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Everything you Need to Know About Poker Network

Everything you Need to Know About Poker Network

Poker is one of the most trending and highly popular online casino games which is adored by a myriad of players. Being a popular casino game, many entrepreneurs are planning to invest in this highly profitable industry by starting their own online poker platform. But to stay ahead of the competitors in the industry, you should keep yourself updated about the industry trends. The latest and most talked about trend of the online poker industry is online poker networks. Let’s discuss it in detail !

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What is a poker network?

What is a poker network?

When a group of different poker rooms share the same players and software for attracting new players and creating large scale poker tournaments, it is termed as a poker network. Most of the time, poker players prefer playing in a particular poker room and enjoy their gameplay in it which may be due to different factors such as bonuses which a poker room offers and many more. But if a player desires to enhance their skills by competing with different players belonging to different locations then for such challenges, a poker network can prove to be a wonderful opportunity.

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Why is it beneficial to join a poker network?

Here are some of the reasons due to which poker network proves beneficial to join:-
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How do poker networks work?

Key points to consider while creating your own poker network

If you have plans to start or run online poker network of your own, then you must consider some crucial points:-

Key points to consider while creating your own poker network

Multiple payment options

Your online poker network should possess secure and a variety of payment options such as fiat and crypto payment options.

Easy User Interface & Set Up

User database

You should have a well maintained user database from the start of an online poker network.

Fair & Transparent Gaming Solutions

Hosting and server solution

Strong technical expertise is required for ensuring strong and secure hosting and server solutions for your online poker network.

GCU Set Up

Flawless set up

You should flawlessly set up your poker network with engaging features and enticing retention strategies to attract and retain more players.

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Need online poker software supporting the feature of online poker networks?

How to create your own poker network?

One of the beneficial as well as complicated ways for operating in the market of iGaming is creating a poker network of your own. You get the benefit of creating your own poker network such as getting the freedom for launching different brands within the market to effectively cover the audience. Some key aspects of launching your own poker network are that the poker network is a quite complex business and most of the people don’t know how to do it. Here are some basic steps which you should consider while creating your own poker network:-
How to create your own poker network?
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Ensure smooth operation of network

For having a flawless, uninterrupted and solid network work, you should count on the best technical solutions and most significant ones include:-

Good quality and strong hosting services are necessary for brands for offering flawless services to the users.
Allocations of servers are done for supporting network operation of skins in various geographical locations. After launching a poker network, you would want multiple skins to join the network and they may belong to different geographical positions thus you require a strong server for your online poker networks.
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Certifications, licences and compliances

While starting a legit business, you should ensure to do everything as per rules. Licence of the owner of an online poker network is required for doing financial transactions legally within the network. Poker network owner requires a licence or may be licences which cover as many jurisdictions as possible because when a skin operates in some other jurisdiction which does not fall under licence of the network owner, then it can be complicated. Then, every skin receives a separate licence of its own for operating in the jurisdiction. The poker network helps skins by offering centralised payment processing as well as complete technical parts. Also, skins may also operate under sub-licence when the owner of the network possesses master licence.
Compliance is required for the founder of a gaming network to stand by standards, policies and law which are defined by the relevant iGaming jurisdiction. Though it can be costly or time consuming, it can help in expanding the network by gaining trust of the skins. Some of the common licences include Kahnawake, Malta, Curacao, etc. The criteria of the licences may vary thus you should decide and select the one that suits best of your business’s objectives.

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Safe payment methods

Your online poker network should possess the support of multiple payment gateways which include fiat payment options, crypto payment options as well as local credit and debit payment methods. Thus your users can benefit from different payment options and can do transactions conveniently, quickly and securely. Different methods of payment include:-

Online Casino Software

Experts consultancy for better performance

The online poker software provider must be experienced and skilled to offer consulting services to smoothly start and operate an online poker platform. You should get a proper understanding of the software, its features, settings, etc to ensure best performance of your online poker network. Your online poker software should also guide and assist you with:-

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What are the pros and cons of creating your own poker network?

The major advantages of the online poker network business model include:-
Along with these advantages, you should always be aware of the possible peculiarities and risks of this business model. Management of poker networks is quite complicated. You should have a deep understanding of all matters related to the business. For owning a poker network, you should have a big budget for getting reliable and feature rich software. You also need to take care of secure payment options, licensing and compliances to run your business successfully and smoothly.
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GammaStack: Offering state of the art online poker software with poker network feature

If you are seeking a trusted online poker software supplier in the industry which can build or develop engaging online poker software as per your business requirements, then you should definitely consider GammaStack and get advanced online poker software. Our online poker platform possesses all the essential as well as bespoke features as per your specific needs. We can also integrate the functionality of online poker networks in our online poker platform. Our online poker platform is highly scalable and possesses a strong back office admin, secure payment options, loyalty programs and much more which ensures smooth functioning of the online poker platform.

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Frequently asked questions

Does your online poker software support feature of poker networks?

Yes, our online poker software supports feature of poker networks.

Are safe payment gateways supported in your online poker software?

Yes, safe payment gateways are supported in our online poker software.

Can players do crypto payments in your online poker software?

Yes, players can do crypto payments in our online poker software.

Is your online poker software scalable?

Yes, our online poker software is highly scalable.

Are there customisation opportunities in your online poker software?

Yes, there are customisation opportunities in our online poker software.