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Types of raffles contests and ideas

Types of raffles contests and ideas


Raffles contests are fun, entertaining and an engaging way of raising funds for your events and causes. Raffles not only add excitement to your events but also ensure your participants can have fun while you raise money.

Schools, churches, charitable organizations often host raffle contests to raise money for various causes. Raffle tickets are sold to the participants and the draws are made randomly. At the end, the participant holding the winning raffle ticket wins attractive prizes.

Hosting a raffle fundraiser is easy. But hosting a successful charity raffle contest is a bit of a challenge, especially if you are new to fundraising. Hence, to help you succeed in the first go, we have compiled a complete list of the types of raffle contests and charity raffle ideas to keep your customers hooked.
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Types of Raffles Contests

Below are the various raffles that you can choose from to make your event more successful.
  • Single-Prize Raffle If the prize is something highly valuable, organizers can expect enhanced participation rates. These types of raffle contests offer tempting prizes such as a car, a paid vacation, a bike etc. The valuable prizes for this type of raffle event are often provided by local businesses. And in exchange, they get the publicity. If the prize is invaluable or inexpensive, ticket prices are slashed down.
  • Multiple Prize Raffle As the name suggests, these contests offer various theme prizes such as clothing, trips, artworks, electronic equipment etc. Organizers usually sell various tickets for multiple prizes and participants pay the prize for a set of tickets, not knowing which ticket holds what. The tickets for such events are sold in advance or are sold on the day of contest.
  • Monetary Raffle If other businesses are not willing to sponsor your cause by providing you funds for prizes, you can always offer your winners prize money. The prize money that’s offered to the winners can be either determined in the very start or can depend on the sales of the tickets. This can be also determined by the percentage, which gives organizers more clarity for their fair share of profits. These might do the trick for participants looking for money, but if you are looking to appeal to a broader audience, this might not be enough to attract more participants. The reason? Participants are not sure how much money they are going to receive.
  • Calendar Raffle Calendar events are fun raffle events that run for weeks or months. The best part? These events provide prizes of the day! Prizes can include cash as well as gifts. The tickets of these events are sold in advance to ensure maximum participation. The organizations that can get a hold of inexpensive gifts, coupons, gifts, etc can consider calendar raffle.
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Profitable & Exciting Raffle Ideas for Fundraising

Below are some charity raffle ideas that will help you raise more funds while helping you elevate the engagement levels of your customers. If you are looking for fun yet thrilling raffle fundraiser ideas, read on.
  • Straight Up Raffle: Straight up raffle is one of the most common online raffle ideas every organizer knows about. The event consists of great prizes to attract as many customers as possible. All the organizer needs to do is decide on the ticket formats, place and date for drawing and recruit a team of sellers to sell tickets. Once everything is in place, organizers need to spread the word and create excitement about the event. One can either make use of online marketing or can use offline modes of marketing for promoting the event better.
  • 50/50 Raffle: One of the most popular raffle ideas online. The 50/50 raffle is all about cash-prizes, hence, organizers need not to worry about organizing bumper prizes. The concept is simple, 50% of the pot goes to the organization and the 50% is provided to the winner. But the key to success is to declare how much the winners can expect.
  • 100s Club: If you are looking to make your 50/50 more fancy, 100s club is the way to go. The winner still receives 50% of the total pot , but the tickets will be more expensive, and only 100 tickets will be available for sale. This not only makes it more desirable but also increases the chances of winning for the participants.


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How you can promote your raffle contest effectively

How you can promote your raffle contest effectively

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  • Reverse Raffle: Reverse raffle makes the event more thrilling and enjoyable. The exciting raffle idea is more suited for raffle events with a limited number of tickets, like the 100s club. The concept is simple. The tickets that are drawn, get eliminated, until the last ticket stands. The last remaining ticket takes away the prize. The best part? People that get eliminated can buy their way back to the contest by paying double and even triple prize. This translates to more earnings for the organizers.
  • Guess the Amount Raffles: Another excellent raffle idea to amp up the thrill. The concept of this raffle contest is simple. You ask your customers to guess the amount for a fee and the person who gets to the closest number wins. For example, you can fill up a small pool with balls and ask your customers to guess the number of balls.
  • Pin on Map: Simple concept yet effective to boost engagement and thrill. Things you’ll need — a map and a few pins. Participants are required to buy the pins that contain numbers and pin them on the map where, according to them, the treasure is hidden. The one who places the pins at the nearest location wins the prize.
  • Helicopter Drop: This charity raffle idea is quite expensive, but totally worth it if you are looking to create one of a kind experience for your customers. What you’ll require? A large field and a helicopter! The participants will be required to guess where the helicopter will drop the prize. Once they’ve guessed, they’ll buy that piece of field. In order to enhance the engagement, you can ask the pilot to circle the field before dropping the prize.
  • Wine Pull Raffle: This raffle idea gives everyone a chance to win. No one goes empty handed. As the name suggests, participants are required to pull a bottle of wine. These bottles can be extremely expensive or extremely cheap, but they always have the opportunity of getting a high-quality expensive wine bottle.
  • Chinese Auction: The Chinese auction is one of the popular online raffle ideas that’s a combo of raffle and a silent auction. The participants purchase tickets for a certain price and then, these tickets are used to bid on various items. The bids are usually placed next to the item or in a bowl. At the end, the tickets are drawn and the ticket owner wins the prize.

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  • The Golf Ball Drop: As the name implies, this raffle fundraiser idea revolves around golf balls. The participants are required to buy numbered golf balls. The balls are dropped from a helicopter or any other means. The golf ball that makes it to the hole, the purchaser of the ball becomes the winner.
  • Jar Reveal The key in this charity raffle idea is to sell as many mason jars as possible. Get creative and make them attractive. You can use spray paint, wrapping paper, anything to make them eye-catching. Every mason jar will contain a piece of paper. The jar containing the chit saying “Congratulations, you’ve won!” will decide the winner. The best part about this raffle is that it allows you to get creative, people also get smaller prizes and everyone walks home with a mason jar.
  • Champagne & Diamonds The participants of this raffle are required to purchase a glass of champagne for $100. Each glass will contain a pouch and one pouch will hold a real diamond. After the guests have finished their champagne, they’ll move towards a gemologist to test the diamond in their pouch. The lucky winner will have the real diamond.


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