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Social Betting Platform

Social Betting Platform

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Turning Your Online Social Betting Software Into Reality

Make betting more exciting and personalised with the social betting platform developed by GammaStack. We deliver social betting software solution which incorporates various social elements and interactive tools to create a more social environment. Use our social betting software to engage with friends, share betting activities and information, compete with each other in challenges and tournaments, and much more. Using chat rooms, leaderboards, social or community forums, etc. we have enhanced the online social betting software for your players to keep their social betting experience elevated with complete positive interaction and engagement.

Perks Of A Trusted Social Betting Platform Provider


Community Engagement

The social betting software solution lets users create a community of bettors to connect with friends, form groups, join dedicated betting communities, and bet.


Social Interaction

The online social betting software we develop is the best for betting with friends which also aids in discussing bet strategies, sharing betting tips, and social information exchange.


Retail Bet Systems

Access the best printing and downloads system, maintain records of bets, and enjoy comprehensive retail services within our online social betting software.


Propose Bets

Bet solo, with existing friends, or even find new people to bet along with - thus making your social betting platform more exciting and credible.


Social Media Sharing

From Facebook, and Instagram, to Twitter; share your progress across all social networks and attract more players using influencers.


Social Support & Collaboration

Let users seek advice, ask questions, or discuss betting challenges with others who have similar interests using the online social betting software.


Custom Wagers

Customise your wagers while expanding the range of betting options for your social groups, and propose bets for more profitability and fun.


Bonuses and Jackpots

Attract players and punters to your software with enticing rewards and bonuses, including joining bonuses, referral bonuses, cashback offers, and more.


Odds Modulation

Get odds conversion in various formats, including British (fractional), American (money line), and European (decimal), catering to different user preferences.


Virtual Currencies

Enjoy betting in different currencies of your choice, including cryptocurrencies, fiats, and other virtual currencies.


Real-time Chat

For uninterrupted betting fun, GammaStack offers live chat support and communication, ensuring quick query resolution and assistance at any time.

A Glimpse Of Templates For Our Social Betting Software

Sports betting software

SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

Custom SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

White Label SportsBetting software

Our Classified Panels Make Social Betting Software Seamless

Experience the top-notch social betting software with GammaStack through our user-friendly panel that provides quick access to essential tools such as:
Multilingual Fantasy Sports Platform

Language and Translation

Betting markets and bet types covered

Betting Guide

Customer Support

Customer Support

Design and Development

Registration Window

Wide Sports Selection

Sports Catalogue

Sports Betting Software UK Multiple Payment Gateways

Payment Settings and Controls

Odds and Sports Data Integration


Advance Risk Management

Security and Risk Management

Simplify your social betting process with our dedicated bookie panel, equipped with features and tools such as
Odds and Sports Data Integration

Odds Data

Finance Management

Finance Tools


PAM (Player Account Management)

Sports Betting App Account Panel

User Accounts Management

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Calendar and Schedule

Calendars and Schedules

Pool Betting Software - Multiple bets

Betting Management

ServiceNow Development - Customer Service Management

Customer Service & Care

Streamline your administrative tasks with our comprehensive admin panel in the mobile social betting software, which includes functionalities like
Finance Management

Wallets and Finance Management

Customer Support

Player Support

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Easy to use CMS

CMS (Content Management System)

Advance Risk Management

Risk Management

User Accounts

User Accounts Management

Robust Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

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Social Betting Software Solution Features That Are Edgy

Social Betting/Bet Among Peers
Bet against each other or combine bets of all in one sport, all using our social betting platform.
Bet Tracking
Bet with social connections, friends, and allies on the social betting platform with easy and anytime tracking service for more analytics.
Multiview Feature
Experience enhanced entertainment and management with our sports betting system software, which includes a split-screen feature for a more immersive betting experience.
Admin Management
Our back-office system empowers clients and their administrative agents to easily manage activities such as content, information, and overall platform administration.
Live Streams
Immerse yourself in real-time betting with our social betting software platform, offering comprehensive live streaming capabilities and in-depth analytics.
Custom Integration
To create a unique and personalized social betting system software, we offer fully custom solutions that cater to your specific requirements and preferences.
Wallet Systems
Our social bet software integrates with popular wallet systems such as Ledger, MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, and more, allowing seamless savings, purchases, and withdrawals.
Payment Tools
Experience flexible transactions with our fine-tuned payment integration, supporting diverse payment gateways, multiple currencies, and more.
Affiliate Systems
Streamline your promotional tactics with our affiliate system, offering multiple benefits for marketing and promotions within the social betting platform.
Competitive Tournaments
Bet socially on multiple competitive tournaments, challenges, and contests to earn rewards, achieve leaderboard ranks, etc.
User Created Bets
Let your friends create their own bets with unique conditions, odds, and stakes which define the parameters of
Multilingual Capabilities
Our social betting platforms are designed to be seamlessly accessible across borders, thanks to the inclusion of multiple languages and translation options in our solutions.
AI Algorithms
GammaStack integrates cutting-edge predictive tools and AI algorithms into our betting programs, enabling logical and data-driven betting experiences.
Odds Integration
Partnering with trusted and reliable odds providers worldwide, GammaStack ensures the integration of accurate and analytical odds into your social betting platform.
3rd Party Integration
GammaStack, as a social betting software provider, facilitates gaming operators in accessing trustworthy and top-class third-party tool integrations for enhanced functionality.
We offer KYC (Know Your Customer) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, enabling operators to understand their clients better.
Risk Prevention
To safeguard against payment fraud, betting risks, and other cyber issues, our comprehensive risk management feature provides enhanced security measures.
CMS (Content Management System)
Effortlessly manage and update content with our CMS tool, ensuring timely and effective information sharing among friends and viewers.
PAM (Player Account Management)
Empower your betting system software with the PAM tool that maintains a comprehensive record of user information, preferences, and history in a 360-degree view.

Explore Range Of Betting Styles

Traditional Bets

Traditional Betting

Place wagers on the outcome of specific events or sports matches to win if predicted accurately.

Game Logic Development

Prop Betting

Or proposition betting, involves placing bets on specific outcomes or events within a game or match like the first player to score, the number of goals scored, etc.


Spread Betting

It involves betting on the margin of victory or the performance of a team or player relative to a specific statistic.

In-Game Settings

Parimutuel Betting

Participants place bets on the overall outcome, and the total wagers collected are pooled together, then the payout is divided based on the pool that each winning bet receives.

Sports Betting

Challenge Betting

It involves participants issuing challenges to others, inviting them to place bets on specific outcomes or events, and engaging in one-on-one betting competitions.

Social Betting Sports Directory

Enhance your online social betting adventure with the list of sports catered
Fantasy Cricket Software


American Football Betting Software

American Football

Social Betting Platform Development Process

Requirement Analysis
Requirement Analysis
Creating Wireframes
Creating Wireframes
Collecting Resources
Collecting Resources
Developing Front-end
Developing Front-end
Building Back-end
Building Back-end
Integrating 3rd Party Tools
Integrating 3rd Party Tools
Implementing Customizations
Implementing Customizations
Conducting Quality Testing
Conducting Quality Testing
 Launching the Project
Launching the Project
 Providing Post-Launch Support
Providing Post-Launch Support
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Community Interactive Solutions
Dedicated Development Services
Flexible Staffing Engagements
After-Deployment Service Assurance
Seamless Integrations

Social betting and gaming have seen a splendid rise in popularity, and to fulfil the gaps of new trends in your gaming portfolio, GammaStack offers the most fantastic and extravagant social betting software solutions. For more than 8 years in the industry of gaming, GammaStack is the social betting software provider which gets businesses the most enticing online social betting platform with key features like social interactive tools, chat rooms, bet tracking systems, and much more. Our team of development professionals offers not only development support but also showcases their best skills in upgradation, marketing, maintenance, and other post-development activities. So, get your players to engage more and play all friendly with the social betting platform we provide!

FAQs - Social Betting Platform

1. What is social betting?

Social betting refers to a form of betting that incorporates social elements and interaction among participants through online platforms. It allows users to engage with friends, join communities, share betting activities, and compete in challenges or tournaments in a social and interactive environment.

2. Is social betting online legal?

The legality of social betting online varies depending on the jurisdiction and the specific regulations in place. It is important to understand and comply with the laws and regulations governing online betting in your jurisdiction.

3. Can I win real money through social betting online?

The ability to win real money through social betting online depends on the specific platform and the nature of the bets. Some social betting platforms allow participants to wager real money and offer cash prizes, while others may use virtual currencies or operate on a social and non-monetary basis where no actual money is involved. It is important to review the terms and conditions of the platform to understand the rewards and prizes offered.

4. How long does it take to develop a social betting platform?

The time required to develop a social betting platform can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the desired features, the scope of the platform, the availability of resources, and the development approach used.

5. What features can be included in a social betting platform?

Some common features include user registration and profile management, bet creation and acceptance, chat functionality, social sharing options, leaderboards and rankings, notifications and alerts, secure payment processing, and support for multiple betting markets and events.

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