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The Future of Provably Fair Games

The Future of Provably Fair Games
The future of provably fair games is a fast-paced and rapidly evolving landscape. And that’s because of its brilliant and innovative approach that has already influenced how people gamble.

The provably fair games are shaping the future of the online gambling industry and is on its way to become the key driver of fairness. Several gamblers have successfully and delightfully accepted provably fair bitcoin games, and with the rising demand, several operators have adopted the same.

Win or lose. There was a time when gamblers used to accept their fate. Not because they wanted to, but because they didn’t have any choice. There was no means of verifying if the results delivered were fair or not. No wonder, one can find tons and tons of articles about how online casinos and sportsbooks are rigged and biassed.

And then came provably fair games that transformed how people saw online gambling. These not only gave so much power to the gamblers but also gave the operators an opportunity to stay credible and transparent.

No wonder, provably fair bitcoin games have become the hot cake of the iGaming industry. And everyone wants a piece.
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What are Provably Fair Games?

When gamblers visit a land-based casino, they know what’s going on. The card deck is in front of them, cards get shuffled in front of them and the dealer stands there, giving the gamblers some confidence that the game is going to be fair. But in the case of online games, several of these elements go missing. There is no way of verifying the card deck, there is no way of verifying if the game is rigged and there is no way of verifying if the algorithm of the game program is flawed or not. And no wonder, provably fair games rose to fame in no time.

So, what exactly are provably fair games?

Provably fair games come with algorithms that empower players to ensure the results generated were fair or not. The verification process just takes a few seconds and ensures complete safety, security, as well as transparency.

An open source algorithm is used by these games for seed generation. The process is completely random and the gambler gets access to all the essential information required to ensure the game is fair or not. So even if the player loses, he knows that the loss was completely fair.


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The Process of Verifying Provably Fair Game Results

The Process of Verifying Provably Fair Game Results
The process is simple and only takes a few steps. There are some critical elements that are involved in ensuring fair outcomes.

The Server seed

Also known as the host seed, the server seed is a variable which is provided by the operator to the gambler. There are two types of seeds, unhashed and hashed.

Client Seed

Also known as the public seed, this seed is provided by the player. This is done via their web browser’s downloadable client.

The Nonce

Also known as the random number, the nonce increases every time a new bet is placed. It initiates from zero and keeps on increasing by one at every turn.

Before the game begins, the player receives the hash. This is encrypted data that contains information about the game the player is going to play. Due to high-end encryption, the operators cannot tamper with it even if they wanted to. The players do not get access to the unhashed version of the server seed. The hash is decrypted once the game concludes.

After the end of the game, the client seed and server seed communicate and then the process of decryption kickstarts. Players can verify the fairness of the results with the help of an online software.

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Factors Responsible for the Growth of Provably Fair Games Industry

Factors Responsible for the Growth of Provably Fair Games Industry
The evolution of provably fair games has been surprisingly good. Needless to say, the scope of provably fair games is huge!

And there are several factors that are pushing the growth of provably fair games forward. Some of the most crucial ones are listed below:
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Growth of Mobile Apps

Mobile applications industry has bloomed significantly. And the COVID pandemic has only accelerated the growth. More and more people are now preferring their mobile phones over their laptops, desktops etc for activities like travel bookings, entertainment, banking and even gambling. If you are someone who is planning to launch a bitcoin casino provably fair games, make sure you choose the ones that are compatible with smaller devices.

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Internet Penetration

The rapid development and accessibility to the internet is another major factor that has boosted the growth of the online gambling industry. Today, gamblers can seamlessly place bets anytime, from anywhere, without any restrictions or interruptions.

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Light More Availability

The best part of provably fair games is that they come in light mode as well. So even if the gambler is facing low internet connectivity, he can seamlessly gamble without any interruptions.

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Rise of Virtual Currencies

There are several operators that make use of their own token system. And the good news is that punters have also accepted these systems without any resistance. This adds several more layers of security as well as benefits for both punters and operators.

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Increased Security

Bitcoin casino provably fair games make use of Blockchain and also support cryptocurrencies. This not only adds security to the platform but also enables punters to stay anonymous and gamble while protecting their identity.

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Seamless Transactions

Cryptocurrencies support real-time transactions, which allows punters to get access to their wins. Most gamblers find this convenient as this removes several restrictions that get involved with fiats.


The Future of Provably Fair Games

There is no doubt that the provably fair games have been a complete game changer. And the good news is, that the future of provably fair games is bright.

Today, the online casino industry is worth around $67 Billion and in the coming years, it’s expected to grow more. By the end of 2023, the industry will be worth around $92.9 Billion, a lot of which will be contributed by provably fair games.
In the past, when online casinos and sportsbooks emerged, they undoubtedly attracted punters from around the world. But this didn’t end here. The online gambling platforms also attracted a lot of suspicion around their processes. Since there was not much the punters could do, it was more like take it or leave it scenario.

But today, punters have more power. They have more choices and thanks to technological advancements, several new provably fair games are being launched almost every single week, which now offers variety to gamblers. The future of the provably fair bitcoin games seems bright and we’ll be seeing alot of these in the coming years.

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How GammaStack can Help You Launch Provably Fair Games

Want to leverage the blooming and fastest growing provably fair industry? Get ahead with GammaStack. GammaStack is a well-known and renowned provably fair games and software provider that has been in the industry for more than two decades.

We specialise in providing you outstanding and immersive games that are 100% fair and deliver unforgettable gambling experiences to your punters. Some of our game offerings include mines, moon, mini-blackjack, mini-roulette, dice, aviator, crash, Plinko, Hi Lo, coin flip, video poker and many more.

With a team of 350+ seasoned and commendable professionals, we deliver you games that are crafted with latest technology, high-end graphics, mesmerising sound effects, outstanding features that keep you ahead.

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Do you hand over the complete ownership of the games?

Yes, we hand over the complete ownership of the games to our clients.

Do you share revenue after the launch of the games?

No, we have a no revenue share model that ensures our clients make and keep their profits.

Do you also specialise in providing ready to launch games?

Yes, we also provide ready to launch provably fair games.

I have a unique idea for my provably fair game. Can you help me design and develop the same?

Ofcourse, with the help of our custom provably fair game development services, you can get your ideas developed as per your vision.

Do you have an in-house team of developers?

Yes, we have 350+ developers for end-to-end development of your provably fair game.