Sports Betting Sites Checklist: Must-have Features of Sports Betting Sites that Drive Success

Sports Betting Sites Checklist

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According to Statista, the global market size of the sports betting industry is $203 Billion. The sports betting industry employs 197 thousand people worldwide and there are more than 31 thousand sports betting businesses operating currently all around the world. According to the recent statistics, sports betting in the United States only has hit the mark of $10 Billion. What’s interesting about this figure? This mark is achieved when sports betting is still illegal in several parts of the United States. What’s more interesting? This report was issued by Forbes in the year 2019. With legalization happening in every state except the three is rendering the green flag to sports betting in the United States. As per the current situation, it can be easily said that the sports betting industry’s worth would be so much more than what’s been claimed. By this, we can actually calculate the tremendous growth the sports betting industry is witnessing worldwide and no wonder, several small scale businesses owners, entrepreneurs as well as established business owners are rushing to invest in this lucrative industry that promises outstanding opportunities.

The result? The World Wide Web has now become a hub of several online sportsbooks or online sports betting sites, all claiming to render an outstanding betting experience. Every month, new sportsbooks are being launched, each offering lucrative bonuses and welcome rewards to attract as many bettors as possible.

Sports betting sites have not only spoilt bettors for choice, but also has have elevated their expectations. Today, bettors have several choices and they’ve never been pickier than before.

This is one of the key reasons why some online sports betting businesses and new online betting sites are either thriving in the market, reaping huge benefits, creating a distinguished reputation for themselves, attracting thousands of new punters every single day, or are witnessing their own doom.

Starting a sports betting site is not an easy task. It requires an immense amount of time, planning, efforts, funding, resources, capital, etc. So if you are going to invest all of the above in your business, why not do it right the first time? Hence we have created this online sports betting sites checklist that can help you hit the nail.

But before we dive into the complete checklist of safe betting sites, first, let’s take a look at the mistakes that several new sports betting sites as well as established sportsbook owners commit that keep them from gaining new users and moving towards success.

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Mistakes that Several Online Sports Betting Site Owners Make

Every aspiring sportsbook platform owner while starting the business dreams of reaping huge profits. And there is nothing wrong with it. After all, everyone shoots for success and there is nothing wrong to think about getting things right the first time. But turns out, some mistakes are inevitable.

There are few mistakes every new online sports betting business or even an established sportsbook makes. These were even made by some of the best sports betting sites. But just because everyone else does it, doesn’t mean you have to walk on the same path.

Hence we have curated the list of most common mistakes, so that you can avoid them and stay on the road of success.
  • Improper B2C Model The success of every sports betting business depends on one factor ﹘ the number of bettors willing to place bets by using their platform. Hence it’s crucial to create a plan on how you will draw bettors to your platform. Remember, if the cost of acquiring and retaining your new as well as existing users exceeds your profits, you might get into a troublesome situation. And this is the first mistake that most new sports betting companies make that lead to their doom.
  • Rigidity Businesses that manage to please their customers thrive. It’s a fact. We all know it. But still, several businesses fail to adapt as per the changing market trends and customer needs, which eventually results in lost user base.
  • Confusing User Interfaces One of the key factors that will be attracting bettors to your website will be how easily it can be used. How well it serves the purpose. But if your website is confusing, if your users are getting lost between the interfaces, if bettors are struggling to find what they are looking for, then your website’s user interface can take a serious toll on your success.
  • Glitches and Bugs on the Website When your online platform involves heavy transactions that take place every single day, glitches and bugs on your website can easily take a toll on the credibility of your sports betting platform. It can lead users to refrain from using payment modes and can significantly decrease the number of bettors on your platform.
  • Lack of Customer Support It might sound simple, but it’s one of the key factors why businesses lose users. Lack of customer support results in unresolved queries, payment issues, disputes, and so much more which can also result in tarnished reputation and lost customers.
  • Lack of Unique and Engaging Offerings There is no doubt that the competition is tough. Online sports betting platforms are deploying new strategies every single day to draw bettors to their platform. Hence it becomes crucial to think out of the box and offer something new to keep them coming as well as engaged. But unfortunately, several online sportsbooks don't succeed in providing desirable offers which lead to lost customers. But it’s not all gloom and doom in the sports betting industry. These are only common mistakes that online sports betting businesses make. The good news? Now that you are aware of the pitfalls, these can be easily dodged with some planning. How? Let’s take a look.

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Laying The Strong Foundation: Things To Know About Sports Betting Sites

There are several new sports betting websites that are thriving in the market, reaping the profits and growing in size. There are several established online sports betting platforms that are witnessing new heights in business. So they must be doing something right, right? Something different. So what is it that sets them apart from other online sportsbooks that struggle to acquire users?

The very first factor that contributes to their success is that they have their strategies in place. It all starts with a strong foundation and they take plenty of time, plenty of advice, and an abundance of guidance from several consultants to plan their every single step. But there are some key points that remain the same in every strategy.

Having a thorough understanding and knowledge of these points provided below can help you create better strategies and make better business decisions.
  • Know your Bettors Are you aiming for bettors who place wagers for entertainment or the bettors who bet for a living? What do they expect from the platform and what factors can draw them in and make them stay? Conducting thorough research on the bettors can enable you to know them better and design the platform as per their expectations.
  • Know the Platforms Along with the bettors, it is also important to know the type of online sports betting platform. There are several types available such as PPH, betting exchange, spread betting platform, and several more. Football betting sites are also on the boom these days. Picking one after research and planning can make a huge difference.
  • Create the Ideal B2C Model It’s important to create a B2C model that will enable you to get a clear idea of how your platform will acquire customers and retain them. It's crucial to come up with a budget for marketing strategies such as welcome offers, bonuses, advertising, email marketing, affiliated marketing, loyalty programs, etc. It's also important to come up with a model that enables you to achieve a balance between your marketing budget, bettor acquisition budget, and your profits.
  • Laws, Regulations, and Licenses Getting a clear understanding of the laws, regulations, and licensing can enable you to facilitate business without any hassle. Also, knowing what countries allow bettors to leverage the offshore online sportsbooks can enable you to expand your business effectively.
  • Security Online sportsbooks deal with sensitive information of their customers such as their names, address, bank details, etc. Hence it becomes crucial to protect this information and take the appropriate measures to guard the same.
  • Choosing Between White Label And Custom Development Do you want to launch your solution quickly or do you want to tailor your solution as per your specific business goals? Both white label sportsbooks software, as well as custom sports betting software, come with their own set of advantages. White label solutions can be launched within weeks time and can be customized as per the specific business goals. White label solutions also allow software integrations which give business owners flexibility. Custom platforms take time to get developed but give business owners complete freedom to get everything customized as per their specific goals and needs.
  • Choosing a Trusted Sports Betting Software Provider/Developer Choosing a trusted sports betting software provider can enable you to get armed with the best sports betting site that comes with a plethora of features that not only entice the users but also keeps them engaged. Having a partnership with a technology partner also enables you to remove your dependency from the legacy systems and enables you to achieve your goals by arming your business with all the essential tools and functionalities that bettors look for.
  • Opting for Post Launch Services Last but not the least, the post launch services, Having access to these can make all the difference. While choosing your sportsbook provider, make sure you enquire about marketing support, periodic updates, maintenance services, etc.

Online Sports Betting Sites Checklist of Essential Characteristic

Online Sports Betting Sites Checklist of Essential Characteristic
The second factor that leads to the success of any sports betting platform is knowing what the bettors need and look for in an online sports betting website. Since competition is tough, it has become crucial to provide all the tools that bettors need to have the best-in-class betting experience. Successful online sportsbooks strive to know what their users look for.

Below are some of the basic yet crucial characteristics that every bettor looks for in an online sports betting platform.
  • User Experience Bettors look for seamless user experience. Platforms that are easy to use, contain clean interfaces, are easy to navigate are preferred by bettors. Hence it becomes crucial to keep your platforms free from clutter, easy to use, and navigate.
  • Welcome Offers and Bonus System Several online sports betting websites are attracting hundreds of new bettors every single day with their welcome offers and bonus systems. These offers give bettors a good start on the platform. Having these in your marketing strategy can help you acquire bettors effortlessly.
  • Mobile Application or Mobile Support Bettors cannot have continuous access to their laptops or desktops. And this is why several online sportsbooks are investing in mobile applications as well as responsive website design. This not only gives bettors ease of access but also allows them to access the platform, place bets anytime, from anywhere without any hassle.
  • Awareness, Reputation, and Credibility Why are marketing strategies crucial? Why is spreading the word about your business important? Why do companies spend thousands of dollars every month on bringing awareness about their business? Why do bug-free and glitch-free platforms attract punters? Because these factors enable you to build a distinguished reputation in the marketplace and help you draw in bettors easily. Reputation plays a huge role in the betting industry and establishing yourself as a credible platform provider can help you gain more bettors easily in no time.
  • Security and Safe Environment Security and providing a safe environment for betting should be the top-most priority of online sportsbooks. It becomes crucial to ensure that their information is being handled with care and security. In addition to this, it's also crucial to comply with the security standards that are set by the industry.
  • Easy and Trusted Payment Modes Having easy to use and trusted payment modes on your platforms enable your users to carry out transactions without any hassle. Giving them multiple choices as well as the freedom to use fiat and cryptocurrencies also enable you to facilitate transactions without any frets.
  • Ease of Access Several top-notch betting platforms focus on ease of access. They provide all the facilities such as multilingual support, speech-based betting and many more features for a more personalized as well as seamless betting experience. These might seem like small factors, but when your users find your betting platform easy to use and get accustomed to these facilities, they rarely go for other platforms.
  • Multiple Options for Placing Wagers Does your platform give the bettors engaging options to place bets? Several platforms are now moving to esports betting as well as modern betting avenues which include betting on whether, TV reality shows, celebrities, award ceremonies, politics, and many more which give the bettors plenty of options to choose from.
  • Responsible Gambling It’s important to keep your customers informed. Keeping them aware of the harms such as gambling addiction, and maintaining the transparency on your platform enable you to establish yourself as a responsible business and also help in building trust.
  • 24/7 Customer Support Resolving your customer’s queries, providing them the tech support they need, and information they enquire for can enable you to build trust, a better reputation, and better relationships with your users.
  • Comprehensive Sports Betting Sites Last but not least, it's important to update your platform from time to time and incorporate all the latest features on your website. In addition to this, it's important to provide a feature-rich platform that arms your bettors with the essential features.
Let’s take a look at some of the feature-loaded platforms that have earned a place in the list of top five betting websites around the world.

Learning from the Best: Top 5 Online Sports Betting Websites or Sportsbooks in the World

Top 5 Online Sports Betting Websites
Though there are several online sportsbooks that are being launched every month, but there are only a handful that sit on the top of the list. These websites not only provide best-in-class betting experience to the bettors but also keep themselves updated to maximize the customer retention.

Below is the list of best sports betting sites or online sportsbooks. Let’s check it out.
  • Bet365 One of the most prominent as well as trusted online sportsbooks is Bet365. Bet365 is trusted by 20 million punters worldwide and bettors from more than 200 countries visit this platform for the best-in-class wagering experience. Bet365 is known for covering all the major sports that include horse racing, rugby league, netball, cricket, volleyball, speedway, surfing, water polo, handball, floorball, ice hockey, Gaelic sports, golf, American football and several more. You’ll find almost every sport on this website. Bet365 boosts engagement of the users with live streams, best-in-class odds, lucrative new player bonuses, and also provides mobile applications for Android as well as iOS to provide access to its users on their fingertips.
  • William Hill William Hill has been around for a very long time and is one of the well-established online sports betting sites. The website attracts new customers with its several promotional schemes which include sports promotions, Vegas promotions, Live casino promotions, casino promotions, scratch card promotions, poker promotions, bingo promotions, VIP programs, and many more. In addition to these, the sports betting site covers all the major sports such as basketball, boxing, handball, rugby union, snooker, motor racing, esports, football, hurling ice hockey, and many more. The website provides access to several casinos which include Vegas casino, live casino, Macau casino, etc that include several games namely gamesys, quick spin, IGT, inspired, ash gaming, etc.
  • Betway Another reputed as well as reliable online sportsbook is Betway. The best thing about this online sports betting website is that it enables bettors to experience everything. From betting to live casinos, from lotto draws to esports, from Vegas to Bingo, Betway has it all. Betway also attracts punters with its sign up bonuses, odds, Betway boosts, VIP loyalty programs, variety of sports and esports, etc.
  • Ladbrokes Ladbrokes is one of the oldest and most respected online sports betting sites that was established in 1886 and was launched online betting in the year 1999. The website maximizes user retention with betting exchange feature, live streaming, fast payments, mobile applications, telephone betting, live betting on horse racing, and also supports more than 35 sports and also includes casinos, games, esports, live casinos, bingo, poker, virtual sports and several more.
  • Unibet Established in 1999 and licensed by the UK gambling commission as well as the Government of Gibraltar, Unibet has evolved over the years and provides top-notch betting experience to the bettors. The website provides access to 35+ major sports, renders best-in-class odds, and enhances engagement with live streaming and betting. The website offers welcome sports bonuses, casino bonuses, 25X casino wagering, 3X sports, and money back on the first bet losses.
But what sets these top sports betting apart? What makes them so distinguished?

The third factor that contributes to the success of sports betting websites is features-list. Comprehensive platforms that come loaded with features, provide ease of access, and enhance the betting experience attract a massive number of bettors. Most successful businessmen or entrepreneurs either acquire or get the most comprehensive online sportsbook built. Since the competition is not getting any easier, they incorporate all the features that enhance the gaming experience as well as the engagement. This not only helps them draw new users but also enables them in retaining the old bettors effectively.

There are several factors that make a sports betting site great. And to help you make your existing or new sports betting website great, we’ve created a sports betting sites checklist! From features that boost engagement to panels that keep your sportsbook organized and render ease of access, we’ve covered them all! You’ll find below the complete checklist of betting sites.

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Top Features of Sports Betting Sites that Draw Bettors

Top features of sports betting sites that draw bettors
Below is the sports betting sites checklist of top features that punters look for in a sports betting website
  • A Wide Selection of Sports A variety of sports render plenty of choices to the bettors and keep them coming back to the platform. They also give new bettors the opportunity to explore the sports and know what they feel comfortable with. Football is a lucrative niche that's witnessing new heights today. New football betting sites are emerging as well as thriving immensely in the market.
  • Esports and Modern Betting Avenues Support The checklist of sports betting sites would be incomplete without this feature. In order to boost the engagement of users, online sportsbooks are providing betting opportunities on popular esports which include starcraft-2, Dota-2, call of duty, league of legends, etc as well as modern betting avenues which include betting on politics, celebrities, award ceremonies, etc.
  • Multiple Betting Market Support Multiple betting market support is one of the top features of sports betting sites. Multiple betting markets allow the bettors to explore the markets and choose from a variety of odds and place bets.
  • Multiple Bet-type Support Online sportsbooks provide several betting options that let the bettors explore, get the understanding, and try their hand in several bets. This enables them to get comfortable and find the betting style that suits them.
  • Pre-match and Live Odds Both of these are great options to have in your online sports betting site as both render the most enjoyable, thrilling, and splendid betting experience. These enable your users to place bets before the start of the event or place several wagers after the start of the event in a small span of time.
  • Social Sharing Module The online sports betting sites checklist cannot be created without this feature. Social sharing modules enable your users to share their accomplishments, victories, and updates with their friends on their favorite social media platforms. This not only elevates engagement on your platform but also gives a boost to your marketing schemes and increases brand awareness and recognition.
  • Scheduling Tools Enabling your users to plan ahead ensures maximum participation of the bettors in events leading to the success of the event and boost in revenue.
  • Real-time Settlement Real-time settlements are an ideal pick for boosting engagement on your platform. When cash gets transferred in real-time, it keeps bettors coming back.
  • Betting Tips We simply cannot leave this one out from our checklist of sports betting sites. After all, betting tips are crucial. Betting tips help your new as well as existing users and enable them to play better. This enhances player retention as they keep getting useful tips and helps them improve their betting skills. Some of the best online football betting sites provide betting tips to their customers.
  • Speech-based Betting Speech-based betting is one of the most important features of sports betting sites, without which this checklist of sports betting sites wouldn’t be complete. Speech-based betting renders your users a complete hands-free betting experience. It enables punters to use voice commands for placing bets and enables them to have one-of-a-kind betting experience while multitasking.
  • Multi-currency Support One of the most important sports betting sites features in our complete checklist of betting sites is multi-currency support. Betting sites operate around the world. People from diverse corners access the betting sites to make some extra cash or just to have a good time. Some countries also allow bettors to use the offshore online sportsbooks to place the bets. Hence it becomes crucial to provide multi-currency support and enable bettors to carry out transactions in their own currency.
  • Multi-lingual Support Not everyone understands English completely and not everyone is fluent in the language. When you have visitors from around the globe, it becomes crucial to have multi-lingual support on your website which helps you in eliminating the language barrier and also provides your users ease of access.
  • Cryptocurrency and Fiat Payment Option Another must-have sports betting site feature is cryptocurrency and fiat payment options that add more flexibility to your payment model. These broaden the options and enable your users to facilitate payments easily without any hassle.
  • Safe and Secure Platforms When it comes to betting, safety and security are the key. If your platform is full of glitches, bugs, or doesn't feel safe enough, it can drive your users away to another platform. Hence maintaining safety, protecting privacy, information, complying with security standards, and creating a safe environment for bettors becomes crucial.
  • Betting Stats, Analytics, and History Betting stats and analytics help bettors understand the patterns, provide them insights about where they need improvement, and enable them to create better betting strategies. History features give users a complete list of the bets placed by them and keep them informed all the time.
  • Dedicated User Profiles User profiles enable users to personalize their profiles and help them keep track of all the important activities, information, news, and updates about their favorite events effectively.
  • Live Feeds Live feeds enable users to get all the insights about the ongoing live events and help them create better strategies for placing the bets.

Additional Features of Sports Betting Sites

The above features are more about functionality and tools that are essential for delivering an electrifying gaming experience to your users. But there are some more features of sports betting sites crucial for outstanding user experience. Let’s check out the list below:
  • User-friendly Interfaces When your website is easy to use, finding tools and features is unchallenging, bettors enjoy the experience even more. When the platforms come with great betting experience as well as convenience, temporary visitors and new bettors convert into permanent members.
  • AI Integration Betting AI integration takes the betting experience to another level and helps bookies as well as players leverage bets.
  • Tap and Bet Feature Why allow your bettors to navigate across multiple screens when they can place the bet in just one click? Tap and bet features of sports betting sites allow them to place wagers on their favorite sports with minimum efforts.
  • Gorgeous User Interfaces Classy websites and gorgeous interfaces not only attract bettors but also help you make a powerful first impression and build a reputation in no time. Clean interfaces come with minimum clutter that make the browsing experience better.
  • Notifications Notifications are a great way of keeping your users informed about the events, updates, wins, odds, etc.
The above was the list of additional features of sports betting sites. Features that draw bettors to your platform and help you gain a significant user base. But still, there are several platforms that even after containing these features fail to retain bettors for the long term. Why? Because they are unorganized. They are all over the place and instead of assisting the users, they confuse them. So what can be done?

The best way to keep your platform organized is to create panels for the users you’ll be dealing with. A typical sports betting site deals with three types of users — the bettors, the bookies, and the admins. Providing these three users their own panels enables you to keep the platform organized and makes the management easy.

Panels that Keep your Sports Betting Website Organized

Panels that keep your sports betting website organised
Below is the complete online sports betting sites checklist of the player panel, bookie panel, and admin panel that will give you complete insights about the tools and features they include.
  • Player Panel Player panels contain all the features crucial for a seamless and splendid betting experience. These include
    • User Accounts
    • Schedules
    • Crypto and Fiat integration
    • Betting markets and bet types covered
    • Anti-fraud system
    • Notifications
    • Wide Sports Selection
    • Betting Tips
    • Live Scores
  • Bookie Panel Bookie panels include all the tools that enable bookies to facilitate business seamlessly, manage accounts, deliver them odds, and keep their clients informed via notifications, betting tops and so much more.
    • Bookie Account
    • Manage Schedules
    • Manage Users
    • Odds and Sports Data Integration
    • Customer Support
    • Odds from Major Bookies
  • Admin Panel Admin panels are designed to make the management of the platform hassle-free. Hence they come with all the tools that enable them to multitask, maintain security, keep track of activities, and control every aspect of the platform.
    • Player Level Betting
    • Speech Base Betting
    • Advance Risk Management
    • AI Integrated Betting System
    • Robust Admin Dashboard
    • Player Level Betting
    • Real-time and Time-based Settlements

Partnering up With Trusted Sports Betting Website Provider

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We provide online sports betting website development, sports betting app development services as well as sports betting software for various sports such as hockey, casino, volleyball, golf, tennis, football, basketball, and several more.

Want to launch your comprehensive sports betting website quickly? Choose from our white label sports betting software solutions that come with all the features, tools, and functionalities crucial for acquiring new users, boosting engagement, and maximizing customer retention.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Payment Methods for Sports Betting Software

Do you provide custom sports betting software development services?

Yes, the sports betting software solutions we provide are ready for customizations and can be customized as per your business requirements.

Do you provide ready to launch sports betting software solutions?

Yes, we specialize in providing white label sportsbooks that can be quickly customized and launched within weeks time.

Can you integrate the payment gateway of my choice?

Yes, we already have partnered up with several trusted payment gateway providers for sportsbooks, but if you want the payment gateway of your choice, we can integrate it.

Does your sports betting software support cryptocurrency?

We understand that several gamblers prefer to use cryptocurrency for making payments. Hence, our sportsbook supports fiat as well as cryptocurrency that enable bettors to pick the one they prefer.

What are the benefits of investing in sports betting mobile apps?

Sports betting mobile apps not only enable your customers to gain uninterrupted betting experience but also enable you to increase downloads, skyrocket engagement and allow you to boost your profits.


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