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Top 6 Must-Have Features for Fantasy Sports Platforms

Fantasy Sports Platforms


Fantasy Sports is spreading its presence all across the globe. However, the US still remains a major market with more than 56.5 million players participating yearly with almost 80% of the total involved in fantasy football. Fantasy football owns a huge market in fantasy sports and if you are someone who wants to start a fantasy sports business, then, you should definitely include football sport into it. This can definitely help you boost your business from the very start. Out of the many ways in which daily fantasy sports is used across the world, the most common category is the fantasy sports market. It is a lucrative option for any start-up looking to venture into the sports industry as they might have new ideas relating to fantasy sports platform features.

The growth of fantasy sports has advanced with the advancement of technology in mobile. In a survey when people were asked what they prefer for fantasy sports, a PC or mobile and most of them opted for mobile. Mobile users are no doubt going to increase exponentially every year.

In the competitive world, where each one is struggling hard to remain at the top, adding new features in your fantasy sports app or website can help you get a great fantasy sports audience. People these days look for more rewards and features that can help them to have a better experience. It is essential to remain updated with the latest trend in the business you are in.

Before we jump into the latest features let’s take a glance at some of the recent news and updates:

  • The market is expected to reach $38.60 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 14.7%
  • NFT fantasy soccer platform, Sorare, has raised $680 million as part of a Series B funding led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2
  • Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Fantasy Games on Wednesday
  • Arizona Finally Gets Daily Fantasy Sports Sites with DraftKings, FanDuel Launches
  • Spain’s top soccer league is launching NFT fantasy football cards for all its players

So, after knowing what’s happening around the world of fantasy sports, let’s quickly check the top 6 must-have features for fantasy sports platforms.

Apart from the general gameplay features like lobby, drafting, live scoring, leaderboard, player cards etc, there are certain functionalities and features for a fantasy sports platform to have when it goes live to the World Wide Web.

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Ability to Socialize

Ability to Socialize
The biggest dilemma of the industry is that users in fantasy contests play against each other. Hence, most of the platforms do not give them an opportunity to socialize or interact with each other. Other than this, the factor of showcasing a player’s achievements on social media is missing. The sense of achievement and accomplishment intrigues users to play fantasy sports. It also helps them prove that they have a good knowledge of the real game. Therefore, it is worth spending resources on building a social world inside a fantasy platform and connecting it with the outside social media. This will not only market your fantasy sports platform but also helps users to create a community of daily fantasy sports players.

Intelligent Backend/Admins

When we say intelligent, we mean it! We are talking about backend platforms that guide the owners of the platforms to make an informed decision. A backend that has the ability to not only present but analyze the data and give recommendations to the admin. For example, think of an admin panel that gives your daily notification of the type of games users are interested in playing in. With such data, you can create more such games to fill your lobby. Admin dashboard helps you with the data & stats that you should know to run a successful fantasy sports business. Integrating an admin dashboard can be a wise decision for the business owners of fantasy sports.

Referral & Bonuses Systems

Referral & Bonuses Systems
Referral and bonuses are some fantasy sports users crave for. Referral covers a part of affiliate marketing. Fantasy sports platforms like DraftKings and Fanduel also follow this approach of having great user engagement. Referral helps users to get additional points as soon as a new user joins with their unique referral code. It’s a marketing strategy where you take help from your existing users to increase more players on your website. Who would not love free points? Adding this feature can really help you boost your foot traffic. Bonuses on the other hand act like a cherry on the cupcake.

Contests for All (Beginners, Intermediates, Experts)

Take it as a mandate in the new Fantasy sports 2.0 jurisdictional environment. It makes complete sense to identify and categorize amateur, mid-level and Pro users on fantasy sports software. After categorization, dedicated games can be created for them to play. It should be displayed on the player’s profile, how many games he has played and which category the player belongs to. Keeping it transparent to other players increases your bond with the users. This ensures that a fair game is played while confirming games between users with a similar skill set. This shows that you are concerned about all the categories of players and do not focus on one kind to make more business.

Achievement Badges

Achievement badge is a feature that ensures user retainment on your fantasy sports platform. Users are most likely to return on platforms where they have a badge assigned to their profile. Furthermore, this can be taken one step ahead with the ability to share an achievement badge on social media. This idea solves two purposes, the first of which is Ego boosting of your existing user who received the badge. And secondly, attract new users (friends and followers of the user) to register and thus, play on your platforms.


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Live Game Feeds

Live Game Feeds
What more can a sports fan ask for if he can switch from fantasy mode to the real mode on the same fantasy sports platform? Reviewing your virtual team’s performance and going through the live feeds of the real match-up is a great feature to have. This helps enhance user performance in the game and helps in learning the skill set of playing a fantasy sport.


In this lucrative industry that is growing rapidly, getting the right combination of features and tools to take your fantasy sports platform to the next level can be a tedious task. But you definitely can’t miss out on these must-have features in your fantasy sports platform in order to remain competitive.

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