White Label Esports Tournament Platform For Call Of Duty

Reap maximum benefits from the most rapidly growing industry and render exciting gaming experience to your users with our white label esports tournament platform for Call of duty.

  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • 100% Customizations
  • On-demand Software Integrations
  • All Major Regions Supported

Best White Label Esports Tournament Platform For Call of Duty

Want to make the most out of the rapidly flourishing esports industry? Looking to capitalize on the market and expand your business effectively? Then GammaStack is the perfect pick. We at GammaStack provide top-notch white label esports tournament platform for Call of duty that comes enriched with all the latest functionalities and features that not only render splendid gaming experience to your users but also enable you to increase your user base.

Diverse Call Of Duty Tournaments

Call Of Duty Esports Tournaments Black Ops
  • Stage1
  • Anaheim Open
  • Stage2
  • Orlando Open
Call Of Duty Esports Tournaments Infinite Warfare
  • Las Vegas Open
  • London Invitational
  • Atlanta Open
  • Paris Open
Call Of Duty Esports Tournaments WWII
  • Dallas Open
  • New Orleans Open
  • Atlanta Open
  • Birmingham Open
Call Of Duty Esports Tournaments
  • Las Vegas
  • Fort Worth
  • London
  • Amateur Open
  • Anaheim

Perks of Our White Label Esports Tournament Platform

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Flawless Solutions

Every solution developed by us goes through rigorous testing. Our team of quality assurance engineers ensure that each and every function and stage of the platform is free from defects and bugs.

150+ Deployments

100% Customisations

Want to include features of your choice? Want to integrate software solutions you desire in your platform? We offer you complete freedom to add all the features you want to see on your platform.

Esports Tournament Software - Risk Management

Own your Intellectual Property

We at GammaStack also offer you the choice of owning your intellectual property, which means, you’ll have complete right of the source code, designs files, GitHub accounts, documentation, etc.

Cost-efficient Esports Software Solutions

Cost-effective Solutions

We at GammaStack specialize in delivering solutions packed with features at highly competitive prices to ensure you get your ideal solution within your budget.

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Quick Launch Time

Our Solutions become ready to be launched in no time. All the customizations and integrations are performed in weeks’ time which gives you the opportunity to capture the market quickly.

Primary Features of Our White Label Esports Tournament Platform for Call of Duty

Call of duty API integration

Now get all the data without any hassle straight to your white label esports tournament platform with our call of duty API integration.

Multiple device Support

Our platform is supported by several devices and can be easily accessed through desktops, mobile devices, tablets, etc.

Diverse Streaming Software Integrations

Skyrocket the enthusiasm on your platform with diverse streaming software integrations which includes Azubu, Twitch.tv, YouTube Gaming, etc.

Comprehensive Back Office Admin

Now manage all the crucial aspects of your platform with our comprehensive dashboards that come loaded with features that allow you to accomplish more.

Diverse Regions Supported

Our white label esports tournament platform for Call of duty is supported in various geographical areas such as Russia, The United States, South East Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and many more.

Seamless Tournament Management

Handle and manage diverse aspects of tournament creation and management with our seamless tournament creation and management feature.

Real-time Tournament Chats

Facilitate effective communication among players and enhance engagement with real-time tournament chats. Help your users communicate and form effective game strategies in real-time.

Exciting Leaderboards

Keep your users updated with scoring updates, winners list, top players, etc and add excitement to the game with our dynamic leaderboards.


Enable your players to socialize seamlessly and build a community of players with the help of groups, forums, chatrooms, etc.

Participant management

Manage all the participants and maintain records effectively without any frets and hassle with our participant management tool.

Various Call of Duty Game Modes

Call Of Duty Tournament - Spec Ops

Specs Ops

Four team members fight against AI to complete the objectives of the mission.

Team Deathmatch

The more players kill, the more their chances increase of winning the match.

Call Of Duty Tournament - Team Deathmatch
Call Of Duty Tournament - Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack

Teams comprising of 6 members compete to place EMP on other teams’ servers. Players on 39 level can access the cyber attack mode. 


The objective of this mode is to cover more areas and as teams comprising of 6 players do so, more their chances of winning increase.

Call Of Duty Tournament - Domination
Call Of Duty Tournament - Search & Destroy

Search and Destroy

Teams try to destroy to win the match by placing bombs while stopping other teams from doing the same. 


Players receive objectives and compete with each other to take charge of the same area. 

Call Of Duty Tournament - Headquarters
Call Of Duty Tournament - Free-For-All


This is one of the most played modes where players can shoot anything and everything. 


This mode is ideal for small groups. The mode comprises of two teams each containing 2 players.

Call Of Duty Tournament - Gun Fight
Call Of Duty Tournament - Ground War

Ground War

Love the excitement of the battlefield? Then this mode is a treat for you. Teams of 32 players get maps and vehicles to play the game. 

Some More Features of Our White Label Esports Tournament Platform for Call of Duty

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Responsive Platforms

Fantasy Sports Software - SEO & Digital Marketing

Seo Friendly Platforms

Call Of Duty Tournament - On-demand Customizations

Several Esports Production Tools

Sports Betting Exchange Software Development

Robust Backend Support

Sports Betting Exchange Software Third-party Integrations

Trusted Third-Party Integrations

Esports Tournament Mobile app development for Call of Duty

Enable your users to access the platform and play the games anytime and anywhere with our robust esports tournament mobile application development services. We develop comprehensive mobile applications for both, Android as well as iOS which provide ease of access to your users and come enriched with all the latest features, tools and functionalities.  

Diverse other series

  • Overwatch
  • PUBG
  • StarCraft-2
  • Dota-2
  • FIFA
  • CounterStrike
  • League of Legends

How We Deliver Highly Functional Solutions

Idea Scanning

This is where we hold in-depth discussion sessions with you to thoroughly understand your requirements and your goals.

Theme Selection

After we are done with the research and exploration process, we provide you diverse pre-built themes so that you can pick the one that aligns with your business’s needs. After you are happy with the theme, our teams perform customizations as per your brand’s style guide.

Manual and Automated Testing

After our teams are done with the customization, the platform is provided to the testing team that performs automated as well as manual testing to ensure its seamless functioning.

Research & Exploration

After we have a clear understanding of your goals, we commence the research process where we explore all ideal solutions for your business.

Software Integrations

After customizations, our teams integrate the software solutions and features to upgrade the solutions to meet your specific needs.


Once our quality analysis professionals conclude their task and you are completely happy with the solution, we launch the solution.

State-of-the-art Features
Quick launch time

Why GammaStack?

Secure platforms
Zero Revenue Policy

Looking for a trusted and recognized esports solutions provider? Want all the features of your choice in your platform at highly competitive prices? Then GammaStack is the perfect pick. GammaStack is a well-established iGaming solutions provider that has empowered businesses all around the world with its comprehensive and highly functional esports solutions. We provide solutions that take minimum time to launch so that you can give a boost to your business in no time. 



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