Custom Esports Tournament Software for Counter Strike

Take your esports business to the new heights of success with our custom esports tournament software for Counter Strike: Game Offensive

    Custom-tailored Counter Strike Tournament Software

    Looking for custom tournament software development for esports? Get multi-functional counter strike tournament software with GammaStack to scale your esports business. We develop bespoke counter strike tournament software designs to entice a massive esports audience. Our custom-tailored designs are built scalable and robust so as to meet our clients requirements. We hold expertise in developing industry focussed software solutions and do on-demand customizations to ensure better gaming experience to all the esports enthusiasts out there. 

    Benefits of Our Counter Strike Tournament Management Software

    Our Counter Strike tournament management software supports multiple crucial game modes of Counter Strike tournament that possesses different specifications such as :-

    100% Custom Design and Feature Development

    We have experienced professionals who develop custom designs and features as per your business needs. We develop a myriad of features to entice the esports players and enhance the overall gaming experience.

    Quick Launch

    Our custom esports tournaments software are quick to market entry and can be launched easily. We have skilled developers and professionals who can build softwares within a few weeks as per your business requirements.

    Multiple Device Compatibility

    Our counter strike: game offensive tournament software is built with compatible designs so that it can support multiple devices such as mobile, tablets, PCs, and many other devices.

    Sophisticated and User-engaging Platforms

    Get the most sophisticated and user-engaging esports tournaments softwares with us. Give your users an enthralling gaming experience so that they never wanted to leave your site.

    Features of Our Custom Esports Tournament Software for Counter Strike: Game Offensive

    Tournament Creation

    Along with playing online tournaments, now your players can create their own tournaments with their set of rules and invite their friends to compete in tournaments. This feature allows your players to interact and play within their community.

    Diverse Geographies Supported

    Now get the players to play counter strike matches and tournaments to play with the players of different regions or within their regions. Our tournament software for counter strike supports diverse regions that include Europe, Asia, Russia, Oceania, South East Asia, South Africa and many more.

    Anti-cheat System

    Our esports software comes along with an anti-cheat system that can help track any fraudulent activity that is being carried out by players. Whether it’s about tracing the person behind illegal activities or directly blocking an IP that can cause trouble, our anti-cheat system works accordingly.

    Live Leaderboards

    We have comprehensive live leaderboards that include the highest ranks, number of matches played, victories and defeats of their esports players.

    Esports Result Tracker

    Whether it’s about integrating live results manually or automatically through AI bots, our esports results tracker gets you the most updated and recent scores.

    Loyalty Programs & Rewards

    Motivate your players with the rewards and loyalty programs so that the players always remain enthusiastic and play counter strike with a competitive feeling.

    Esports Game Lobby

    Our esports game lobby comes equipped with multiple filters that include game type, time frame, payout type, and many more filters for enhancement of the gameplay. Using this feature players can apply multiple filters from a single channel itself.

    An Array of Game Formats

    We integrate an array of game formats in our custom esports tournament software for counter strike. Game formats can range from elimination to round robin to brackets and h2h. We can even add any other game formats as per your business requirements.

    Counter Strike Progression Tracker

    We have an in-built counter strike progression tracker in our counter strike tournament software that tracks your players progress while he achieves another level of success. This feature helps understand their downfalls and helps them in improving their game strategies.

    Multiple Consoles

    We built tournament software for counter strike that can supports a plethora of consoles such as Xbox, playstations, joystick, and other devices to provide your players an ease of esports gaming,

    Streaming Softwares

    We integrate an array of live streaming software so that your players can watch live tournaments and matches that are being streamed. Live streaming softwares such as, Twitch TV, YouTube Gaming, and many other softwares can be integrated.

    CounterStrike API Integration

    Our esports tournament software for cs:go comes along with counter strike API integration that is required for user onboarding, customer stats, and other crucial information needed to play on the platform.

    Need More Features?

    Major Maps Provided in Counter Strike

    Dust2 - Counter-Strike Tournament Management Software

    Released in March 2001, it was designed with the aim of simplicity and balance. It is based on symmetrical designs and two points. The two teams fight over the control of symmetrical designs.

    Mirage - Counter-Strike Tournament Management Software

    Initial versions were designed with textures similar to Italy. Players have gunfights and grenades to take control of this area.

    Inferno - Counter-Strike Tournament Management Software

    There are two bombs planted in this mission. Nuclear contaminants barrels are added in the latest version of this map.

    Cache - Counter-Strike Tournament Management Software

    Players prevent terrorists from bombing the nuclear payloads on two trains by placing bombs to threaten the payloads.

    Upcoming Tournaments & Series of Counter Strike

    ESL One

    ESL One Rio 2020

    CS: GO Major Championship Spring 2021

    CS: GO Major Championship Spring 2021

    CIS Minor Championship

    CIS Minor Championship - Rio 2020

    Asia Minor Championship

    Asia Minor Championship - Rio 2020

    Europe Minor Championship

    Europe Minor Championship - Rio 2020

    Americas Minor Championship

    Americas Minor Championship - Rio 2020

    Advance Features of Our CS: GO Software

    An array of Esports Production Tools

    An array of Esports Production Tools

    Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications

    SEO-Friendly Website/Applications

    Comprehensive Dashboards

    Comprehensive Dashboards

    Robust Backend Support

    Robust Backend Support

    Calendar and Schedule

    Tournament Chats

    Social Media Sharing

    Social Media Sharing



    Reliable Third-party Integrations

    Reliable Third-party Integrations

    Other Esports Tournaments We Cover

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    How do We Work?

    Requirement Gathering

    We first understand the requirements from the clients and try to analyze how we are gonna work on the requirements.

    Product Design

    Oue tech professionals with the help of wire-frame build the design of the product using HTML and other advanced designing tools.

    Manual & Automated Testing

    Once the software development is complete, it is deployed in the testing environment. The testing team starts testing the functionality of the entire system. This is done to verify that the entire application works according to the customer requirement.


    Our creative designers work on the design of the website to give it a complete feel and look of the counter strike esports tournament software.

    Custom Development

    We then develop the website from scratch to make it as perfect as possible. Due to the agile process of development we keep an eye for every minute details.


    Custom Esports Tournament Software for Counter Strike - Google Docs

    Looking for something else?

    Reliable Third-party providers
    Ultra-modern tools and technologies

    Why is GammaStack

    Experienced Developers
    Fully Customized Counter Strike Tournament Software

    GammaStack is known for developing and delivering high-end esports software solutions. Our developers use cutting-edge technologies to build cost-effective and user-engaging esports platforms. Whether it’s about reliable third party integrations or in-demand customizations, we have got you all covered.

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