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Horse Racing Management Software

Horse Racing Management Software

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Cutting-Edge Technology for Horse Racing Management Software

If you are looking for a development company that can get you good horse racing management software, then GammaStack is the best choice and stop for you. GammaStack is the top horse race betting management software provider which has an excellent catch on providing the finest horse racing betting solutions with trending integrations. Our range of solutions is equipped with premium features and tools that ease the use and accessibility feature, make the platform unique, and are technically strong.

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Advantages Of A Premium Horse Race Management Software


DeFis & Cryptocurrency

For global payments and betting cashout ease, the horse betting management platform we develop can be configured with cryptos and DeFis.


API & iFrame

Get benefits with a completely amazing experience and attraction using the best API or iFrame of your choice from GammaStack.



From full payout to partial and even single-event cash payouts, GammaStack offers the flexibility to choose from different cashout systems.


Bet Guides

Easing bets for novel players and visitors, the betting guide we add to the horse race management platform lets users learn every term related to betting.


History & Records

Our horse racing management software comes with the advantage of record-keeping meaning it can save, track, and manage previous records and bet histories.


AI Algorithms

To get your bets more analytically and algorithmically accurate, we have integrated the best AI and predictive tools in horse racing management software.


Odds Management

We keep your bets more logical by offering the odds from reliable parties and are accurate for the best betting experience.


3rd Party Add-Ons

As a horse racing management software provider, we provide trusted 3rd party systems and tools to integrate to make it unique and elevating.


Smart Contracts

GammaStack offers a smart contract system in order to keep complete transparency in the development and later.



Our horse racing management software is locally derived meaning it is specifically crafted to match your Asian, African, European, or other markets.


Round-the-Clock Support

For effective and quick redressal of queries at the player level or operator level, the 24*7 support system is made for our clients.


Digital Wallet Systems

We are a horse racing management software company which integrated the best digital wallets like Neteller, Stripe, etc. for quick and easy money systems.


Virtual Sprints & Flats

Get your horse racing management software combined with customisable virtual sprint distances from 100m to whatever you want for a unique racing adventure.



To keep your punters informed about the upcoming live or virtual racing events, let’s grab the calendar systems that keep notice of all activities.

Betting Panels System & Classification

The horse racing management software by GammaStack offers users a separate panel that consists of direct links to:
Odds and Sports Data Integration


Wide Sports Selection

Sports Catalogue

Multilingual Fantasy Sports Platform

Languages & Translation

Betting markets and bet types covered

Bet Guide

Customer Support

Customer Support

Sports Betting Software UK Multiple Payment Gateways

Payment Setting & Controls

Design and Development

Registration Window

Advance Risk Management

Security & Risk Management

Ease your bookmaking activities by getting a single window of tools that lets you manage the tasks and activities easily
Secure Payment System - White Label Rugby Betting Software


ServiceNow Development - Customer Service Management

User Accounts Management


Calendars & Schedules

Finance Management

Finance Tools

Sports Betting App Customer Support Panel

Customer Service & Care

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard


Odds and Sports Data Integration

Odds Data

Sports Betting App Bookmaker Management Panel

Betting Management

For effective administration and control, GammaStack offers a full administrative panel in the horse race management software that includes
Bookie Account

Player Support

Robust Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

Easy to use CMS


Odds and Sports Data Integration

Wallets & Finance

Advance Risk Management

Risk Management

fantasy Sports CRM And Customer Dashboard


User Accounts

User Accounts

Key Elements That Make Horse Racing Management Software Outstanding

Data Analytics
Using analytical reports, historical records, and other data tools’ GammaStack lets you bet more profitably with data analytics.
Real-time Analytics
Just before and during the race starts, GammaStack offers an option of adding realistic analytics which lets you understand the bet situation in real-time.
Anti-Risk Tool
Prevent fraud, suspicious activities, cyber crimes, etc. from happening while using our horse racing software online with the equipped risk management tool.
Racing Tracks
From across the USA, the UK, Japan, and whatnot; the horse racing management software we develop has coverage of all major racing tracks.
PAM Model
Using a 360-degree management technique, we have got you the player account management tool that lets you manage user data, preferences, etc. efficiently.
Easy Staffing
Need a self-service horse racing software development? GammaStack also provides easy and on-demand staffing of skilled developers to get you what you want.
Predictive Modelling
The AI tools we offer are added with the predictive modelling system, meaning it predicts the bet profitability and potential using the previous records and data.
Enhance the visual looks, appearance, use, and setting of your horse racing management software using the 100% custom development support we offer.
Wager Calculator
From bet amount, bet conversions, winning amount, and other wagering terms; the wager calculator we add to the software lets you calculate in seconds.
Admin Support
To keep the back-office controls in operators’ hands, GammaStack provides admin support which lets you manage all important tasks from the back office only.
Our horse race betting management software consists of global payment systems, varied payment gateways, and complete payment security.
Cross-Browser Performance
From across multiple devices like mobile, laptops, desktop, etc. on any system like iOS, Android, etc. we have eased your betting flexibility online.
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Our Trending Horse Race Wagering Software Templates

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SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

Custom SportsBetting software

Sports betting software

White Label SportsBetting software

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Various Horse Race Betting Styles To Know About

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We Have Got Many More Sports To Bet On!

Want to know what more we have to offer in the name of sports? Here is the sports catalgoue which includes but can also be diversified as per your choice.
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Horse Racing Management Software Development Process We Follow

Idea Generation
Need Identification
Planning & Prototyping
Planning & Prototyping
Resource Gathering
Resource Gathering
Front-end Development
Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Back-end Development
Integrations & 3rd Party Tools
Integrations & 3rd Party Tools
Quality Verification
Quality Verification
Post-Launch Aids
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Top-tier Technologies
Finest Integrations & Setup
Agile Development Process
Quick Market Time

GammaStack is the leading provider of the finest horse racing management software which offers and develops gaming operators the leading betting solutions. GammaStack has been developing solutions for not only horse racing but many other sports betting for more than 8 years and has excellently got a catch on elevating features. Be it customisable or ready-to-launch solutions, GammaStack provides all types of horse race betting management software that fits your business needs promptly. So, let’s get ahead in the racing niche with the fascinating horse racing management software by GammaStack.

FAQs - Horse Racing Management Software

1. What does horse racing management software do?

The horse racing management software is an online solution which offers multiple horse races from around the globe where users can place bets and win the amount.

2. Can the software be customised?

Certainly, for a unique business placement, we offer 100% custom or bespoke horse racing management software.

3. What digital wallets can be added to the horse racing management software?

Stripe, Neteller, Metamask, Skrill, etc. are the wallet types we add to our horse race management platform, which are also open for customization.

4. What are other sports prevalent in the betting industry?

Greyhound racing, motorsports, baseball, volleyball, hockey, cricket, football, and many other sports are covered.

5. Is it legal to bet on horse racing?

This varies from country to country. In order to know about the legalities of your place, get in touch with GammaStack for a consultation.

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