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Hire from the top-drawer talent and speed up your LSports API integration process with our highly skilled and proficient LSports API integration developers.

  • 10+ implementation
  • 1200+ Markets
  • 35K In-play
  • 105K Pre-match
  • 60 Sports Covered
  • 5+ migrations to LSports
  • Used by 100+ Bookmakers worldwide

Proficient LSports API Integration Developers

Looking for ways to arm your business with data feeds, automated alerting tools, thoroughly analyzed data, and much more? Want to hire seasoned as well as highly experienced LSports API integration developers for LSports API integration or migration? GammaStack has got you covered. We at GammaStack bring you the top-drawer talent that renders you seamless migration services as well as integration services without any hassle. Our team of proficient LSports API integration developers are fluent in all the ins and outs of the LSports API and are capable of helping you in making the shift in no time.

Integration Services Rendered by Our LSports API Integration Developers

We at GammaStack strive to deliver you best-in-industry LSports API integration as well as migration services. And hence, we equip you with a team of highly skilled LSports API integration developers that help you get the LSports API integrated into your platform without any hassle. Our integration services include

Sports Trading Manager (STM) Integration

Our teams of LSports API integration developers enable you to make the most out of the STM API integration and enable you to reap all the benefits without any hassle. With the help of our teams, you can reduce manual labor, get your hands on the automated real-time alerts, choose from some of the fasted feed formats such as JSON, binary, XML, generate odds, choose from setting margin or industry average and get your hands on all-in-one data feeds.

OddService Integration

Harness the power of our LSports API integration developers and get the factual coverage for pre-match and in-play sports betting data and get your hands on the thoroughly analyzed data from more than 100 sportsbooks. In addition to this, get all-in-one data lifecycle, crucial data at the lowest latency rates, reduce costs, as well as manual labor effectively.

Additional Services of LSports We Cover

Want more services offered by LSports? Our team of LSports API integration developers can help you make the most out of all the LSports services listed below

  • Outright Sports
  • Odds Intelligence
  • Play-By-Play
  • LVision
  • Alerting Tools
  • Player Props Data
  • BetBooster

Perks of Choosing Our LSports API Integration Developers

On-demand Hiring

Hire on-demand with our flexible hiring models that enable you to hire best-in-class talent as per your needs.

Skilled Developers, Zero Downtime

Our skilled and proficient developers ensure seamless integration as well as migration so that you can carry out business activities without interruptions.

On-time Delivery

Our developers deliver on time. Always. To ensure you can effectively plan other aspects of your business, our teams ensure solutions get deployed within the provided time frame.

LSports Certified Teams

Our teams of certified LSports API integration developers work with LSports to ensure integration and migration take place in no time. Every aspect of the built architecture gets checked by LSports and is implemented only after their approval.

Seamless Migration to LSports

Want to migrate to LSports without any hassle? Our talented team of developers can help you make the shift effortlessly.

24/7 Support

We ensure your business runs smoothly by providing you quick resolution to all your queries.

Choose From Our Diverse and Flexible Engagement Models

Dedicated Teams

Have a major task that needs to be accomplished? Need assistance for ongoing migration or integration? Hire our dedicated teams to get the job done and pay them at the end of the month.

Time and Material

Want quick fixes? Want to make small changes or simply want to generate quick results? Hire from our time and material model and pay developers for the time they spend.

Fixed Price

Have a task for us with the pre-defined scope? Hire our teams that get paid as per pre-defined prices.

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How Our LSports API Integration Developers Work

Requirement Analysis

The first phase is all about understanding your requirements and your business needs. Once our developers acquire a clear understanding of your needs, they move to the next phase.

Architecture Creation for Integration

This is the phase where our team of developers starts developing the architecture as per your business’s goals and requirements.

The Integration or Migration Process

The third phase is where the integration or the migration process begins. Our teams make sure everything goes smoothly to ensure zero downtime.

QA Testing

Once the integration is done and we get the approval from LSports, rigorous testing is conducted to ensure bug-free solutions.

Go Live

This is the final stage where our developers deploy the solutions with integrated LSports API.

Seasoned Professionals
Seamless Integration

Why GammaStack?

Zero Downtime
Years of Experience

At GammaStack, our aim is to render you the best-in-industry developers on-demand. Hence, we have built a team of highly-seasoned, skilled, and proficient developers that seamlessly perform the integrations as well as migrations to enable you to achieve your business goals. Join the hub of several organizations around the world that are making the most out of LSports with the help of our teams and drive success to your business.

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