White label Fantasy Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2

We at GammaStack are dedicated to delivering top-notch white label fantasy esports tournament platform for Dota-2 with quick launch time at highly competitive prices.

  • Global Coverage
  • All Major Regions & Game Formats
  • Scalable and Robust Platforms
  • Zero Revenue Share

Inimitable Turnkey Fantasy Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2

Looking to get your hands on the white label tournament platform for Dota-2 and want to quickly capture the market and the user base with high-end solutions quickly? Then GammaStack is the perfect pick. We are the masterminds behind several iGaming solutions and we deliver best-in-class fantasy esports tournament platforms that come with a plethora of features that render outstanding gaming experience to your users.

Major Features of Our White Label Fantasy Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2

Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2 - MATCHMAKING MODE

Quick Time to Market

Want to capture the market but don’t have time to wait for the development process? We deliver highly-functional and high-quality solutions in weeks’ time so that you can focus on other several aspects of your business.

Zero Revenue Share

GammaStack complies with zero revenue share policy. We aim to enable you to make the most of your investment. In addition to this, all our services and products come free from hidden charges.

Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2 - HERO PICKING MODE

Engaging User-interfaces

The solutions we deliver are not only highly user-friendly and intuitive but also engaging. We help you enhance the engagement of your users by delivering easy to navigate and gorgeous interfaces. 

Multiple Device Compatibility

Make your platform easy to use by allowing access via the console of your user’s choice. Our solutions are highly compatible with several devices and can be accessed easily without any hassle. 

Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2 UNRANKED MATCHMAKING MODE
Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2 PRIVATE LOBBY MODES

Reliable Third Party Providers

We only partner with trusted and reliable third-party solution providers to ensure top-notch security on the platforms that our teams deliver.

Feature-loaded Solutions

All the solutions come loaded with all the latest features and functionalities. Our solutions come with several built-in features and in addition to this, we provide you on-demand customization so that you can integrate all the features you require.

Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2 EVENT GAME MODES

Major DOTA-2 Series Covered By Us So Far

The International DOTA 2 Championship
ONE Esports Singapore Major
Dream League
ONE Esports Dota 2 Invitational
birmingham 2020
DOTA 2 Minor
DOTA 2 Championship
DOTS 2 Tug of War Mad Moon
We Play Bukovel Minor

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Major Features of Our White Label Fantasy Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2


Now fuel friendly competition on your platform and boost enthusiasm and player engagement with leaderboards.

Fantasy Sports Lobby

Our comprehensive dashboards or fantasy sports lobby come loaded with features that enable you to multitask without any hassle.

Crypto and Fiat Payment Integration

Now enable your users to store and access cryptocurrency via wallets and increase the security on your platform with our crypto and fiat payment integration.

Real-time Tournament Chats

Enable your users to communicate with each other and form strategies in real-time during tournaments and enhance engagement.

Fantasy Esports Community

Help your users network better and build a rich community of players on your platform by integrating features such as forums, groups, real-time chats, etc.

Year-Round Fantasy Tournaments

Our platforms support daily, weekly as well as season-long esports leagues so that you can keep your audience engaged for the whole year.

Diverse Region Support

The platform provided by us supports diverse regions such as Europe, Asia, Russia, Oceania, South East Asia, South Africa and many more.

Integrated and Manual Data Feeds

Our platforms come equipped with integrated as well as manual data feeds and our credible partners render high-quality data.

Referral Programs

Increase the number of users on your platform with the help of your existing users effectively by harnessing the power of referral programs.

Multiple Draft Types

Our platforms come equipped with several drafting types depending on the fantasy sport which can be further customized as per your business needs and requirements.

Seamless Tournament Management

Our platforms come equipped with several drafting types depending on the fantasy sport which can be further customized as per your business needs and requirements.

Live Experiences

With our wide range of streaming software integrations, enable your users to experience the action live. We provide integrations for Youtube Gaming, Twitch.TV, Hitbox.tv, Azubu and many more.

Multiple Game Modes

Our white label fantasy esports tournament platform supports multiple and diverse game modes such as matchmaking mode, hero picking mode, event game mode and many more.

Several Dota-2 Game Modes Our Turnkey Platforms Support

DOTA-2 Esports Betting Platform

Matchmaking Mode

The difference between players’ skills gets reduced due to the balancing of the teams. This is one of the basic modes. 

Event Game Mode

This mode can be accessed in league events as well as seasonal events only.

White Label Fantasy DOTA-2 Esports Software Solution
DOTA-2 Esports Mobile Application Development

Hero Picking Mode

Our white label fantasy esports tournament platform for Dota-2 supports both modes, which are Random and Daily bonus.

Unranked Matchmaking Mode

Regardless of ranks, all players can play these games.

All Pick: Players get the right to swap heroes with team-mates. 

Turbo Mode: This mode lessens the march time. 

Captain’s Draft: Captain of the team picks from 27 heroes. 

Single Draft: Players get three unique and random heroes assigned. 

All Random: Players are allotted random heroes automatically. 

Limited Heroes: Players get restricted and can pick from only 20 heroes.  

Ability Draft: Players are given only 5 seconds to pick abilities for the random heroes that get assigned. 

Solo Mid: All the action happens in the middle lane where one player competes with another. 

All Random DeathMatch: After respawning, players get random heroes allotted.  

Custom DOTA-2 Esports Software Development
DOTA-2 Esports Tournament Management Software (Offline & Online)

Private Lobby Mode

These modes are available in a private lobby mode.

Mid Only: This mode is similar to Solo Mid but also comes with few restrictions. 

Reverse Draft: Captains of one team pick heroes for another team.

Ranked Matchmaking Mode

Players with high MMR ratings and badge level 12 can unlock this game mode

  • Random Draft: One by one, players choose from the pool of 50 heroes within 20 seconds. 
  • Captains Mode: Captains get the opportunity to ban heroes and pick heroes for their own team. 
  • Ranked All Pick: Players can choose from all the heroes.
White Label Fantasy DOTA-2 Esports Software Solution

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Some More Features of Our White label Fantasy Esports Tournament Platform For Dota-2

Back office and Comprehensive Dashboards

Fantasy Ad Modules

Privacy and Personalization

Achievement Badges

Hockey Betting Software - Multilingual Platform

Multi-lingual Support

Social Engagement Module - Fantasy Sports Software

Social Media Integration

Esports League Engine

Diverse Tournament Structures

Fantasy Baseball Software - Mobile Responsive

Esports Tournament Mobile Apps

Adaptive and Responsive Design - Online Lottery Software Development

Ticketing Services for Offline Organizers

Reliable Third-party Integrations

Responsive Websites for Esports Tournaments

Other Series Our Platform Covers

How We Deliver First-rate Solutions

fantasy sports software Ethiopia Analytical Tools

1. Idea Assessment

This is where our teams get in touch with you and discuss your ideas and address your concerns.

White Label Rugby Betting Software Development Testing

2. Exhaustive Research & Planning

After concluding the idea assessment phase, our teams move to the research and planning phase where we conduct detailed and thorough research to come up with solutions most suited for your business needs.

Design and Development

3. Design and Development

After the research process is completed, our team of designers starts with the customization of the solution and developers integrate all the features desired by you.

Dedicated and Experienced QA Team

4. QA Testing

Once all the customizations and integrations have been made, our team of QA engineers take over the process and test the solutions thoroughly to ensure it’s bug and glitch-free.

Interaction with Users

5. Go Live!

Once all the teams are done with their part and you are 100% satisfied with the provided platform, we prepare for the launch.

100% Customizations
Highly skilled Professionals

Why Choose GammaStack

Cost-effective solutions
On-demand integrations

GammaStack aims to deliver the best-in-industry white label fantasy esports tournament platform for Dota -2. Our team of seasoned professionals with hands-on experience in iGaming technology delivers highly-functional and feature-rich solutions that empower business. With 8+ years of experience in the industry and rich history of successful deliveries, GammaStack becomes an ideal pick for all your white label fantasy esports tournament needs.

Awards and mentions

Silicon India Company of the Year
Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
Rising Star 2019 Award
Premium Usability 2019 Award


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Florida State Golf Association INC
All India Gaming Federation

Data Partners

Stats Api Integration
Betradar API Integration
Goal Serve API Integration
Exe Feed API Integration
Fantasy Data API Integration
Sportradar API Integration
LSports API Integration

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