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Best Reddit Communities For Promoting Gambling Offerings

Best Reddit Communities For Promoting Gambling Offerings
Promoting your offerings with the help of social media isn’t new. In-fact, social media promotions have become an integral part of any marketing strategy. And there are several upsides to it as well. For instance, social media helps you boost your brand awareness, brand recognition and brand recall. Social media also allows you to reach new customers, engage your current customers, build brand credibility while promoting your offerings to the masses.

You must have used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Linkedin for your marketing campaigns. But this blog is not about them.

Today we are going to talk about Reddit. You might have heard of reddit, afterall, the platform has earned the title of “Front page of the Internet”. But did you know that this platform offers massive and numerous opportunities to effectively promote your gambling offerings? If not, then this blog is just for you. So let’s begin!

What is Reddit?

What is Reddit?
Reddit is one of the social media platforms that’s designed for social discussions. The platform enables users, also known as “Redditors”, to host discussions on various topics. You can literally find communities, or “Subreddits” for anything and everything. You can find communities dedicated to memes, advice, QAs, videos, food and most importantly, gambling. There are several Reddit communities for discussing gambling as well as promoting gambling. Some of the Reddit communities for gambling news and updates have also been created.
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Why Choose Reddit?

Reddit is one of the most visited websites around the world. Over 542 Million people use Reddit every month and the platform also receives 52 Million daily users! In the year 2020, the platform achieved the astounding number of 30 Billion monthly views, which showcases the tremendous engagement it attracts and its substantial reach.

Another factor that allows Reddit to stand out is the versatility. Reddit receives every type of audience and the content shared is always appealing to the audiences. Users can comment and rate posts and the content with the most upvotes gets to be on the top of the Subreddit board. The content could be a video, website, text or an image.
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Want to Market Your Gambling offerings Better?

Best Reddit communities for promoting Gambling Platforms and Offerings

Best Reddit communities for promoting Gambling Platforms and Offerings
For promoting your gambling offerings, it becomes crucial to be attentive to the Subreddits. Some Subreddits have been around for decades and have established significant credibility. These are also the Subreddits where audiences engage with the posted content on a daily basis, which makes it ideal for promotions. Though there are several Subreddits that prohibit self promotion, you can always do it indirectly.

Below is the list of top 10 Reddit communities where you can find your target audiences and promote your offerings.


r/sportsbook has a massive following of 350k people and this Subreddit is dedicated to discussions based on sports betting. It consists of all the passionate sports betting enthusiasts that exchange tips, strategies, experiences and more with other Redditors. Odds, sports betting market, bet types and predictions are also a huge part of the discussion and visitors can easily find threads dedicated to diverse sports such as Football, basketball, horse racing and more. Due to the diversity of this Subreddit, it has become one of the best Reddit communities for finding gambling partners.

r/sportsbook also encourages the followers to gamble responsibly and one can easily find various threads on topics such as unit sizing, bankroll management, and more.


With a humongous following of 224k bettors, this becomes one of the most ideal Subreddits to market your sports betting platform as well as our offerings. You can find thousands of punters participating in the group at any time of the day. The Subreddit is dedicated to in-depth discussions on various topics such as predictions, picks, strategies, sports betting platform recommendations, news, reviews, updates, tips and more.


r/poker is followed by 238k Redditors and the Subreddit covers almost everything about Poker. You can find professional players as well as players that are new to the game. The discussions include hand analysis, strategy, tournament updates, high-stakes cash games, news, experiences as well as industry updates. It’s common for Redditors to seek advice on this Subreddit.

In addition to these, the Subreddit also hosts AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, contests and challenges. These sessions also allow players to interact with polished players.


r/gambling is home to 84.5k Redditors. This is the Subreddit dedicated for discussions based on poker, slots, sports betting, casinos and many more. Along with various games, this Subreddit also puts a lot of emphasis on responsible gambling and also provides resources for combating gambling problems. Lastly, it’s one of the best Reddit communities for sharing gambling tips and tricks.


r/betting is another Subreddit dedicated to sports betting. Currently boasting an impressive count of 224k Redditors, the Subreddit is dedicated to odds analysis, strategies, sportsbooks, bookmakers and more. You can also easily find members sharing their experiences, tips, hosting contests and even posting their bet slips. The Subreddit is a gold mine of insights as well as information and it also encourages responsible gambling.


As the name goes, this Subreddit is completely dedicated to online gambling. The visitors can find various video streams of punters winning the jackpot on multiple games. You can also find various discussions on games to try, casinos to try, sportsbooks to try, best bonuses and much more, which makes it ideal for promotions. The Subreddit currently boasts 16.7k gamblers and the Subreddit also showcases posts that share knowledge with new gamblers. It’s also one of the best Reddit communities for gambling news and updates.


If you are looking to promote your horse racing offerings, this is the Subreddit for you. The r/horseracing Subreddit is one of the most popular Subreddits with an impressive member count of 24.7k Redditors. As the name goes, this subreddit is popular for horse racing, but only focuses on the United States. You can easily find various discussions on current events, industry updates, upcoming events, selections, winnings, losses and more. One can also find a comprehensive guide that focuses on the strategies new bettors can implement to ensure success while betting on horses.


Another Subreddit dedicated to one of the most loved casino card games — Blackjack. Blackjack is one of the most played card games and this Subreddit is all about it. The Subressit consists of a massive following of 36.0k and you’ll find people asking questions on effective strategies, rules and more. You’ll also find people sharing their personal experiences of the game. People also share the best places and best platforms to play this enticing card game, which makes it a great place for promotions.


Though this Subreddit has only 1.8k members, it offers great marketing opportunities as people share sportsbook reviews on a regular basis. Most of the discussions are about sportsbook quality, user friendliness, customer support, availability of betting markets, offers, promotions and more. Both pros and cons are shared by Redditors which increases the trustworthiness of this Subreddit.

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