Sports Betting Software Development Company in Paris

GammaStack is a renowned Sports Betting Software Development Company in Paris that aims at transforming your sports betting business ideas into a technical reality.

  • 100+ Betting Markets
  • 50+ Sports Covered
  • Agile Development Method
  • Custom Development & Turnkey Solutions

Finest Sports Betting Software Development Company in Paris

Do you have an amazing idea for a Sports Betting Software and looking for the right team of developers to come onboard? Then you are in the right place. With a evident record of satisfying the clients’ needs by delivering them quality software, GammaStack has earned its position in the sports betting field by using some of the most latest and emerging technologies.

Pool Betting Software Development Benefits

Player’s Account Management - Gammastack

Zero Revenue Share Policy

We follow a transparent pricing policy where the client only has to pay an honest sum of revenue to us. We only want to give preference to the quality of the software and client satisfaction.

Odds Management Tools

Data Security

Security and confidentiality of the player’s data are the most important element for any online sports betting company. We provide the highest level of encryption, security, and confidentiality of data in sports betting software.

Business Environment Set Up

On-Demand Customizations

To stand out and create better experiences for our clients, we go for full-customizations of the sports betting software. We take care of our client’s direct interests.

Project Planning - Gammastack

Strong Backend support

It is believed that a strong technical support team can act as a company’s frontline ambassadors of goodwill. We follow the same by having some of the most skilled technical team to provide backend support.

Third-Party Integrations

Faster Time to Market

We guarantee that our innovative and efficient sports betting software will increase your reach globally by entering the market quickly.

Highlights of our Sports Betting Software

Multiple Sports Covered

We have everything for everyone. Our sports betting software covers a wide range of sports including Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, etc to enhance the overall betting experience.

Multi-Currency Support

An up-to-date feature of reliable and diverse payment methods in our sports betting software will fulfill every user requirement. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are also supported in the software.

Multi-Language Support

Allowing players to choose the language they are most comfortable in, we have comprised multiple types of languages in our sports betting software, so that the users can navigate the sports betting software in any language.

Supports All Types Of Bets

This brilliant feature in the sports betting software supports numerous types of bets for the bettors to place their bets according to their preference and convenience. We offer several types of sports betting options in the software like Parlay, H2H, Pool betting, Singles, Handicaps, etc.

Admin Management Panel

News related to all the upcoming and past matches is managed by the admin of the software. The admin manages the feed on a daily basis to ensure the players do not miss out on any update.


The whole design of the software is developed in such a way to provide the players with an easy to navigate feature. Any new player who logins for the first time can easily understand the whole functioning of the software easily.

Powerful Marketing Tool

Our excellent customer and technical support team allows your company to really reach out globally and bring traffic to your site that will result in increased business.

Accumulator Bet

Accumulator Bet is another interesting feature in our Sports Betting Software. This feature can assist customers to place their multiple bets into a single one.

Social Media sharing

At the global level, players can share their progress and achievements with their friends and acquaintances. This will attract and excite other concerned bettors to your sports betting software.

Agent System

The system consists of a hierarchy of multiple agents having information about their user’s bet history and various other activities.

Major Sports Our Sports Betting Software Covers

Soccer Betting Software

American Football

Additional Features of our Sports Betting Software

Speech-based betting

To increase the convenience for users, a Voice-enabled feature is included in the software, so that while playing, the users can access other features too.

Solid UX

Well-designed software can significantly attract user’s attention and can definitely help in achieving long term success of the sports betting company.

On-time delivery

Our secret to being trusted by parties around the globe is that we deliver the sports betting software on-time. We believe in customer satisfaction and punctuality. Therefore fulfilling our client’s needs on time is our main goal.

Advance Risk Management

A risk management module is also supported in our sports betting software in order to reduce the risks if any and increase the potential of the sports betting software.

AI Integration Betting

To create a more engaging user experience, we use features like AI integration. This feature is highly functional and advanced.


Panels Supported by our Sports Betting Platform

Task Allocation

Easy Navigation System

Game Monitoring

User Account

Risk Management - White Label Fantasy Soccer Platform

Live Feed and Scores

Player’s Account Management - Gammastack

Result Notifications

Cost-efficient Esports Software Solutions

Betting Tips

Best Odds from Trusted Bookies

Virtual Currency Payments

Customized Features

In-store Purchases

Sports Betting Software - Real-time Betting

Bookmaker Account

Fantasy Football Software - Regular Notifications and Updates

User Management System

Calendar and Schedule

Calendars and Schedules

Third-Party Integrations

Odds from Major Bookies

Easy Navigation


Gammastack Marketing Assistance


User-Friendly Front-end Theme


Business Environment Set Up


Customized Features

Marketing campaigns

Bet - Gammastack

Player accounts

Stages Involved in our Sports Betting Software Development Process

Pool Betting Software - Agent System

Requirement Elicitation

It’s important to carry out some pre-development discussions about requirements with the clients to a proper understanding of their perspective that would help us in developing the software.

Hockey Betting Software - Cross-platform Solution

3rd Party Consultancy

We are connected with the most reliable odds providers globally who provide us the most precise and valuable odds which we integrate into our sports betting software.

Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications

Designing of Betting Software

Software design is created in this phase by using the requirement specifications which were analyzed in the first stage. Specifications of system design serve as the input for the next stage of the development process.

Reliable Third-party Integrations

Betting Software Development

Once the design specifications are clear, the next step is the development of the software. This phase is the most crucial one, as the functionality of the whole software is dependent on this stage.

Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications

Thorough Testing

When the development stage is over, it is checked against the requirements to make sure that the developed software is actually meeting the requirements gathered during the first stage.

Reliable Third-party Integrations

Betting Software Final Delivery

Once thorough testing is done successfully, the Betting Software is handed-over to the client for their use.

Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications

SEO Marketing Support

We help you in getting the right audience for your company and attract them to visit your site. We also assist you in increasing your reach and value in the targeted market.

Fully Customised Software
Strong Technical and Marketing team
Reliable Third-Party Integrations

Why GammaStack?

Transparent Working Methodology
Punctual Software Delivery

GammaStack is well-known as a trusted Sports Betting Software Development Company in Paris and has a reputable experience in providing the best Sports Betting Software. We deliver outstanding Sports Betting Software with a team of software developers who keeps track of all the emerging technologies and platforms in the software industry.


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