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PPH Betting Platform

PPH betting platform

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Classic PPH Betting Platform

GammaStack is the top-notch PPH Betting software development company which offers exclusive solutions to global clients and operators. We are leaders when talking about getting the best PPH solutions with the fullest range of top features and systems. Not only up to development, but GammaStack also offers a wide range of support and assistance like post-launch help, marketing support, and so on. Our solutions are also available in custom, ready-to-launch, and even third-party styles to give your businesses only what is needed exactly.

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Best Benefits Of Our PPH Betting Software


Easy Pay Per Head System

Get the benefit to pay for only the punters that you get to attract in your betting pool, with our PPH betting platform.


Zero Revenue Share

All our sports betting solution come with the no sharing of revenue benefit so that you pay for only the services that you asked for.


Bespoke Market Coverage

Get access to a larger and wider market area which covers national and international sports, markets, and leagues too to bet on, as benefited by GammaStack.


Wallet Integrations

Integrate digital and e-wallets of your choice to PPH sports betting platform directly with GammaStack and reduce the hassle of finance management for punters.


Complete Security & Encryption

GammaStack promises the best security, safety, and encryption of activities supported on its PPH Betting platform to keep the betting adventure smooth.


Gaming Configurations

GammaStack not only develops the PPH betting platform but also suggests its clients to add more games like online casinos, slots, lotteries, etc. to their portfolio for fun.


Enhanced Gameplay

Our PPH betting software comes with the best algorithm and statistical support to enhance your bets with more logic.


Cryptocurrency Benefits

Bitcoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, etc. are some major cryptocurrencies that we offer to integrate in betting solutions for digital payment benefits.

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Pick From Our Feature-Rich Templates

Sports betting software

Sportsbook software

Sports betting software

Custom Sportsbook software

Sports betting software

White Label Sportsbook software

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Key Features Of Our PPH Sportsbook

Diverse Esports Supported
The PPH betting software developed by GammaStack supports several esports such as DOTA-2, Apex legends, PUBG, etc.
Diverse Bet Types Covered
The PPH sportsbook we provide you supports multiple bet styles including traditional bets, parlays, handicaps, and so on.
Detailed Betting Statistics and History
Render detailed betting history and stats to your bettors with more flexibility with our statistics and history feature.
Social Media Sharing
Now boost your online presence with social media sharing and enhance your brand awareness and
Multi-lingual Support
Multi-lingual support enables your users to use the PPH betting software in the language they
Mobile Compatible

The PPH betting platform we provide works seamlessly on all small devices for unrestricted access.

To keep your betting adventures regulated, GammaStack offers a complete guide to legal compliance and adherence along with the solutions.
24*7 Response Rate
Getting issues somewhere? Ask us and get your queries resolved, as we are available for our customers round the clock.
Multiple Sports Covered
Our pay per head sportsbook covers several sports that include football, baseball, volleyball, tennis, gold, hockey, etc.
Multi-currency Support
The multi-currency support feature enables users to place bets in the currency they prefer, for international transactional ease.
Widget-Based API
Now you can deploy the widgets of your own using our amazing APIs along with the pre-existing widgets.
Live Feeds
Render crucial information to your users about on-going matches and live scores and keep them informed with live feeds.
Admin Dashboards
Now manage your PPH betting software with our state-of-the-art admin dashboards that come with a myriad of features.
Cryptocurrency Support
Our PPH betting platform supports all major cryptocurrencies for outstanding betting experience.
Multi-Device Compatibility
We offer PPH betting platforms that can be easily accessible on any devices like web, desktop, mobile, etc. with full iOS, Android, and other system support.
100% Ownership
We offer full control and ownership of the PPH betting software to our customers as we understand the importance of intellectual ownership.
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Panels Supported By Our PPH Betting Website

Player panels are designed to deliver a seamless and exceptional betting experience to your users that come with the following features:
Bookie panels come with all the features that enable bookies to manage accounts seamlessly, and hassle-free
Admin panels come with all the administrative tools that are crucial for the easy management of the PPH betting platform.
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Trending Sports & Esports To Add


Want to get multiple sports added to your PPH betting software? Have a look at our forever trending sports list to add into your betting solutions.
Fantasy Cricket Software


BasketBall Betting Software


American Football Betting Software

American Football


Along with a bundle of sports, our PPH betting platform can be also be configured with esports like
DOTA - 2

DOTA - 2

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Rocket League

Rocket League

League of Legends

League of Legends

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor

Free Fire

Free Fire





Apex Legends

Apex Legends





Call of Duty

Call of Duty

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile



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Let’s Know About Popular Betting Styles

Traditional Bets

Traditional Bets

Also known as basic bet style, traditional bets involve single, double, triple, and multiple bets at once for easy wins.

In-Game Settings


Parlays is a betting style which equips two bets that prones to generate different results at the end, for more wins.



The head-to-head betting style accompanies only two results at the end viz. Win or loss which means more challenge, more fun.



Provide threats and benefits to punters as per their strengths and weaknesses, and make the bets more challenging.

Easy Way

Each Way

The each way betting style is the once which uses two bets i.e. a set bet and a win bet, thus generating moderating results at the end.

Game Logic Development

Pool Betting

This is one kind of betting style which uses gamblers to place similar bets in one set or pool, and the results are used to divide wins among each punter.



This sets a threshold of numbers where punters bet either under or over the number range to make wins, depending on the probability of outcomes.

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Process: PPH Betting Platform Development

Identifying Needs
Identifying Needs
Software Planning
Planning & Wireframing
Task Sketching & Delegation
Task Sketching & Delegation
Front-End Designing
Front-End Designing
Back-End Setup
Back-End Setup
Third-Party Add-Ons
Third-Party Add-Ons
Marketing Support
Marketing Support
Launch & Post-Launch Support
Launch & Post-Launch Support
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Player panels are designed to deliver a seamless and exceptional betting experience to your users that come with the following features:
User Accounts Gammastack

User Accounts

Calendar and Schedule - Fantasy Sports Software


Sports Betting App Development Cryptocurrency And Fiat

Crypto and Fiat integration

Bookmaker Software Dedicated Back-End Admin

Betting markets and bet types covered

Highly Secure Platform

Anti-fraud system

Fantasy Football Software - Regular Notifications and Updates


Sports Betting Software Live Feed

Wide Sports Selection

Gammastack Easy to Use CMS

Live Scores

Bookie panels come with all the features that enable bookies to manage accounts seamlessly, without any hassle. 

User Accounts Gammastack

Bookie Account

Ads management Gammastack

Manage Schedules

ServiceNow Development Company - Increased satisfaction

Manage Users

Odds Management Tools

Odds and Sports Data Integration

Gammastack Marketing Support

Customer Support

Sports Betting Software Live Feed

Odds from Major Bookies

Admin panels come with all the tools crucial for the easy management of the PPH betting platform.
User-Friendly Front-end Theme

Player Level Betting

White Label Esports Betting Software End-User Empathy

Speech Base Betting

Risk Management - White Label Fantasy Soccer Platform

Advance Risk Management

Blockchain Bitcoin Casino Solution for Convenient Transactions

AI Integrated Betting System


Robust Admin Dashboard

Player Control - Gammastack

Player Level Betting

Quality Solutions
Timeliness & Cost-Effectiveness
Dedicated Team of Developers
Superb Algorithms
Best Customisations

GammaStack has been in the industry of sports betting platform development for more than 8 years, and has always excelled in providing the best solutions to its clients across the globe. The PPH betting platform developed by GammaStack is one such solution that can elevate your business competitiveness to a great extent in the industry. The pay per head betting solution by GammaStack comes loaded with best features that enable bookies on the platform carry out several tasks seamlessly, manage accounts without any hassle and also enable your users to make the most of their betting experience by delivering them best-in-class features and functionalities.

FAQs - PPH Betting Platform

1. What is a PPH betting platform and how to use it?

The PPH betting platform is a digital solution that allows gaming operators globally to let punters come across a variety of sports, matches, and leagues, place bets on, and make wins by using the pay per head system.

2. What are the benefits of getting a PPH betting solution?

The PPH betting software comes with many benefits like custom integration, trending third-party configurations, risk management tools, custom payment gateways, easy paylines, and many more.

3. What other offerings does GammaStack offer?

GammaStack has a strong portfolio of games and systems to offer which includes online casinos, fantasy sports, slot games, lotteries, sportsbook, and other game development services which are all customisable and also ready-to-launch as per your wants.

4. Is PPH betting platform safe and secure to use?

Yes, PPH betting solution developed by GammaStack is supported with a full anti-risk system, thus making it safer and secure to use anywhere across the world.

5. What can I get from GammaStack if I want my business to enter quickly in the market?

GammaStack offers ready-to-launch betting solutions to businesses that are in dire need to enter the gaming market quickly.

6. Can I customise the PPH betting software for my business portfolio?

Yes, GammaStack is the pioneer in offering efficient and qualitative customisable PPH betting solutions to businesses for maintaining their sense of uniqueness and personalisation.

7. My business needs hiring assistance for developers to develop a betting platform. Can GammaStack assist?

Yes, GammaStack is the leading company in sports betting software development services that offers its best and most skilled team of developers for on-demand hiring assistance.

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