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Everything you need to know about different types of online Poker games

Everything you need to know about different types of online Poker games

What comes to your mind as you listen to poker? You probably think about it as a popular card game. A variety of poker games were played in ancient times in China, the Middle East and Europe. The game of poker gained popularity in America in the early 1800s. It became an engaging means for soldiers’ entertainment at the time of civil war. But, now poker games are played all over the world on different platforms. Traditionally, poker was played over tables and cardboards in casinos but due to digital transformation, land-based poker platforms were moved to online poker platforms in 1998. Different websites became available for playing poker online in a convenient and secure manner. As poker is played all across the world so there are various kinds of online poker game provider that are available in the market. The process of playing these variants of poker is different for different games. Let’s take a deep dive and explore different categories of poker games.

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Facts about online poker game

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Types of poker game

There are mainly three types of poker game:-

Types of poker game

Draw poker

It is a category belonging to the family of poker card games where players remain hidden from their respective opponents. Also, the hands of players get improved by them with replacement of some particular count of cards. 5 card draw as well as badugi both come under this category.

Stud Poker

Poker variants collections having similar types of characteristics are termed as stud poker. Hole cards are not used in stud poker games but each player is allowed downcards and upcards selection. Down cards are basically secret cards but upcards are mainly open cards.

Community card poker

Community cards are used by a poker game which is termed as a community card poker. In the centre of the table, the cards get dealt face up and all poker players share them. Every player deals with face down which is incomplete, for making a complete hand, they get combined with community cards.

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Variations of poker game

There is an array of engaging poker game variations in the industry, some of them include:-
Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em currently dominates poker and is a featured game in any in-person poker room or any online poker room with multiple stakes and tables available for players. Learning ease of this game can be rated as 8 out of 10 and availability is 10 out of 10. At the game's beginning, forced bets termed as blinds are placed by players on the left of the button. After two hole cards have been dealt by every player, the start of the action is from the player who is in the big blind’s left and goes clockwise. After the first round from three betting rounds, on the table, 3 cards are dealt.


Omaha Hi

Variant of Omaha Hi which is commonly played is called pot-limit Omaha. At showdown, when hands get compared, the entire pot is received by the “hi” hand. In poker, the second most popular game of poker is Omaha Hi after Texas Hold’em. The learning ease of the game is 8 out of 10 and availability is also 8 out of 10. Texas Hold’em and Omaha have
certain significant differences-
-4 hole cards are dealt by the players rather than 2
-At the pot’s size, bets are raises are typically capped


Omaha Hi-lo

At the showdown, when Omaha Hi-Lo is shown up, there is a split of the pot evenly between the worst and best 5 card poker hand. Using various hole card combinations, both low and high hands can be possibly made. However for some particular conditions to get awarded, pot’s low half must be met. The ease of learning of this game is 4 out of 10 and its popularity rating is 4 out of 10. The showdown includes the pot's split between lowest and highest hands. If there are no low qualifying hands, then the entire pot is taken by the highest hand.


7 Card Stud

Poker game’s most common form is stud poker before Texas Hold’em. As compared to other game types which make use of hole cards and community cards to make hands for players, stud poker is quite different as every player gets their unique hand. From players, face-down cards will remain hidden while the face-up cards can get displayed for everyone to see. The learning ease of the game is 6 out of 10 and popularity is 4 out of 10. Every player who is involved in a hand must put forward the ante. After this, one face-up card and 2 face-down cards are received by the players. During a blackjack round, the player holding the lowest face up card first makes either a full bet of the game’s small increment or a small bring in bet.

2-7 Triple Draw

This is an exciting poker game variation where every player gets their 5 card hand and players get 3 chances in this lowball poker form for drawing to make best hand. The ease of learning in this game is 7 out of 10 and rating of popularity is 4 out of 10. In triple draw, there are big as well as small blinds that are basically forced bets which players need to place before dealing of any cards to the dealer button’s left by the players. After receiving 5 cards from the dealer and an initial betting round, every player selects from discarding none to all of their cards.


5 Card Draw

This kind of draw poker’s goal is obtaining 5 card poker hands that is the best. A separate hand is received by every player which stays hidden from others. Though you can work to strengthen your hand, you will still not have any idea on how it is going to perform in the hands of other people. The learning ease of the game is 9 out of 10 and the popularity rate is 5 out of 10. Just like Hold’em, the beginning of action is when there is placement of the blinds before dealing any cards. Five cards each player are dealt after blinds are placed. First bets are placed by the players on the big blind’s left and players may decide to call, fold or raise during this round of pre-draw bet.


5 Card Omaha

5 holde cards are dealt by the player instead of 4 for starting each hand. For making the best hands, players should use 3 of their community cards and 2 of their hole cards. There is usually a pot-limit format in this game but from time to time, players can also play it as a no limit game. The rank of the game is rated as 6 out of 10 and ease of learning is 8 out of 10.



Badugi is a poker variant belonging to lowball and draw families but the ranking system of badugi differs from other poker game types. Thus understanding this variation of poker game is different from understanding other poker forms. The ease of learning of this poker game is 3 out of 10 and rank is also 3 out of 10. Small & big blinds are put forward by the players who are seated to the button’s left.



Razz is a stud poker game’s variation in which players intend to make a hand as low as possible. While determining if a low hand is made or not, straights and flushes are ignored by this game’s ranking system. The learning ease of the game is 7 out of 10 and the rating is 3 out of 10. The mechanics of the game in razz is quite the same as in a normal stud poker game.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer Texas hold’em poker software?

Yes, we offer Texas hold’em poker software.

Do you build razz poker software?

Yes, we can build razz poker software.

Which poker game variations are covered in your poker software?

Poker game variations covered in our poker software include Texas hold’em, Omaha, razz, badugi and many more.

Which are the different types of poker games?

Community card poker, draw poker and stud poker are the different types of poker games.

Can you offer Omaha poker game software development?

Yes, we can offer Omaha poker game software development.