your user base. We also promote your fantasy sports software in our circle, if required. GET IN TOUCH
Esports Platform

Select What You Want In Your White-Label Fantasy Sports Software

eSports Games

We cover all major sports categories

We offer white label fantasy sports software for soccer, football, tennis, basketball, rugby, auto-racing, baseball, golf, hockey and more.

Regular Notifications and Offers - White Label Rugby Betting Software

Flexible offerings for you

Select all our services and features offered or just the ones that make sense and are tailored for your sports business.

Hockey Betting Software - Betting Trends

Requisite and Trending Features

Our white label fantasy sport software covers all the trending as well necessary features required for an exciting gaming experience.

Scale your fantasy sports business with our white label solution

Our Markets-Specific Fantasy Sports Offerings

We have built software for popular leagues such as the EPL, Bundesliga, La-liga, Serie-A, Liga-MX, UEFA Champions league and ISL. We have also designed and developed solutions for FIFA events like the FIFA World Cup, and FIFA Confederation Cup
Fantasy Sports Fantasy Sports For European Markets

For European Markets

Build with global design standards in mind. Suitable for highly competitive markets.

Fantasy Sports For Asian Markets

For Asian Markets

Designed with Asian odd formats in mind. Tested for countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan and India. Integrated with all local payment methods and fully translated to all local languages.

Fantasy Sports For The U.S Markets

For The U.S Markets

Frameworks are designed with enhanced focus on NBA, NCAA and Superbowl. Considered and tested for American odds and supports American friendly payment methods.

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Leading white-label fantasy sports solution for every market

Our turnkey solution is the fastest way for operators and gaming startups to begin their own fantasy sports business without wasting tons of money and weeks to launch their software, website design and native iOS and Android apps. Our solution is tested for multiple target markets and players of multiple nationalities –
More money Gammastack

More money

Grow your sports business with gaming subscriptions and generate recurring revenue.

Less work

Less work

Let our expert fantasy sports designers and developers do all the fulfillment, while you entirely focus on getting players on-board.

Happy players

Happy players

With hundreds of successfully delivered fantasy sports software and apps, we know what excites players and enhances their experience.

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Our White Label Fantasy Sports Software Development Cycle

Casino Software Solutions - GammaStack


Casino Software Solutions - GammaStack

Precise Solution

Fantasy Sports Software - GammaStack



Brand Specific

Fantasy Sports Software

Integration of
Custom Features

Sports Betting Software - GammaStack

& Deployment

Sports Betting Solution


Casino Software Solutions - GammaStack

White label fantasy sports
software is ready to go live now

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Exquisite designs
Scalable and Robust Website

Why GammaStack?

Secure payment gateways
Skilled Developers
On time project deliveries

GammaStack has been delivering the white label fantasy sports software built by our skilled and experienced developers. Experience in building the user-interactive gaming platforms and softwares, we use cutting-edge technologies to provide your user the best gaming experience ever. Following the latest trends in the market, we aim at bridging the gap between the technologies and the user experience.

Data Partners

Goal serve
ExeFeed API Integrations
Fantasy Data
Goal serve


Malta Gaming Authority
Gaming Laboratories International
Gambling Commission
Malta Gaming Authority

Payment Gateways

First Data


United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency
Florida State Golf Association INC

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What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports are games that are often played online in which imaginary teams of real players that belong to professional sports are assembled by the participants. These virtual teams enter in a competition with each other depending upon the performance of the players in real games.

How to play fantasy sports online?

Fantasy sports can be played online through different fantasy sports software that support multiple sports and all the requisite features for a perfect gameplay.

Which are some of the popular fantasy sports?

Some of the popular fantasy sports include Football, Basketball, Baseball, Auto Racing, Soccer, Tennis and many more.

Can players play fantasy sports through their mobile phones?

Yes, fantasy sports can be played through mobile phones. Players can opt for feature-rich fantasy sports mobile application that are compatible with different mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

What are daily fantasy sports?

Daily fantasy sports are basically variants of the traditional fantasy sports. DFS are conducted for short period of time such as a single day or a week unlike season-long fantasy sports that are conducted for an entire season.

How players can earn referral bonuses in fantasy sports?

Players can share their achievements through social media and invite their friends for playing over platform and then earn a referral bonus.

What are the necessary features in a white label fantasy sports software?

The necessary features in a white label fantasy sports software include game lobby, data feeds, payment gateway, leaderboards, achievement badges, referral bonuses, draft types, etc.

How to choose a reliable fantasy sports software provider?

For choosing a reliable fantasy sports software provider, you should keep a check on some important aspects including:-

  • -Experience
  • -Expertise
  • -Dedication
  • -Transparent Pricing
  • -Industry-knowledge, etc

Which is the trusted white label fantasy sports software development company?

GammaStack is one of the most trusted white label fantasy sports software development companies that offers unparalleled white label fantasy sports software which is integrated


  • Illinois court observes fantasy sports to be legal.
  • Jacob Gibbs, a fantasy sports expert highlights the names of five NFL players for outstanding performance in the year 2020.
  • To enable people to allow a vote on sports betting, Louisiana legislators advance bills
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Working with GammaStack was a wonderful experience. They kept us informed, they shared all the updates and the white label fantasy sports software that they have delivered works wonderfully and seamlessly. Thank you team for a feature-packed solution.

Charles Lewis, FranceGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/05/13

We loved the way GammaStack professionals solve complex problems with such ease. They have an organized approach and they deliver flawless solutions. We are extremely satisfied with the white label fantasy sports software they have developed by us and we’ll hire them again in a heartbeat!

Nathan Perez, UkraineGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/05/13

The best thing about working with GammaStack is that their teams are always ready for taking on challenges. Their teams are highly professional and their work ethics are highly commendable. We would recommend them to anyone looking for white label fantasy sports software development.

Gabriel Hernandez, RussiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/05/12

We were looking for a leading iGaming software provider and somehow we found GammaStack and we must say that we are extremely impressed with their work ethics. They have provided a highly functional and seamlessly working solution and we are extremely happy with it. Thank you GammaStack. 

George Williams, South AfricaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/05/11

Working with GammaStack has been a delightful experience. We need a white label fantasy sports software solution and they have provided us exactly what we were looking for. They take suggestions extremely well and deliver on time. We’ll be working with GammaStack again soon.

Samuel Anderson, TunisiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/05/10

I would always recommend GammaStack for their white label fantasy sports software solutions. They have provided me with a white label fantasy sports software as per my specifications and their work is commendable. Thanks!

John Herrington, South AfricaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/26

I wanted a white label fantasy sports software for my fantasy sports online business. And GammaStack is the only appropriate option I found with right value for money.

Hailey Boyer, TunisiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/25

GammaStack has always been recognized for their amazing work in fantasy sports software providing industry. I have asked them for white label fantasy sports software with some modifications and additional features. And they completely understood my requirement and delivered the desired software.

LIz Mouser, KazakhstanGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/23

It’s been three wonderful years since we are associated with GammaStack. The white label fantasy sports solution provided by them is enriched with necessary features and functionalities. Kudos to the team.


Dennis, CameroonGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/20

I am happy to work with a team of passionate members who are ready to take on challenges. The white label software has all the crucial features needed in a fantasy sports software and I am so happy to choose their services.


Martinez D, RussiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/19

We appreciate their impeccable communication with the staff members and the technical team of GammaStack. Their white label fantasy sports software is a complete market ready solution and it too only 2 weeks to get the website live. Thank you.


Virgil Patterson, UkraineGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/17

They have a high level of technical proficiency and were able to resolve all the complex issues we were facing in the software integration on our website. The white label fantasy sports software we purchased was enriched with all the features.

Axel, KazakhstanGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/12

J'ai adoré le fait qu'ils couvrent toutes les dimensions commerciales d'iGaming. Le logiciel fantasy white label couvre toutes les fonctionnalités que je voulais dans mon logiciel de sport fantasy. Leur équipe est techniquement solide et est experte

Xavier, FranceGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/10

Their depth and knowledge to quickly react to the the requirement was impressive. Never thought that they would make my white label fantasy sports software beautiful and  user engaging. Thank you GammaStack

Bryson Spencer, ItalyGAMMASTACK
Date: 2020/02/09
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 14 reviews