California Betting Exchange Platform

GammaStack delivers a top-notch California Betting Exchange Platform equipped with multiple features.

California Betting Exchange Platform

    Risk-free Betting Exchange Platform in California

    Drive your business with GammaStack’s betting exchange platform in California. Equipped with a myriad of features, our risk-free betting exchange platform is the perfect choice for your betting business. Build with a combination of smart planning and technical expertise, our betting exchange platform is highly compatible and cost-efficient. Our team of seasoned professionals designs industry-specific feature-rich solutions ensuring all the necessary integrations. We have got you all covered with our dynamic range of betting exchange solutions.

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    Benefits of Our California Betting Exchange Platform

    Early Market Launch

    We follow agile development methodologies to ensure quick and timely deliveries. We develop state-of-the-art betting solutions covering all the areas of betting technology for a seamless betting experience.

    On-demand Customizations Availability

    We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing on-demand customizations in our pre-designed California Betting Exchange Platform. From back-end to front-end, we have got you all covered.

    Real-time Reports

    Real-time reports are generated on the platform through the data-driven by the APIs. Our platform comes integrated with multiple APIs that fetch data from different reliable sources thus ensuring hassle-free betting.

    Hedging and Risk-handling Tools

    Now bettors don’t have to face any risk, our hedging, and exposure handling tools does perfect risk analysis. It helps punters to secure a specific exchange rate for the future date which in turn helps them in betting.

    Third-party Software Integrations

    We have partnered with the world’s best and reliable third-party sports betting companies for integrating top-notch software systems. Our betting exchange platform comes with all the

    Attributes Of Our California Betting Exchange Software Solution

    Matching Engine

    Our betting exchange platform comes with a dedicated matching engine that provides users with matched odds and bet types.

    Back/Lay Odds Supported

    Entice users with the back/lay odds supported by our California betting exchange platform.

    Risk-free In-play, Live and Pari-Mutuel Betting

    Our platform supports multiple betting types including Risk-free In-play, Live and Pari-mutuel betting.

    Custom Rates of Commission

    You can customize the rates as per our desired choices to get the maximum commission.

    Liquidity Management and Bet Limit

    Punters can manage their liquidity and set their bet limit accordingly on the betting exchange.


    This feature enables bettors to cash-out their money during the match so that they don’t have to wait.

    Admin Dashboard

    The admin dashboard is a comprehensive dashboard from where admins can manage multiple users.

    Multi-tier Agent System

    Our California betting exchange platform comes with a multi-tier agent system for a huge network.

    Customizable Affiliate Systems

    Now admins can create, run, and track the affiliate marketing campaigns on the California betting exchange platform.

    Flexible Commission Types

    Flexible commission including Backed with Standard or Tiered Revenue Share (based on NGR, FTD), Standard or Tiered CPA (based on FTD count, FTD amount), Mix FTD, and many more are supported by our platform.

    Betfair API integration

    We integrate Betfair API integration in our exchange platforms to ensure that users

    Identity Cards for Players Insights

    Securing users’ data is always our priority, thus the exchange betting platform generates unique and new identity cards for players.

    Real-Time Bet History

    Real-time bet history is easily available on the platform as the platform generates real-time bet history.

    Multiple Odds Formats Supported

    Odds formats such as decimal, fraction and American betting odds formats are supported bt our betting exchange platform.

    Multilingual Exchange Platform

    Our betting exchange platform supports betting in multiple languages to ensure that users can play hassle-free.

    Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

    Our California betting exchange platform comes with multiple gateway integration that enables users to pay convincingly.

    Sports Covered in our California Betting Exchange Software

    A myriad of exciting and popular sports are covered in our betting exchange software including:-

    Cricket Betting Software


    Advanced Features

    How We Build State-of-the-art Solutions

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    Project Planning

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    Software Designing

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    Development Process

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    Third-Party Integrations

    Gammastack API Integration


    On-demand Customizations

    Gammastack Eye-Catchy and Brand-Specific UI


    Software Testing

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    Marketing Support

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    Sports Betting Software Launching

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    iGaming Industry Experts
    Brand-Specific User Interface

    Why GammaStack?

    Seasoned Team of Professionals
    Betting Exchange Solutions in California

    GammaStack is the leading provider of the California betting exchange platform. With our high-end betting exchange platforms, we have helped businesses thrive seamlessly. Our 8+ years of experience in betting exchange software development, have helped us deliver solutions that are on par with the latest industry trends. 

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