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How Casino Software Operators Can Leverage Social Casinos To Drive Success

How Casino Software Operators Can Leverage Social Casinos To Drive Success
Social casinos have become one of the most talked about topics around the web as well as several gambling conventions. And why not? Afterall, these have presented several opportunities for operators around the globe to multiply their revenue seamlessly while enhancing customer engagement.

Social casinos have become a swiftly growing and fascinating phenomenon around the blog that make use of traditional online casino games and facilitate the excitement as well as the thrill of social interactions.

As social casinos continue to grow and gain more and more popularity, they also accomplish three goals for operators. They provide branding opportunities, they work as marketing channels and they also collect valuable data.

But how?

Let’s start from the start. Let’s take a deeper look at social casinos and how you can harness them to give a boost to your business.
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What Are Social Casinos?

Social casinos offer free to play or “freemium” games that can be easily found on several social platforms. Real money social casino games are a myth. These games DO NOT require any money. They are free to play and players can experience the thrill of gambling without losing or gaining any real-world money.

Do social casinos make money? Yes, they do make a little money. Since most games are freemium games, they facilitate micro-transactions. This means, players can make in-app purchases for chips, spins, etc to enhance their game play or can pay to access next levels of the game. These in-app purchases of casino elements do not hold any value outside the social casino.

Some of the most popular games of social casinos include card games and slots. It is estimated that card games alone contribute over $150 Million to the overall social casino revenue. For mobile users, slots remain one of the most preferred games that generates 20% of the mobile social casino revenue.

Social Casino Games VS Real-money Online Casino Games

Social Casino Games VS Real-money Online Casino Games
The games offered by real-money casinos and social casinos are almost the same. The genres are the same, the game type is same. But there are a few key differences between the two.
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Involvement of Money

Unlike the real-money online casino games, social casino games DO NOT involve any real-money. Everything a player can buy while playing the freemium games does not hold any value in the real world. Players can win or lose without financial gain or loss.

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Social casinos are designed to enhance the player’s experience. This can also mean usage of certain elements and strategies that are not found in real-money casinos.

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The purpose of social casino is to offer thrill, excitement and engagement. These games operate on a completely different set of algorithms that do not always guarantee fair results but do guarantee social interactions and achievements. Only fun and excitement matter.

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Social Aspect

It’s all about social interactions and excitement. No wonder, these social casino games are found on social media platforms that often have strict rules for gambling content. The social aspect is achieved by allowing players to share their achievements with their friends online and invite them onboard.


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Social Casino Games: Player Stats

Social Casino Games: Player Stats
Undoubtedly, social casinos are popular. According to the last estimate recorded, there were over 170 Million active gamers around the globe that took part in social casinos. And on any given day, more than a Million people access social casinos for fun and entertainment.

Though social casino games are enjoyed by all sorts of people belonging to different age groups, social casinos have a vast female following. It’s played by mostly middle class and middle aged women and they are 1/3 of the gamers. It’s also observed that women play more and make more in-app purchases.

Also, most of the gamers belong to the age group of 35 to 54. Last year, most males that participated in social casinos were under the age bracket of 45.

Social casinos are also enjoyed by the young population. Since youngsters make use of social networks on a frequent basis, they also tend to play these games for excitement and thrill.

Rising Popularity of Social Casino Games

Rising Popularity of Social Casino Games
There are a few factors that have accelerated the popularity of social casinos. Not only among casual gamers that seek thrill but also among gamblers that seek money and profits. Following are some of the factors:


One of the reasons why people love playing is they love seeing their name on the leaderboards and if they can’t make it there, they love striving for it. In addition to this, they also love sharing their achievements with their friends and connections, which results in a desire to play more social casino games.

Practice Sessions

Several players treat social casinos as practice gambling sessions. They use social casinos to prepare for real-money gambling. These are considered training grounds before they enter the real online casino.


Social casino games can be accessed by laptop, desktop or phone. Also, since money is not involved, everyone can take part in it. No wonder, it caters to the needs of gamblers of diverse age groups.


Social casinos are promoted by real-money casinos in the hope of monetization. People who gamble for fun can also gamble for money. Social casinos are used to place ads for real-money casinos and when the user clicks on them, he/she is taken to that particular online casino.

Escape from Gambling

Just like smokers use e-cigarettes to overcome smoking, gamblers addicted to real-money online casino games use social casinos to experience the thrill without any risk of losing their hard-earned money. As per the statistics, almost 10% of people have confessed that social casinos have enabled them to overcome their gambling addiction.

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How Casino Software Operators Are Leveraging Social Casinos

The popularity of social casinos is increasing. Everybody loves to play and everybody finds them entertaining. And observing the latest trends, online casino platform operators have also started to leverage them for the success of their own online casino platform.

Online casino software operators have started to merge, integrate, partner or even purchase social casinos. Why? Because social casinos are great for marketing.

Social casinos are visited by over 200 million users. This means if you advertise on social casinos, your brand awareness and recognition increases drastically as compared to other advertising mediums on the web.

Also, needless to say, this is a huge number of players showing interest in gambling. These are potential customers who can convert their interest of casual gaming to real-money gambling.

Hence, often social casinos come with advertisements that are gambling-related. Like we discussed before, social casinos can help overcome gambling addiction, but they can also act as a gateway between no-money and real-money casinos.

Also, social casinos facilitate micro-transactions. People spend money anyway without any financial gain. But in gambling, when a gambler spends money, there are certain chances of financial gains. Hence, people who spend on social casinos have a higher chance of spending money on real-money casinos.

Lastly, social casinos are a gold mine of data. They provide critical insights on gamers, their habits, their preferences and more. This also allows real-money casinos to make data-driven decisions on their loyalty bonuses, crossover games and responsible gaming.
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How GammaStack can Help Operators Drive Success

GammaStack is a well-known and prestigious iGaming software provider that’s known for its cutting edge online casino software, mini-casino software as well as provably fair games.

The software solutions we provide come with all the essential tools and advanced features that not only allow online casino platform operators to engage their customers but also empower them to do more. The tools incorporated help casino owners simplify and streamline management seamlessly while accelerating success.

Our offerings also include provably fair games such as Mines, Crash, Aviator, Mini-roulette, Moon, Dice, Mini-blackjack, Plinko, Hi Lo, Coin Flip and many more.

Apart from our game development and software development services, we also offer post launch services that include marketing assistance, maintenance services, updates installations and customer support.
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Do you offer ready to launch games and casino software solutions?

Yes, we specialise in providing white label and turnkey online casino software solutions that help you launch your business quickly.

Can you help me develop my unique ideas for my casino business and games?

Yes, with our custom development services, you can develop your unique ideas into a highly innovative software solution.

What provably fair games do you provide?

We offer Moon, Crash, Mines, Aviator, Plinko, Dice, Hi Lo, Coin Flip and many more.

Do you offer marketing assistance after the launch of the online casino or mini-casino?

Yes, we offer marketing assistance to ensure the success of our customers.

How can I use a social casino for the success of my online casino?

Online casino software operators can partner up with or integrate social casinos to target potential customers. They can also leverage social casinos to advertise to enhance their online presence, brand awareness and recognition.