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Betradar MTS Feeds Integration

Betradar Integration Services

Stay ahead of the curve with Betradar integration services that GammaStack integrates into your business in no time.

    Betradar Software

    Betradar is well-known for its services in sports data and odds. It has served more than 600+ bookmakers in over 80 countries till date and is a brand of famous sports betting company, Sportradar, AG.  

    Betradar covers a wide range of traditional and modern sports that counts to more than 60+ sports altogether. Covering over 400,000+ sports events every year, Betradar integration services are recognized by the largest network of data journalists in the world. With thousands of live matches & deep data analysis and odds that are monitored by the leading Fraud Detection Service makes Betradar the best sports data and odds provider in the world. With diverse betting services portfolios Betradar leave no stone unturned to meet the clients’ expectations thus adhering to the standard of the international bookmaking industry. 

    Not just the traditional sports, they cover horse racing, greyhound racing to name a few. Traditional sports including basketball, volleyball, football and esports including StarCraft 2, Counter-Strike: GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and more; all data and odds services are covered by Betradar.  

    Betradar Integration Services

    Betradar Integration Services Offered by GammaStack

    GammaStack is the best Betradar Integration Services provider with state-of-the-art features. Driven by industry’s fiercest, most enthusiastic engineers, we integrate Betradar services into your sportsbook hassle-free. The most updated data with fewer errors is what Betradar promises you and we ensure that your users receive the best. 

    –   Unified APIs
         Number betting for lottery odd
         Replay Service
         Unified Feeds
    – MTS – a complete sportsbook management solution
    – Pre-match, Live Odds & Live Data Service

    We integrate their most common unified APIs integration along with MTS integration and pre-match, live odds and live data services into your sportsbook. Our team of seasoned professionals ensure timely deliveries by integrating Betradar data and odds APIs within a month. 

    Here is the set of data we cover:



    Unified APIs by Betradar

    Unified APIs by Betradar includes odds recovery, booking calendar, static event information, sports event information, entity descriptions, betting descriptions, probabilityAPI, custom bet API, user information and more. Use Betradar APIs that allow users to have seamless betting experience ensuring fast data retrieval rate. We personally recommended Betradar Unified APIs as they cover all types of odds from the best marketplace thus not letting down users’ expectations. Entice a massive audience with true data and highly competitive market odds.

    MTS - a complete sportsbook management solution

    Betradar’s MTS is a complete sportsbook management solution that enables bookmakers to get everything under one roof. From high-risk management tools to liability management tools, MTS has got you covered. It helps bookmakers to manage sportsbooks efficiently and smoothly without any hassle. Betradar’s MTS is a complete fit for growing startups and well-established businesses looking for exceptional trading services.

    Pre-match, Live Odds & Live Data Service

    Get instant access to pre-match data, live data and odds with Betradar’s unique APIs, specially built for data and odds services. In addition to trading tools, bettors get a wide range of fixtures and odds that attracts a massive global audience. With fully automated live odds driven by APIs, Betradar is the first choice of the world’s majority bookmakers. Use Betradar APIs to get the fast and secure data transmission rate or accurate data. 

    Looking for something else?

    Benefits of Betradar Integration You Receive With Us

    Betradar Certified Teams

    Our developers are certified by Betradar as they work in coordination with them and proceed with the work after approval with the Betradar team.

    Quick Updates

    The APIs we integrate enable users to get all the quick updates and changes about the time change, event change and much more.

    Zero Downtime

    Zero downtime is what we promise you on priority ensuring that the site never goes down. We do this by deploying everything in one go.

    24/7 Live Support Team

    At GammaStack, we have a team of dedicated engineers who are available 24/7 for live support.

    Quick Entry to Market

    Our developers work hard to ensure that your sportsbook makes a quick entry to the market by integrating Betradar within 3-4 weeks.

    Cutting edge Technologies

    Cutting-edge technologies including Node.js, ROR and many others are used by our development team for fast integration.

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    How Do We work?

    Betradar Integration takes place in the following steps:

    Requirement Elicitation

    Before we get started, we understand the clients’ requirements to ensure satisfactory deliveries.

    Coordination with Betradar Team

    With the understanding of the requirements, our developers then work with the Betradar team taking approvals for the process to begin.

    Create Architecture For Integration

    Our developers then create architecture and build socket connections keeping in mind the requirements.


    Once the socket connection is established, we integrate Betradar Unified APIs into your sportsbook.


    Our team of quality analysts then perform both manual and automated testing ensuring our integration meets your requirements.


    We then finally launch your sportsbook with Betradar integration so that users can use it efficiently.

    Seamless Betradar Integration
    Zero Downtime

    Why GammaStack?

    Plethora of features
    Cost-effective Services & Solutions

    GammaStack is the world’s leader when it comes to Betradar integration into your sportsbook. Our developers are certified by Betradar to ensure smooth and hassle-free integration. We provide 24*7 live support ensuring streamline operations. With 8+ years of iGaming experience, we enable businesses to reach their end business goals.

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