Turnkey Esports Tournament Software for Apex Legends

Get ahead of the competition with our turnkey esports tournament software for apex legends. Quickly launch your business with our feature-enrich esports software.

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Unrivalled Apex Legends Tournament Platform

GammaStack has got you all covered with our ultra-modern turkey esports tournament platform for apex legends. With our pre-designed apex legends software you get multi-functionality tools to operate the tournaments. GammaStack’s professionals possess technical acumen to design and develop feature-enriched esports tournament platforms. Following the industry trends we provide an esports tournament software driven with the latest tools and technologies. We at GammaStack, help small and large businesses to flourish seamlessly.

What Makes Us Different?

Quick & Hassle-free Market Entry

Our turkey esports tournament software for apex legends can be deployed within a few weeks. Our professionals are capable of using the cutting edge technologies to ensure quick delivery of the esports platform regardless of all the customizations.

Multiple Device Accessibility

We aim to provide accessibility to all the esports enthusiasts out there. All our devices are easily accessible from multiple devices including mobile, tablets, PC, etc.

Fully Customizable Apex Legends Tournament Platform

Our turnkey esports tournament software for apex legend is 100% customizable. Add APIs, or customize the theme along with many other features in our esports tournament platform. A fully customizable software gives you full ownership of your platform as per your brand/business requirements.

User-friendly Designs

Our designs are all made user-friendly and user-engaging to entice a huge esports audience. Our designers with amazing skills create lucrative designs to attract the esports enthusiasts from all over the world.

Features of Our Esports Tournament Platform for Apex Legends

Create & Manage Tournaments

Our turnkey esports tournament software comes with a feature of create and manage tournaments. Players can not only play but also can create their own tournaments and invite others to play.

Interactive Admin Dashboards

Admins can manage user wallets, user stats, and much more with our admin dashboards that comes with our ready made tournament platform for apex legends.

Exclusive Game Lobby

Now get a plethora of filters with our exclusive game lobby including game type, time frame, payout type, and much more on a single channel to enhance their game experience. Your users can directly apply filters on a single screen.

Multiple Geographies Supported

Our esports tournament software solution for apex legends supports a wide range of geographies such as Europe, Asia, Russia, Oceania, South East Asia, South Africa and many more to invite players from various regions.

Flexible Game Formats

We have a series of game formats to offer your users. Whether it is round robin or H2H, our esports tournament platform for apex legends has got you all covered.

Anti-cheat Measures

We integrate an anti-cheat system in all our esports tournament platforms and mobile applications to keep track of any illegal activity and ensure a wise and seamless gameplay experience to the players.

Esports Progression Tracker

We have an esports progression tracker in our apex legend tournament software to show the overall users’ performance in the event or game of apex legend. This feature helps enhance the game skills of the players.

Live Leaderboards

We integrate live leaderboards in our esports solutions to show users the highest ranks, number of matches played, victories, and much more of the esports players.

Gaming Consoles Support

Now your users can play with a plethora of gaming consoles that include Xbox, playstations, joystick, and other gaming consoles on our esports tournament platform.

Esports Result Tracker

Now you get an esports results tracker that shows the most updated scores to the users. It can be updated manually or automatically using AI.

Apex Legends API Integration

With our apex legends API integration users can easily onboard on our tournament platform. It helps in fetching other crucial information such as stats and much more on the platform.

Referral Points

We integrate a referral system in our esports tournament software for apex legend that gets users to earn a few points when they refer the tournament platform to their other friends.

Built-in Wallets

We have built-in wallets that come along with our esports tournament solution that helps users to pay securely. Transactions are made easier with the built-in wallets.

Ad/Sponsor Modules

We have special ad/sponsorship modules in our esports tournament platform that helps users in earning more points by watching simple videos of 30 seconds.

Want more features?

iOS & Android Mobile Apps Development for Apex Legends

Our mobile developers built state-of-the-art iOS mobile apps that are rich in high quality UI/UX and are user-friendly. Enriched with push notifications, calendars, chatrooms, newsfeed, and many other features, our esports mobile application is a complete package for you. We can also add a plethora of features of your choices

Roles of Apex Legends


Training game mode helps users to learn the basic concept of the game and make them learn to play the game from Bloodhound and Pathfinder.

Firing Range

Multiple targets are being targeted by players using every weapon and item in this firing range. It is a small area range.

Play Apex

Twenty squads play in a team of three and the last squad remaining wins the game. This is the basic and most sophisticated game mode of Apex Legend.

Ranked Leagues

This game mode supports Kings Canyon maps and is played by players who hold some ranks in the apex legend games.

Upcoming Tournaments

Apex Legends Global Series: Online Tournament

Apex Legends Global Series: Online Tournament

Apex Legends Global Series: Challenger

Apex Legends Global Series: Challenger

Apex Legends Global Series: Premier

Apex Legends Global Series: Premier

Apex Legends Global Series: Major

Apex Legends Global Series: Major

Apex Legends Global Series: Championship

Apex Legends Global Series: Championship

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Other Esports Tournaments We Cover

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How do we Work?

Requirement Gathering

First and foremost step of our working procedure is to gather the required information and necessary details to begin with our work.

Additional Custom Development

Once, we are acquainted with the customizations, our professionals customize the turnkey esport solutions with integrations, brand based themes, color, and much more.

Automated & Manual Testing

Our quality analysts then check the platform and ensure that it works as per the client's requirements. Testing is also done to make the software bug-free.


This is the final stage and thus we deploy the esports tournament platform for the end-users.

On-time Deployment
Fully Customizable Esports Platform

Why is GammaStack

State-of-the-art Software Solutions
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GammaStack is known for delivering high-end esports tournament platforms. We aim to provide top-notch esports solutions to our clients adhering to the high quality standards. We have delivered our products and services to the clients from all across the globe. We help businesses to thrive seamlessly and efficiently with our top-notch turnkey label esports tournaments for apex legends. 


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