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Parimutuel Betting Software Development

Parimutuel Betting Software Development

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Most Elite Parimutuel Betting Solutions

GammaStack is the top sports betting software development company which develops state-of-the-art parimutuel betting software using the latest cutting edge technology. We have the most experienced and proficient team of developers that aids businesses with the developmental of futuristic and ultra-modern iGaming solutions. With the most reliable and trustworthy third party software integrations, GammaStack delivers pari-mutuel betting software and applications to the clients across the globe helping them in leveraging their business.
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Benefits Added To Our Pari-mutuel Betting Software


100% Custom Betting Solutions

Get the complete sports betting solution solutions based on your business requirements, themes and much more.


Own Your IP (Intellectual Property)

Grab the complete ownership of the parimutuel betting solutions developed by us for full IP control.


High-Risk Management System

Our pari-mutuel betting software comes with a high-risk management system that includes risk analysis tools for players and events analysis.


Reliable Third-party Providers

From the most reliable and top third party providers, get the best features and systems added to your betting solutions such as anti-risk keys, payment gateways, etc.


Quality Assurance & Testing

With GammaStack, get the benefit of quality testing your software and ensuring its quality parameters everytime for best deliveries.


Smart Contracts

We cover all your standardisation, security, transparency, and authenticity of the parimutuel betting software using the smart contract benefits.


Trending Cryptocurrency Support

Bitcoin, Polygon, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, and many more cryptocurrencies can be integrated into the pari-mutuel betting solution.


Best Bespoke Software Designs

GammaStack offers parimutuel betting platforms that consists of custom and bespoke designs to make it look unique and personalised.

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Our Top-Running Pari-mutuel Betting Software Templates

Sports betting software

Sports Betting software

Sports betting software

Custom Sports Betting software

Sports betting software

White Label Sports Betting software

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Key Features Our Parimutuel Betting Solutions Hold

Odds Systems
The parimutuel betting platform developed by us comes with odds management tools to aid users manage odds in a streamlined way.
Admin Support & Dashboard
A separate admin dashboard enables admin to administrate the overall solution from a single panel.
Retail Betting Tool
Pari-mutuel betting software by GammaStack eases for you the retail betting to run your retail business smoothly.
Remove all your existing and potential risks with a risk management software that comes equipped with our pari-mutuel software.
Major Cryptocurrencies Support
Our pari-mutuel sports betting software solution supports fiat currencies, and even cryptocurrency including bitcoin.
Customer Support
We ensure that users didn’t face any issue while placing bets thus we are available 24*7 hours at users’ services.
Multiple Bet Styles
Our pari-mutuel betting software supports other betting types including handicap and much
Multiple Betting Markets
Attract a global audience with diverse markets to bet on supported by our sports betting system software.
Enable users to withdraw and manage their cash seamlessly during events or matches with a cash-out benefit.
Multiple Payment Methods
Provide users with multiple payment options by integrating different payment gateways in your pari-mutuel betting software.
Multi-lingual Sports Betting Software
Entice huge sports betting audiences with a betting software that allows users to place bets in multiple languages.
Easy Tracking System
To offer punters a detailed report of statistics and plays, we offer easy tracking technology and anti-risk features as well.

Let’s Learn About Different Bet Types

Traditional Bets

Traditional Betting

Prevalent among novice players widely, traditional betting comes with single, double, triple, or multiple bets placed at a time for easy wins.

In-Game Settings


With parlays, place two bets that expect different outcomes so that your wins are never major losses but yet challenging.



The head-to-head or H2H bet style is where punters can either win or lose, and there’s no other way to get this bet.



Offer punters the handicap style which gives tricky situations and bluffs in between, especially to strong players, for more fun betting.



This uses a specific number on a threshold, and allows punters to bet on probability of either over or under the selected numbers to win.

Easy Way

Each Way

Especially crafted for beginners, the each way style uses two bets namely a win bet and set bet, which is less likely to put punters in loss.

Game Logic Development

Pool Betting

Also known as parimutuel betting style, the pool betting puts similar bets of punters in a pool, and divides outcomes likewise.

Process We Follow For Parimutuel Betting Software Development

Understanding Needs
Developmental Planning
Need Understanding
Developmental Planning
Wireframing & Sketching
Wireframing & Sketching
Front-End Development
Front-End Development
Back-End Creation
Back-End Creation
Third-Party Configurations
Third-Party Configurations
QA  & Verification
QA & Verification
Post-Launch Support
Post-Launch Support
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Seasoned Team of Professionals
Custom Sports Betting Solutions
High-risk Management System
On-Demand Hiring Services
Wide Technologies Offered

GammaStack is the leading pari-mutuel betting software development company which has helped global businesses and gaming operators with the best-of-all betting solutions. With a strong stand in the industry for more than 8 years now, GammaStack never leaves a chance to prove its excellent in development, post-development support, on-demand hiring facilities, marketing assistance, and whatnot! So, grab the complete kit of parimutuel betting software development from GammaStack today!

FAQs - Parimutuel Betting Software Development

1. What is a parimutuel betting software?

Parimutuel betting software is a solution which offers markets where you do not bet against the bookie, but against other punters in the field placing bets on same event. This type of betting, then, shares the winnings amongst all punters that have shared their bets in the pool.

2. How can I get a parimutuel betting solution from GammaStack?

Just drop a message to us via chatbot, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, call, or any other possible network and our experts will get back to you for full-flash developmental assistance.

3. What benefits do I get from GammaStack in development?

Superb customisations, safe & secured solutions, third-party integration ease, and many more are benefits associated with the parimutuel betting software development from GammaStack.

4. Is it safe to get the developer on hire from GammaStack?

Yes, GammaStack offers a completely transparent on-demand hiring process to keep the hiring facility secured and safe.

5. How much budget is needed for a parimutuel betting software development?

The budgetary factors are always dependent on what you need. For instance, if you look for a custom betting software, it would be more budgetary than a ready-to-launch solution.

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