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Horse Racing Software

Horse Racing Software Development Company in Finland

Fulfill your dream of becoming a renowned online horse racing betting provider with the help of an eminent horse racing software development company in Finland.

    Best Horse Racing Software Development Company in Finland

    GammaStack has more than 8 years of experience in the iGaming industry which makes us an ideal choice for top-notch horse racing software. Our crew is filled with the requisite developers who are ready to dazzle you with their hard work and dedication. We take pride in designing A-1 horse racing software enriched with trailblazing features which will provide a memorable gaming experience to your players. With the help of our indispensable technologies, we develop best-in-industry software which will give a boost to your online betting career.

    Additional Benefits of Horse Racing Software Development Company in Finland

    Zero or No Revenue Share

    We build cost-effective horse racing betting applications enabling a hassle-free betting experience. Our developers leave no stone unturned in delivering you cost-effective yet highly competitive betting applications.

    Personalized Software

    Get your dreamed product with the help of GammaStack, we provide an option of personalization to our clients so that they can receive a unique and creative product that will help you to grow in the iGaming industry.

    Risk Management Tools

    We adhere to the fact that providing safe and secure gambling is a major aspect thus our software is enriched with risk management tools that alert the gambler/punter about its betting limits.

    Quick Market Entry

    Our seasoned team of experienced professionals ensures that your software is launched in the market in no time. They follow agile development methodologies to deliver your horse racing platform on time.

    Cross-Browser Compatibility

    To provide a non-stop gambling experience to the players our software is compatible with other devices such as mobile phones, thus your players can experience the thrill of horse racing betting at any time and from anywhere.

    Call Center Solution

    With the assistance of GammaStack, you can even provide call center solutions to your players. It will enable them to place their bets via phone calls and will also help in reducing miscommunications.


    Horse Betting Industry in Finland

    Horse racing in Finland corresponds to what one can see in the Scandinavian region. The craze and love towards harness race (trotting) are far more than any other type of race. There are numerous racecourses available in the province of Finland where one can experience legal horse racing betting. The online gambling market is what distinguishes it from its neighboring countries. With a population of just 5.4 million people, the online gambling market in Finland generates a revenue of over 2 billion euros every year. Finland has also produced some of the best jockeys and horses for the horseracing industry displaying their passion for this eminent sport.


    Types of Horse Racing Our Horse Racing Software Supports

    Flat Races

    Flat races are the most popular races in horse racing where the races are held on a plane platform and the ultimate aim is to finish first.

    Steeplechase Races

    To increase the thrill and excitement the track is filled with a number of hurdles that the horse has to overcome.

    Harness Race

    The most popular race in Finland where the jockey is seated on a sulky and the horse has to drag the sulky and finish first.

    Endurance Race

    These races are held for almost 3 consecutive days and cannot be witnessed from the stadium. Thus the prediction of this race is quite difficult.

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    Types of Bets in Horse Racing Betting

    To provide an unforgettable gambling experience to the players our horse racing software provides several betting options to your players with the help of which they can enjoy horse racing betting at its best level. Some of the commonly used bets in horse racing are:

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    Horse Racing Handicapping Software

    With the help of GammaStack’s horse racing handicapping software, your players will receive a fair chance to compete with advanced gamblers. Our software provides the correct odds and statistics of the previous races to your players which will help them to place their bets correctly. Our crew of Connoisseurs is updated with pioneering technologies with the help of which we produce marvelous horse racing handicapping software. We are aware of the latest trends and requirements of the gambling industry and work 24/7 to meet the requirements of gamblers all over the world.

    Features of Our Horse Racing Software in Finland

    Detailed Admin Dashboard

    With the help of our comprehensive admin dashboard, the admin will be able to manage multiple jockeys, horses, and much more.

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    We can integrate a number of payment gateways that enable users to make payments with their preferred payment gateway.

    Odds Management Tool

    To provide the best odds to your players our software is equipped with odds management tools.

    Covers multiple Horse Races Covered

    Different horse races are covered in our horse betting platform to enable users to place bets accordingly.

    Risk Management For Horse Betting

    To enjoy betting seamlessly, high-risk management is ensured by our high-quality horse racing software.

    Advanced Analytics

    With the help of this exciting feature, your players will be able to place accurate bets while using your software.

    Different Types of Betting

    We provide a number of betting options to your players so that they can enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush generated by this astonishing game.

    API Integration

    With the help of our API Integration, your player will be able to receive multiple sports data and odds which will increase the chances of fair competition for your players.

    On-time Betting

    This feature allows users to track all the previous bets placed, compare bets on a day-to-day basis in real-time.

    Manual Event Creation

    Gamblers will be able to create their manual event with their rules and invite their friends to place bets.

    Manual Event Creation

    Horse Racing Live Streaming Multiple horse races are streamed live on our platform so that your players will not miss a chance to enjoy the enthralling race organized in different parts of the world.

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    Information Management Tools Our software is enriched and updated with the latest information related to racing, jockey’s, bets, and much more.

    Horse Racing Users’ Account management

    With the help of this feature, your players will be able to sign-in from anywhere in the world and without any problem.

    Need More Features?

    Horse Racing Mobile Application Development in Finland

    With the advancement in technologies providing a platform that is available 24/7 available for your players is a major aspect and with the assistance of GammaStack, you can provide a feature-loaded mobile application to your players. We design world-class mobile applications that will amplify the gaming experience to your players. Our mobile application developer will construct apps that will enable you to make amendments that you believe can attract a number of gamblers to your platform and will stick them to their screens.

    Popular Horse Racing Tracks We Support

    USA horse racing tracks

    USA horse racing tracks

    uk horse racing tracks

    uk horse racing tracks

    UAE horse racing tracks

    UAE horse racing tracks

    Australia horse racing tracks

    Australia horse racing tracks

    japan horse racing tracks

    japan horse racing tracks

    France horse racing tracks

    France horse racing tracks

    and many more

    and many more

    Highlights of Our Horse Racing Betting Software

    Horse racing Software Development Process

    Gammastack Brainstorming


    Requirement Gathering

    White Label Rugby Betting Software Development Testing


    Project Planning

    Gammastack Project Planning


    Task Allocation

    Fantasy Sports Software Testing USA


    Software Designing

    White Label Rugby Betting Software Brand-Specific Designing


    Development Process

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    Third-Party Integrations

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    On-demand Customizations

    Gammastack Eye-Catchy and Brand-Specific UI


    Software Testing

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    Marketing Support

    Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications


    Sports Betting Software Launching

    Need Customizations?

    Comprehensive Solutions
    Robust & Scalable Betting Platform

    Why GammaStack?

    24/7 Backend Support
    Specialized Mathematicians

    GammaStack is a leading horse racing software development company in Finland. With the assistance of GammaStack, you can scale your business growth in the iGaming industry with top-notch horse racing software designed using cutting-edge technologies. Our next-generations horse racing betting software is the perfect solution for all your business needs. Over the years we have equipped numerous businesses around the globe with our cutting-edge solutions and have helped them to grow in the iGaming industry.

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