The Concept of Mobile and Laptop Sports Betting

Concept of Mobile and Laptop Sports Betting

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Sports betting has always been on the rage since the early ’90s in the USA, but some laws suppressed betting. These laws we not only restricted to the USA but Britain people too remained under certain restrictions to lower down criminal activities and certain mafias. The poker card game was the most popular game in the USA in the early 17th century. But as we evolved with the time, these laws were softened and lifted in different areas of the world to enable hassle-free betting.

Ever since betting has evolved punters have not only found new games or sport to place bets but they have also changed the way betting was used to do before. If we compare to the good old days when there were fewer rules with fewer games betting was easier and was a way to pass the time for people. But looking to the current scenario, betting is huge, the industry is huge and for people or gamblers today, it’s more than just a fun game. Some people have taken it as a profession and they completely survive on it while another man including bookies, agents have been involved to make it easier for the punters to gamble online.

Online sports betting offers different new features, multiple bonuses and much more and so are the drawbacks of online gambling. That is why it is recommended for experienced professionals to gamble only on authentic sports betting websites.
Not just from the point of view of security, but it is quite a tedious task for gamblers to place bets online. Thanks to technology and cheap data rates, today, we can learn almost and anything from the internet.

Sports Betting on Laptop

People have used PCs and desktops for many activities for a decade now and gambling can’t be left in corners. Gambling on laptops made it easier for the punters to place bets quickly and easily just from the comfort of their homes. Now they don’t have to stand in a queue or go to the stadium to see the live match. With multiple video streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube, users can directly watch a live match happening anywhere in the world and place bets on their computers. With wide screens, laptops and desktops have given punters more and more information from a single place.

Pros and Cons of Sports Betting on Laptop

Pros of Sports Betting on a Desktop

  • Comfortable and hassle-free
    Betting on a laptop is convenient and hassle-free as bettors can place bets within the comfort of their homes. With easy-to-use technology, laptops can be used from anywhere they want to. Punters can comfortably place bets ensuring a smooth and excellent user experience.

  • Wide Screen
    The biggest advantage of betting on laptops is the widescreen that comes with them. Laptops have made it easier for gamblers to navigate from one page to another and evaluating the types of wagers simultaneously on another screen enabling them to make precise decisions.

  • Faster Internet connection
    Well, undoubtedly, laptops render faster internet connection than mobiles which makes it easier for punters to place bets. Users can access the latest information easily on their laptops. Laptops are built strong and able to handle more and more pressure when it comes to gambling.

Cons of Sports Betting on Laptop

  • Inconvenient
    Well, this is the only disadvantage we can see when it comes to gambling on laptops and that is it can not be taken everywhere for placing bets. Laptops aren’t easily accessible or can’t be taken anywhere to place bets. Unlike mobile phones, users can’t place bets while they are travelling or sitting in a stadium.

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Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile sports betting has increased ever since mobile phones have become accessible to gamblers around the globe. With a lower rate of transactions, faster payments, and quick interface mobile phones are ruling the world. The era of mobile sports betting is raging the heat among the punters so that they can place bets seamlessly.

The future of sports betting on a mobile phone is vast and we can not overlook the recent stats that of betting mobile users. The mobile game’s revenue is on track to surpass the 100 billion dollar mark by 2023. Unsurprisingly, this mobile revolution is also significantly transforming the gaming landscape in the United States, one of the largest video game markets worldwide.

Why Mobile Betting Popularity Increased

Mobile online betting has seen rapid growth in recent years with the adoption of smartphones. Today a lot of people own smartphones and a huge part of this population has access to the internet thus allowing them a lot of online opportunities. With cheaper internet rates and lots of fun and entertainment activities, people are learning new ways of entertaining themselves.

With the awful experience gamblers were facing with their laptops and their desktops, mobile betting has increased with time. The growing popularity of mobile users has resulted in more and more apps as bookmakers are creating more and more betting applications for the punters to place bets on their sports betting applications. There are a plethora of sports betting mobile apps available in the market enabling punters to place their favourite types of bets on multiple platforms.

USSD Sports Betting

When we talk about mobile betting, USSD sports betting is something that is available for punters who have the least internet facility or speed issues. African markets have exposure to USSD sports betting where gamblers can place bets by just dialling a certain number to the operator. Bookmakers can easily develop their own betting system as there are 3rd party SMS and USSD operators. USSD sports betting is easily available and made accessible to the players as there are payment gateways including airtel.

Pros and Cons of Mobile Betting


  • Convenient
    It is much easier to carry mobile and thus betting can be done from anywhere. Gamblers can place bets just by taking their mobile phones out of their bags or pockets which makes them feasible for betting in-play betting. With the betting fast-growing technology, it is easy for betting businesses to learn the users’ behaviour while placing bets thus they are bringing features to curate the best betting options and sports data for them.

  • Easier Payments
    Payments are done hassle-free with the use of mobile phones. Users can make payments via different payment methods that are available on their sports betting apps. With various payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, eWallets, and even cryptocurrencies that are made available to the mobile bettors to make betting easier. It is secure and easy thus enabling punters to place bets conveniently.

  • In-play Betting
    Mobile phones provide easily accessible to in-play betting wherein users can place bets while watching the live match and events from anywhere in the world. Researchers suggest that mobile players are more likely to spend money and place bets in comparison to PC bettors as they find the process more reliable and easy.

  • Up-to-date
    In today’s world, it is very important to remain up to date, especially when betting on any particular event. And this can only be possible with the help of mobile phones. Since they are easily accessible from anywhere punters can easily fetch any information within seconds. They can easily check all the details from their mobile phones and can place bets simultaneously on their mobile betting apps.


  • Addiction
    With ease comes discomfort too. Gamblers can become addicted to betting as mobile is easily accessible to them. Gambling can lead to a situation of bankruptcy if not controlled or taken care of at the right time.

Top 5 Sports Betting Mobile Apps

Here are the top 5 Sports Betting Apps trending among punters:
  • Bet 365
  • William Hill
  • Betway
  • 22 Bet
  • BetOnline


The bottom line is that using a mobile or a desktop computer has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is completely dependent on the choice of users what they want to do. Where gamblers can get a big screen to make quick decisions on laptops, using public wifi to place bets online on mobile phones can be risky. Although, operators and bookmakers are taking every possible precaution to keep punters and their money safe it is recommended that gamblers should not use public wifi.

In conclusion, you may find it easier to bet online with a computer but nobody can deny the fact that the future of betting is in the hands of mobile phones or smartphones which creates a favourable environment for the punters for betting.

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