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A unified fantasy sports games solution

Fantasy sports app development

We build gorgeous looking fantasy sports app for iPhone, Android and cross platforms. Publish your fantasy sports app for cricket, football, kabaddi, soccer and more on App Store and Google Play. Need Progressive Web Apps?

fantasy sports software solution

Fantasy sports website designing

We build a mobile-optimized and professional looking website for your fantasy sports that looks and functions alike on every device. You can always add powerful functionalities to your website as you grow.

Fantasy sports platform analytics

Our fantasy sports solution includes a powerful analytics engine that provides 360 degree data related to the gamer’s behaviour, finance reporting, insights about device being used (app or desktop). Understand your players and optimize your business with fantasy sports analytics. Need assistance?

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Fantasy sports AR solution

Take a leap ahead of competition with our Augmented Reality solution for fantasy sports betting. Our team of dedicated AR experts create beautiful replicas of various stadiums to boost the fun and excitement of sports lovers. Empower team owners to trade, draft and select players in the real sports.

In-Game Features of Fantasy Sports Platforms

Be it a simple lobby with most common selections or a complex lobby or dashboard with advanced filters of game types, sports, leagues, duration, draft types or user category (beginners & experts). We can do it All.

Don’t worry about figuring out the best data feed for you! We are there for this. Our data experts will bring you in touch with the leading data feed providers that offers multiple options of data based on your needs at a very affordable price.

We specialize in some of the most amazing gametypes ever been created. We have created predictors, betting style, Pick’ems, Oppo-picks, Over-under, sportsbooks and stock market games

When it comes to DFS we specialize in Salary Caps, Pick’ems, Quick drafts, auto draft etc. and when it comes to a season long, we can create live, offline and auction draft. We create custom drafting style based on your unique idea

An additional revenue stream for your fantasy sports software. Our ad-module helps you earn extra revenue by attracting google ads and cracking sponsorship deals

Amuse your users with state-of-art leadership board. Let them see how they are doing at different levels. If you need, we can help you with creating complex leaderboards with multiple filters and dimensions

An engaging feature while building a fantasy football website ensuring repeated and loyal users through social media sharing of achievement badges.

With the changing dynamics of the fantasy sports industry, it’s no more only about winning money. We know that social is the future and users on your fantasy sports software needs to interact & intersect with each other and share their achievements and strategy.

A must for a fantasy sports platform. Let your users be your marketers. Let them share their achievements using different mediums (email, social media or WhatsApp), invite their friends to come & play on your platform and earn a referral bonus.

Who Needs Fantasy Sports Software Solution ?

  • Sports Startup
    • We answer “how to make a fantasy sports business successful?” by helping startups with quick launch in cost-efficient manner

  • iGaming Operators
    • Take your brand to the world of sports with state of art sports betting, fantasy sports, predictions platforms.

  • Existing Businesses
    • Bring new revenues and users to your existing platform with high-end features, functionalities and mobile app development.

  • Media Houses
    • Know your digital audience with registrations on fantasy sports and increase sports content consumption and engagement.

  • Leagues and Clubs
    • Integrate fantasy sports and prediction platforms to your existing application and ensure unmatched engagement with enhanced league following.

Have an idea in mind?

iGaming Products Delivered

Launching a fantasy sports software is simple!

You are here do build something great. And we are here to help you do that.

  • Kickstart with your idea 01

    Your idea is the nerve-center of the project and we totally understand that. Get in touch with us and share your idea.

  • In-depth examination of your idea 02

    A team of fantasy sports experts - designers and developers examine the requirements and collects all the inputs needed from you

  • Wireframe and UI/UX design 03

    We believe this is the most important step in the process, where we wireframe and collaborate on it with you. Once the wireframe is finalized, we move to designing the interface and gaming experience.

  • Development and release to production 04

    The finalized designs for the fantasy sports website, platform and app are developed by a team of dedicated developers - quick and moves into production seamlessly.

  • UX testing and usability analysis 05

    The gaming experience breaks or makes the deal and to ensure that players have the best experience, we run multiple UX tests and usability analysis on the fantasy sports platform.

A fantasy sports software development company with advanced features to delight players

  • Create beautiful gaming experiences
  • Build a real time scoring system
  • Manage everything from a central admin panel
  • Play nice with payment methods
  • Effortlessly integrate social channels
  • Run your loyalty program
  • Design an easy onboarding experience
  • Mobile and tablet responsive
  • Easily manage your content
  • Develop a SEO friendly platform
  • Multi-lingual support for wider reach

Need tailored features?

fantasy sports software design

Daily Fantasy Sports Software​

DFS has swept the entire globe and helped ​fantasy ​sports industry to reach new heights. ​We excel in world-class ​fantasy sports software development for any and all ​sports and ​leagues. Our offerings even transcend the realm of ​sports. With easy ​​to use ​salary based instant gratification gameplay, we offer the very best in terms of DFS.

  • Head-to-Head (H2H)
  • 50/50s and Double-Ups
  • Triple, Quadruple, and Quintuple Contests
  • Pick Em
  • Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs)
  • Leagues/Tournaments
  • Uncapped Games
  • Your own custom Game Type
fantasy sports software design

Weekly & Custom Fantasy Sports​

We provide customized solutions for weekly and custom-duration fantasy sports where there’s something for every fan. Here, the drafting is done on the basis of the DFS model however the results are declared on the weekly or custom-duration basis. Play against your friends or against everyone, with a predefined days commitment. The drafting under weekly games could be customized based on the game type.

  • Head-to-Head (H2H)
  • Pick Em
  • Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs)
  • Leagues/Tournaments
  • Uncapped Games
fantasy sports mobile application development

Season-Long Fantasy Sports

The good old nostalgic way of playing fantasy sports. A format well suited for real pros and hardcore sports fanatics (including us…). We offer trendsetting season-long fantasy platform design and development with intelligent drafts (standard and auction), Multi-user trades and not to mention the ease of adaptability. Our season-long fantasy sports software development covers all the formats from Redraft to Dynasty Leagues.

  • Traditional Snake Draft​
  • Dynasty Leagues​
  • Keepers Leagues​
  • Live Drafts​
  • Offline Drafts​
  • Auto pick​
  • Auction Drafts​
Experienced fantasy sports designers and developers
Safe and secure
Multiple sports support

Why is Gammastack the best fantasy sports development company

End-to-end solution
Multiple game plays
Work with high-end technology stack
Front-end Back-end

At GammaStack we specialize in building state of the art Fantasy Sports Solutions which are not only spectacular but also scalable, reliable and built-in adherence to all regulations and compliances. With a dedicated research and innovation team in place, we are always a step ahead of others and offer nothing but the very best to all our clients. We provide top of the world user experience along with a fully customized, responsive and UI-rich fantasy sports solutions.

Having vast experience in providing fantasy sports solutions, our team can ensure cost-effective solutions with a quick time to market. Our partnerships with data feeds and payment gateways ensures frictionless and efficient user experience to your fantasy sports platform users. Our ​fantasy ​sports website design and development services also helps your business to venture into non-traditional channels like eSports, Reality TV, Award Shows and even Politics​​.

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We Make Fantasy Sports Simple and Delightful for All

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Recognized Fantasy Sports Platform Provider

Being a trusted fantasy sports platform provider, we endeavour to maintain high quality in our every work. We also ensure to meet higher level of client satisfaction by delivering them state-of-the-art fantasy sports software solutions.

Trending News About Fantasy Sports

  • Ohio will soon have new state regulations for coming fantasy sports competitions
  • Amelco to enter into the world of Fantasy sports
  • Paddy Power has propelled its first day by day dream sports item for players in the UK and Ireland.
  • Fantasy Sports Interactive to get featured in ICE London, 2019

Fantasy sports is a billion dollar industry and all fantasy sports professionals are trying their best to milk it for all its worth. The daily fantasy sports industry has showed no signs of slowing down. Rather, new innovations take place in this space every day. Providers are coming up with machine learning algorithms and AI to assemble the perfect team that increases the chances of winning.  Not just that, providers are also using blockchain technology to democratize the world of fantasy sports and sports journalism.

  1. Fantasy sports today is played among thousands of players online, that increase the stakes involved
  2. The results in daily fantasy contests are quick – few hours. This makes it easier and faster for people to win or lose money.
  1. Choose a game:

    Your audience chooses a game from a list of fantasy sports and game formats you support. This could be based on the day, entry fee and contest type. They can choose from the following formats –

      • – One-on-one
      • – Double ups
      • – Triple ups
      •  – Progressives

    Usually beginners opt for one-on-one or double up. But once they become familiar with the format and winning strategies, they graduate to progressives. The cash prize obviously progresses with the difficulty of the game formats.

  1. Pick a team :

    Picking a team is thrilling, scary yet fun. Users are assigned a fixed salary cap that can be used to pick a team. However, the player availability has a major role to play in the selection process. Once the team is chosen, the admin saves the lineup and enters the daily fantasy contests.
    The player’s salary is a reflection of his/her current form and expected performance. It is not related to the actual salary of the players or athletes. The admin’s skill is to predict and choose a team where the players outperform their salaries in the upcoming games.  

  1. Watch and win :

    Once the tournament begins, the lineup is locked. The admin cannot make any further changes to the player lineup. All he has to do now is watch the game and cheer for his chosen team! The scores rise and fall based on the real-time performance of these players.
    The daily fantasy team scores add up to reflect scores in the overall tournament leaderboard. If the admin finishes off in a paid position then he/she wins cash prize depending on the game format and type.


This is a standard and proven fantasy sports flow that game admins are used to. However, you can always tweak the flow to make the content or tournament more exciting and fun.

Have a ground-breaking idea? LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN

  • What is fantasy sports?

    Fantasy sports is a game where a group of players, called a league, select from among a bunch of real-life professional players to assemble fantasy teams. Then, based on the way each real-life player performs throughout the season, the fantasy teams are assigned points. The player whose fantasy team won the most points throughout the season wins the game. Fantasy football is a game played mostly amongst friends or coworkers and some friendly betting with real-world money is sometimes involved.

  • What is the history of fantasy sports? How did it start?

    At a friendly get-together at a hotel in Manhattan, sports journalist Daniel Okrent created the first-ever fantasy baseball league. This was in early 1980. The concept spread like wildfire!

    Just four years later in 1984, Fantasy Football Digest, co-written by Tom Kane Jr and Cliff Charpentier documented the rules of fantasy football on paper.

    The massive unroll of this idea forced USA Today, a leading newspaper in United States, in early nineties, to dedicate an entire column on fantasy sports.

    The Fantasy Sports Trade Association was founded in 1999. From then on, the fire spread rather quickly.

  • What is the history of fantasy sports? How did it start?

    At a friendly IBISWorld, an Australian research company reported in May 2015 that the fantasy sports industry is worth two billion dollars. This it was experiencing an annual growth rate of 10.7%.

    In 2016, Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) reported that the industry had grown to 7.22 billion dollars with 59.3 million fantasy sports players in United States and Canada

    Two years later, in 2018, the size of fantasy sports industry grew to 139 billion dollars and is expected to reach 332 billion dollars by the end of 2025.

  • What is the target audience for fantasy sports?

    Fantasy Sports Trade Association describes the ideal fantasy sports audience as male, a person of European origin, holds a bachelor degree or higher, has five years of internet experience, eans $94,000 and spends $200 on entry fees and other fantasy related costs.

  • What are the most common forms of fantasy sports? Which sports is the best to invest in now?

    The most popular forms of fantasy sports is daily fantasy sports. The most popular fantasy sports are –

    – fantasy baseball
    – fantasy basketball
    – fantasy auto-racing
    – fantasy football
    – fantasy golf

How our clients feel about their experience with us

Happy customers are what we strive for. Below mentioned is what our Fantasy Sports clients have to say about us.

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Well done GammaStack! They are really a source of motivation and inspiration. We were in need of fantasy sports solutions in less time. And GammaStack was the one who promised us to provide it at a time we wanted.  We are really thankful to them.

Mirza Khan, KazakhstanGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/16

I wondered if anyone could have done it better than GammaStack. We wanted to build fantasy saport software and didn’t have skilled developers in fantasy sports software development. So, we approached GammaStack. Their skilled developers really helped us a lot in our fantasy sport software.

Casey Tibbs, South AfricaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/15

We were looking for fantasy app development company. And soon we get connected with GammaStack. The response and impeccable communication from them already impressed us a lot. And when they delivered us the application, we were really happy after using it.

Riche Wong, TunisiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/14

Amazing! GammaStack has got the best Fantasy Sports Developers in their stack. The fantasy software they developed for us works greatly. Our customers are loving it and we are also happy with their work.

Julian Motskin, UkraineGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/11

We needed a fantasy sports software for our online igaming business. So, we got to know about GammaStack from one of our associates. And to our surprise, the did a commendable job. Never thought that a software company would treat us the way GammaStack has done for us.

Hishan Clement, South AfricaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/11

I have been working with GammaStack from a long time and there have been no complaints. They are expertise in their work and know how to do things easily and quickly. They are the masters in fantasy app development.

Joseph Kelly, TunisiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/09

It’s always fun working with GammaStack, with them, there’s nothing to worry about the product and it;s delivery. They are committed to the time and work quality. The fantasy sports solutions they provide are undoubtedly the best anyone could have given us at an affordable rate.

Hailey Bet, KazakhstanGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/03

I would definitely give them 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Not only their work but I am impressed by their environment I found a very pleasant environment of working and since fantasy app development requires great knowledge and expertise, I am aware by the fact that they hold both these qualities gracefully.

Brain Goerge, South AfricaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/03

We have been working with GammaStack since a long time and I am delighted to share my experience who provides best fantasy sports software. We are truly satisfied by the professionalism these people have shown in their work. And their work is commendable.

Seth Mitchell, TunisiaGAMMASTACK
Date: 2019/09/02
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