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Sports Trading Software

Sports Trading Software

Scale your sports betting business with GammaStack’s sports betting trading software that comes with a myriad of features and almost no operational risk.

    Top-notch Sports Trading Software Development

    Looking for a sports trading software development platform that can help you in running your online betting business successfully? If yes, then, GammaStack is a one-stop destination for you. Our skilled team of developers create functional betting exchange software that allows your users for in-play horse racing as prices move erratically, depending on how the runners are performing. Not just horse racing, we create sports trading software for multiple sports including cricket, soccer and many other sports. Whether you want to customize your commission rates or want region-specific designs, we have got you covered. Our sports trading software comes with clever trading tools that offer trading with liquidity so that it that is both fair for your customers and effective for you.

    Benefits of Our Automated Sports Trading Software

    Customizable Sports Trading Software Solutions

    Our automated sports trading software is 100% customizable so that we can deliver the software as per your business requirements. Whether you want region-specific or multi-lingual trading software, we can do it for you.

    API driven Real-time Reporting & Analytics

    Experience the power of API driven real-time reporting and analytics where every bet and matched deals are showcase thus providing insights to make better and wise business decisions.

    Hedging and Exposure Handling Tools

    Our automated sports trading software comes packed with heding and exposure handling tools that allow users to secure a specific exchange rate on a future date and help minimize the operational risks.

    Risk Management Tools

    Risk management tools ensure that users place bets in limit keeping a check on their desired betting limits. The tools have an alert system that sends alerts to the users once they exceed their limit.

    APIs Integrations

    Offer your players data from the industry’s best APIs provider including Betradar, ExeFeed and much more. We can integrate APIs from your desired third-party provider to enable an excellent betting experience for the users.

    Cost-effective and Low Set-up Costs

    The sports trading software we design is tailor-made depending on your business requirements. All our trading software solutions are highly cost-effective and require a low set-up cost that doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets.

    Want to Know More Benefits?

    Features You Recieve With Our Software for Sports Trading

    Matching Engine

    The matching engine allows users to get matching odds, bet types and much more.

    Back/Lay Odd Types Supported

    Both back and lay odds types are supported in our sports trading software so that users can trade in real-time.

    Customizable Commission Rates

    This feature allows admins to customize their rates of commission as per their choices.

    Management of Liquidity and Bet Limit

    Our trading software facilitates easy management of liquidity and sets betting limits for the users.


    This feature allows users to quickly cash out their money during the events so that they don’t have to wait till the match ends.

    Detailed Admin Dashboard

    An exclusive admin dashboard is available for the admins that allow them to manage multiple users.

    Risk-free In-play, Live and Pari-Mutuel Betting

    Our trading software allow risk-free, in-play and pari-mutuel betting to the users to ensure a seamless betting experience.

    Live Video Streaming

    Now attract multiple users with live streaming of multiple events and matches with our trading software.

    Multi-tier Agent System

    We have a multi-tier agent management system that enables agents to create a network online.

    Fully Customizable Affiliate Systems

    Admins can create, run, and track multi-brand affiliate marketing campaigns on the trading platform.

    Flexible Commission Types

    Our betting apps are backed with Standard or Tiered Revenue Share (based on NGR, FTD), Standard or Tiered CPA (based on FTD count, FTD amount), Mix FTD, and many more.

    Betfair API integration

    Integrating Betfair APIs into the trading software provides smooth and hassle-free sports data services.

    Identity Cards for Players Insights

    Our trading software creates unique identity cards for the players once they register their trading software.

    Real-Time Bet History

    Bet history and other information can be generated in real-time so that users can place multiple bets.

    Multiple Odds Formats Supported

    Our sports trading software supports multiple odds formats including America, decimal, fractional odds.

    Multilingual Trading Software

    Now you can make your trading software a multi-lingual platform so that users can trade in their native language hassle-free.

    Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

    We integrate a plethora of payment gateways into our sports trading platform so that users can make seamless payments.

    Want More Features?

    Sports Covered in our Sports Trading Software

    A myriad of exciting and popular sports are covered in our sports trading software including:
    and many more

    Advanced Features

    Our Sports Trading Software Development Process

    Gammastack Brainstorming


    Requirement Gathering

    White Label Rugby Betting Software Development Testing


    Project Planning

    Gammastack Project Planning


    Task Allocation

    Fantasy Sports Software Testing USA


    Software Designing

    White Label Rugby Betting Software Brand-Specific Designing


    Development Process

    Gammastack Email Marketing Tools


    Third-Party Integrations

    Gammastack API Integration


    On-demand Customizations

    Gammastack Eye-Catchy and Brand-Specific UI


    Software Testing

    White Label Rugby Betting Software On-Demand Customizations


    Marketing Support

    Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications


    Sports Betting Software Launching

    Need Customizations?

    Out-of-the-box Sports Trading Solutions
    Unmatched Designs

    Why GammaStack?

    User-friendly and Cost-effective
    State-of-the-art Features
    GammaStack is the best sports trading software provider that delivers a feature-rich software solution to businesses across the globe. Our 8+ years of industry experience has helped businesses to thrive seamlessly. Our proficient developers understand the requirements thoroughly and deliver a software solution that is highly competitive and cost-effective. We help businesses with our creative and innovative solutions thus bridging the gap between users and iGaming businesses.

    Data Partners

    Goal serve
    ExeFeed API Integrations
    Fantasy Data
    Goal serve


    Malta Gaming Authority
    Gaming Laboratories International
    Gambling Commission
    Malta Gaming Authority

    Payment Gateways

    First Data


    United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency
    Florida State Golf Association INC

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