White Label Hockey Betting Software Development

GammaStack is one of the leading sports betting software providers. Our Hockey betting software is a one-stop solution for engaging more audience for your sports betting business.

  • In Play Bets & Accumulator Bets
  • On-demand Customization
  • 100% Secure System
  • 100+ Betting Markets

Futuristic White Label Hockey Betting Software Development

We have a good reputation in the iGaming industry. Till today, we have successfully delivered 40+ products which are getting huge attraction throughout the world. We are flourishing in white label section as well and this is due to our extensive range of features. We provide everything that is essential for successful bets. Our betting software and applications meet all industry standards.

Features Covered in our White Label Hockey Betting Software

Live Streaming

We provide live streaming of matches in our betting software that allows your users to watch the match live and analyze the current match situation. This helps them to place bets smartly without any rush.

Multiple Bet Types

Whether it’s about Parlay betting, H2H betting, pool betting, handicaps or over/under, our white label Hockey betting software covers multiple bet types.

Comprehensive Admin Dashboard

Our white label Hockey betting software comes with a comprehensive dashboard for admin to centrally manage all betting operations.

Retail/Bet Shop Solution

Our white label Hockey betting software comes with multiple retail/bet shop solutions including bet slip printing and many more.

Agent System

A hierarchical agent system is supported in our white label Hockey betting software.

Live Statistics

We provide live statistics feature on our betting software that display the match report or player performance. This helps your users to make ideal betting decisions.

High-End Security

The high-end security feature of our white label hockey software assures no data will be leaked or hacked. The strong back-end support and robust security feature enables you to earn user's reliability.

Betting Community

We have a betting community as well that helps your users to place bets without any failures. This feature mainly helps the newbies or beginners to take a step forward in the betting field by providing expert guidance and suggestions.

Efficient Tracking Of Bets

We provide efficient tracking of bets feature in our white label hockey betting software that include bet status, player updates, key movements, pre-match odds and many more updates.

Multiple Payment Options

We have multiple payment options in our white label hockey betting software that allows users to pay in their desired mode. With these features, users are free to pay through credit cards, debit cards, net banking and cryptocurrency.

Custom Bio For Introduction

The custom bio feature is essential for the introduction of users. We provide a dedicated section or panel for the user introduction where users need to fill the required details.

Date And Schedule

We provide date and schedule features on our software so that users will be notified of the exact timing of the match. This helps users to plan their gaming activity without any confusion.

Multi-Language Support

We want betting to be enjoyed by everyone without any language hesitation. Therefore we cater multi-lingual support feature in our white label hockey betting software. This feature allows users to place bets and to interact with others in their desired language.

Social Media Integration

We provide the opportunity to the users to stay active on their social media account while betting. This feature allows your users to place bets after discussing with their friends and celebrate their wins too.

Need More Features?

Major Hockey Leagues Covered in our White Label Hockey Betting Software

Major Highlights of our Turnkey Hockey Betting Software

Our white label hockey betting software is no doubt one of the finest software that covers everything to make a winning bet. We have a wonderful team of software developers who always try to deliver the best possible features in our betting software. We want to defeat every market competition that’s why we constantly work to improve our features range. We also welcome the feedback of clients and work in the same line. We keep our eyes on every market development and new cutting edge technologies so that we can also provide unbiased and high quality betting software to our clients. We are ready to serve you the best.

Hockey Betting Software

Hockey Betting Mobile Application Development

Hockey Betting Software - Notification

Regular Notifications and Offers

Hockey Betting Software - User-friendly Interface

User-friendly Interface

Sports Betting Software Testing

Rapid market entry

Hockey Betting Software - Cross-platform Solution

Cross-platform Solution

Hockey Betting Software - Betting Trends

Updates Regarding the Betting Trends

Hockey Betting Software - Secure Payment System

Secure Payment System

Hockey Betting Software - Privacy and Personalization

Privacy and Personalization

Hockey Betting Software - Accurate Odds

Accurate Odds

Hockey Betting Software - Multilingual Platform

Multilingual Platform

Major Cryptocurrencies Support

Multi-currency Support

Hockey Betting Software - No Revenue Share

No Revenue Share

Advanced features

AI and Blockchain Integration

AI For Predictive Analysis

We provide predictive analysis of the match or player on demand of the users. We have AI integration in our white label hockey betting software that helps us to provide reliable predictive analysis of the match.

Hockey Betting Software - Tricks And Tips

Tricks And Tips From Major Bookies

We have a major bookies panel who provide some tricks and tips to make winning bets. These bookies have years of experience so can play a key role in your successful betting business.

Hockey Betting Software - AR For Enhanced Gaming Experience

AR For Enhanced Gaming Experience

We always try to enhance the gaming experience of your users therefore we incorporate effective AR system in our white label hockey betting software that will make the betting process simple and easy.

Hockey Betting Software - Speech Based Betting

Speech Based Betting

We provide speech based advanced betting features in our white label hockey betting software. As the name implies, your users need to use their voice to place bets, so there is no need to use hands for betting.

Blockchain Integration - White Label Fantasy Soccer Platform

Blockchain For Transparency And Immutability

We provide blockchain features in our white label hockey betting software to establish full transparency and immutability. With us, there are no chances of any discrepancy.

Totals Baseball Betting Software

Bet Monitoring And Management Tools

We have bet monitoring and management tools in our betting software. With this feature, users can monitor and manage their bets effectively so that they can check their bets in future as well.

Our White Label Hockey Betting Software Development Process

Business Environment Setup - Fantasy Sports Software

1. Requirement Analysis

Our professionals gather and precisely understand your requirements and analyse them to suggest the most suitable solution for you.

Hockey Betting Software - Testing

5. Testing

Our testers deeply test the Hockey betting software to detect and fix the potential errors in it.

Designing - Fantasy Sports Software Development in Paris

2. Project Planning

Our project manager plans out the complete project and allocates tasks to the respective teams.

Final Delivery - Fantasy Sports Software

6. Final Launch

A feature-wrapped white label Hockey betting software is ready for the final launch!

Sports Betting Software Development France

3. Designing

Our designers customize the design of our white label Hockey betting software to create a brand-specific and engaging design as per your requirement.

Final Delivery - Fantasy Sports Software

7. Marketing Guidance

Our marketing experts give you precise guidelines for different marketing aspects including search engine optimization and social media optimization.

Sports Betting Software Development France

4. Development

Our developers incorporate their technical expertise to implement all the on-demand custom features in the software.

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GammaStack’s white label hockey betting software meets all essential demands of the clients. We hear every new and specific requirement of client and deliver the same. We understand technology is changing every day and we will have to sail in the same boat. Therefore we are always ready to cater on-demand additional features as well. With us, users are free to ask for the additional features anytime. We will assist you for sure.


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