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Horse Racing Betting

Horse Racing Betting System

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Top-rated Horse Racing Betting Systems

Is your business looking to develop a horse racing betting system which comes with the loaded latest trends and features? GammaStack, then, is the first choice for you as it offers the best solutions for horse racing with all racing track details, horse details, and much more in real time to make the bets more fun and exciting for your punters. We take care of the best development support so that our horse racing betting systems provide all business and user experiences productively.

Benefits Of Our Horse Racing Betting Systems


Platform Security

We get you the horse racing betting system with the best security and risk management added for a safer experience.


Anytime Customer Support

Worry no more when you’re stuck in a query! GammaStack has got the benefit of 24*7 support for its clients and users.


Odds Control

Be it fractional, decimal, or money line odds; our horse racing betting system gets you the best odds control and modification for cross-border utility.


On-Time Analytics

When it comes to horse racing betting, real time analysis of matches and events is very critical, and hence we add it as a benefit.


Modern Interface

Engage more punters with the effective and crispy UI/UX designs added to the horse racing betting systems offered.


Quick Registration

Let your punters wait no long and go through less processes while registering their accounts in the horse racing betting system for quick use.



Scale up your horse racing betting systems across the borders as we provide multilingual advantage to allow punters to use the software in any language.


Multicurrency System

GammaStack is the top provider of horse racing betting systems which comes with multiple currency systems added for quick and easy international payments.


Variety Of Tracks

What benefits our customers the most is the vivid range of horse racing tracks available and added to our developed horse racing betting systems for wider reach.

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Multiple Panel Support In Our Horse Racing Betting Systems

For effective user interface and engagement of betting, we get the best user panel that comprises of various features and tools like
Real-time Chat Support

24*7 Chat Support

Betting markets and bet types covered

Betting Guidelines

Design and Development


Fantasy Sports Integrated Wallet Management System

User Wallet

Wide Sports Selection

Sports & Markets Catalogue

Regular Notifications and Offers - White Label Rugby Betting Software

Bet Notifications

Retail/Bet shop Solution

Retail Bet Shop

Hockey Betting Software - Privacy and Personalization

Privacy & Security

Pool Betting Software - Multi-Lingual support

Lingual Options

For superb administration, get your hands on the most flexible and comprehensive administrative panel like
Easy to use CMS

Content Management (CMS)

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard


Live Data feed

Data Management System

Customer Support

Customer Support

Finance Management

Finance Management

Advance Risk Management

Risk Management

Creation and Deletion of Player’s Accounts

User Registration & Accounts

Speech Enabled Betting

Speech-Enabled Betting

The horse racing betting systems we develop comes with the great bookmaker panel support that contains
Pool Betting Software - Multiple bets

Bets Management

Sports Betting App Account Panel

Accounts Management

ServiceNow Development - Field Service Management

Player Management

Customer Support

Customer Support

Finance Management

Finance Settlements

Calendar and Schedule

Schedules & Calendars

Odds and Sports Data Integration

Odds Management

Security Assurance

Security & Controls

Horse Racing Betting Systems With The Finest Features

Risk Management
We have added the best features of security, safety, and risk management to our horse racing betting solutions for global accessibility.
Notifications System
Know about each and every detail, updates, news, and notifications on the horse racing betting platform with our notification feature.
Back Office Modules
For effective control, administration, and management; GammaStack gets you the betting system with all-round back office features.
Bookie Controls
As a bookie, controlling all activities in one place is difficult, as a resolution of which we have got you bookie controls in a single panel for seamlessness.
Multi-device Support
Bet on multiple events using our betting system that operates smoothly on any device like mobile, web, desktop, etc.
History & Records
Our horse racing betting system gives your punters a past performance history to enable their effective decision making on the bets.
Multi-bet Styles
Our horse racing betting systems are accompanied with all bet styles like show, place, win, across the board, trifecta, superfecta, and so on.
Deposit your money, transfer your wins, and place bets quickly using the multiple wallets like PayPal, Stripe, etc. added to the horse racing betting systems.
Betting Guides
Especially crafted for the beginners, our betting guides added to the horse racing betting systems explains and suggests all betting terminologies for logics.
Player Account Management (PAM)
We have got you a player account management or PAM that delivers one-stop allocation of all user information and account details for hassle-free management.
Payment Modules
We have added the best payment gateways, wallets, payment security tools, etc. in our n horse racing betting system to offer an easy finance procedure.
Track Surface Information
We inform you about every detail like the weather conditions, rainfall probability, wind speed, and many other details to make your bets accurate and analytical.
Wagering Calculator
We have got you a dutch betting and wagering calculator tool to help you calculate the returns at the
Get to know who’s leading and running at the top using the leaderboard feature we get in our horse racing betting systems.
Staffing Assistance
GammaStack also lets operators avail the on-demand hiring benefit to help businesses develop at self-service mode.
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Multiple Betting Types Supported In Horse Racing Betting Systems

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Our Horse Racing Betting System Development Process

Requirement Identification
Gathering Requirements
Ideation & Planning
Planning & Sketching
Resource Gathering
Resource Gathering
Front-End Development
Front-End Development
Back-End Development
Back-End Development
Custom Tool Integration
Custom Tool Integration
3rd Party Configurations
3rd Party Configurations
QA & Verification
QA & Verification
After-Execution Support
After-Execution Support
Marketing & Control
Marketing & Control
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Flexible Hiring Systems
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Quality & Agility
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GammaStack is the avant garde provider of unbeatable horse racing betting systems that gets you wider coverage of many national and international racing tracks, events, and leagues for a wider betting adventure. For more than 8 years now, we have been the leader in the industry as a result of our excellence in developing the betting solutions keeping the latest trends in mind. GammaStack is well known for its development support and customer services that makes your horse racing betting systems development easier and completely hassle-free. So, let’s get a betting solution developed for your business today with GammaStack.

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FAQs - Horse Racing Betting System

1. What does a horse racing betting system look like?

A horse racing betting system is just like the other online betting solutions and provides the list of international and national horse racing events to place bets on to make the wins out of it.

2. Can I customise a horse racing betting solution for my business?

Yes, with GammaStack, you can customise our horse race betting solutions as per your choices and wants.

3. How much time does it take to develop a betting solution?

The timespan usually depends on the type of horse racing betting systems required. A ready-to-launch may take less time than the customisable one, to give an example.

4. Can I administrate multiple user accounts and profiles at a time?

Yes, we integrate the best CRM and player account management systems to our horse racing betting systems for one-time and effective user management.

5. Is it possible to use the horse racing betting system on mobile devices?

Sure, GammaStack develops the horse race betting systems in a way that it can be accessed across multiple device types including mobile, laptop, desktop, etc.

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