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GammaStack offers an all-exclusive and the best crash or moon casino game software development solutions for accelerating growth of your casino business.

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  • Easy Cash-out Feature
  • Team of Blockchain Experts
  • Bankroll System
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Futuristic Crash/Moon Casino Software Solutions

Crash Game has exponentially grown in terms of popularity among the casino gaming enthusiasts. The game is all about making the cash out at the right time before the crash of multipliers and making the game bet win ! Your players just need to be quite mindful and decisive for cashing out at the correct time. GammaStack facilitates smooth crash gameplay for your players in our online crash casino game software that comes with all the necessary features that ensure a hassle-free gaming experience. It supports multiple blockchains that ensure provably fair and transparent crash gameplay on our platform.

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Popular Blockchains Supported on our Crash Casino Platform

Ethereum Crash Games Platform

Ethereum crash casinos are a new craze and one-stop solutions for the crypto-centric gambling community. Our crash game software supports Ethereum blockchain thereby ensuring a provably fair gameplay for your players and a new revenue generation stream for the crypto centric online casino operators.

TRON Blockchain Based Moon Dapp

TRON is undoubtedly the most efficient and popular blockchain that proves to be just the perfect match for development of decentralized applications. Smart Contract Development of TRON based crash games software by our team of blockchain experts brings an all new era of casino gaming and an exciting crash game solution for your players.

EOS Based Crash Games Software

EOS based crash games platform enables your players to enjoy a smooth and instant multiplayer crash gaming experience by guessing the multiplier which has the probabilities of crashing the market & then based on that guessing, players win the game ! EOS blockchain brings benefits of scalability , inter blockchain communication, smart contracts and quick transactions.

Crash Games Platform on IOST

IOST based crash games platform comes with immense perks of multi chain support, permission management, smart contracts, privacy protection, etc thereby ensuring a smooth as well as secure crash gameplay for your players.

Bitcoin Wallet Integration in Crash Games Platform

Bitcoin wallet integration in crash games software is an ultimate online casino solution. It does not employ random numbers logic for deciding when the game should crash, instead it uses blockchain technology for crashing the game in a manner that your players can verify it independently and have a fair gaming experience. The transaction process also gets quicker and easier through bitcoins.

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Benefits of our Crash Casino Solution

Provably Fair Gameplay

Blockchain brings the ultimate benefit of provably fair gameplay in our crash online casino game software thereby contributing in engagement of more count of players towards the platform.

Multilingual Support

Our Crash online casino software supports various languages to allow easy accessibility of the platform for your users.


The decentralized nature of blockchain ensures that all the data and personal information of your players on our crash game software remain secure, unhackable and cannot be tampered by anyone.

Smart Contracts Enhances Security

The smart contracts in blockchain based crash game software ensures safe transactions safeguarded by the encrypted keys thus offering your players a platform with higher levels of payment security.

Anonymous Gameplay

Blockchain integration in our crash games software enables your players to keep their identities hidden while enjoying their favorite crash game and have an anonymous gaming experience.

Cryptocurrencies Support

Our crash online casino game software comes with major cryptocurrencies support including Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more thereby bringing transactions convenience for your players.

SEO Friendly Platform

Our team of marketing experts ensure that our crash online casino software is well optimized with all the necessary SEO factors that can help in enhancing the platform’s relevance on search engines.

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Features Supported on our Crash Casino Platform

Auto Cash Out

Your players can pre-define those odds at which they desire to cash out through the auto cash out function in our Crash online casino software.

Auto Bet

By switching to auto mode in our Crash casino platform, your players can configure the settings of the system in such a way that the system can play on behalf of the players.

Bonus System

For boosting the players' retention on your platform, a bonus system or loyalty program is also integrated in Crash casino platform.

Chat Room

Chat room enables your players to communicate with each other while playing the game on Crash casino software.

Casino Games Management

Multiple casino games can be managed easily on your platform with the integration of casino games management system.

Major Cryptocurrencies Support

Our crash online casino software supports almost all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripples and many more for ensuring smooth transactions for your players.

Blockchain Integration

Our crash online casino software comes integrated with multiple popular blockchains including TRON, IOST, Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and many more thereby bringing immense benefits to the platform.


Integration of a state-of-the-art leaderboard in our crash online casino software keeps your players well informed about the winning and leading players in the game and also let them know about the highest scores.

Engaging User Interface

An engaging user interface in our crash online casino software is created for giving the enjoyable gaming experience to your players by providing them the exact look and feel of the game.

Admin Dashboard

Admin dashboard enables the admin to manage and monitor some of the crucial operations related to crash game, players, payments, etc on the crash online casino software.

Mobile Responsive

Our crash online casino software is highly mobile responsive and thus proves to be just perfect for targeting as well as engaging your great count of mobile using audiences.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our crash online casino software comes with multiple payment gateways thus offering a myriad of payment options to your players for ensuring convenient transactions for them.

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Unrivalled Online Casino Software Solutions

Our Crash Online Casino Game Software Development Cycle

Gammastack Brainstorming


Client’s Requirements are Gathered & Analyzed

Task Allocation


Project Planning is Done


Deadlines are Finalized Mutually

Fantasy Sports Software Testing USA


Tasks are Allocated to Team

UI/UX Design GammaStack


Designing is Done by Creative & Innovative Designers

Gammastack API Integration


Features are Implemented by Developers

Game Studio Elements (IOT) Integration


Third-Party Integrations are Done

QA Testing GammaStack


Testers Test the Crash Game Platform

Gammastack Email Marketing Tools


Marketing Support by Experts

Gammastack SEO-Friendly Website/Applications


Final Launching!

Need Customizations?

100% Customized Solutions
Backed by Team of Blockchain Experts

Why GammaStack?

Crash Game Mobile App Development for Android & iOS
Top of the line Crash Game Solutions
Scrum Methodology

GammaStack is a well-known name in the online casino industry that offers top-notch solutions including crash online casino game software development solution which is an exclusive and trending solution. We have a dedicated and technically strong team of blockchain experts who have hands-on expertise in all blockchain technologies and are thus able to offer you cutting edge and top of the line solutions.

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Silicon India Company of the Year
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