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Types Of Lottery Games You Must Have in Your Online Lottery Platform

Types Of Lottery Games

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Different Types Of Lottery Games You Must Have in Your Online Lottery Platform

Online lottery games are all over the internet today. More and more people are turning towards online lottery software solutions to try their luck at the jackpot. There is no denying that the lottery is one of the oldest and most popular forms of gambling. It is one of the cheapest yet most fun ways of gambling. And what makes online lottery games even better? Their accessibility! People can now enjoy lottery games and take part in huge jackpots from the comfort of their homes.

Different types of lottery games make the blood and bones of online lottery software solutions. It doesn’t matter how many high-end features and tools you have, or how user-friendly your platform is, if your platform lacks an engaging list of lottery games, your business will never reach its full potential.

Lottery players don’t just play to win. They also play to get entertained. They want to have fun while aiming for the jackpot. They are looking for the experience. Having different lottery games on your online lottery solution not only enables you to attract new customers but also allows you to entice them while retaining them.

But since there are so many different types of lottery games out there, how do you choose the ideal ones? In order to decide, it’s important to understand all crucial lottery game types. Hence to help you out, below is the list of must have online lottery games that will help you understand the lottery industry and games better.

Must Have Types Of Lottery Games For Your Online Lottery Software

There are five key game types in online lottery. Online Lotto games, online Bingo games, online Keno games, online Raffle games and mystery boxes. Each of these appeal to a different set of audiences. Let’s take a look at each one of these one by one.


  • Online Lotto Games
    Lotto is one of the most played online lottery games due to it’s straightforward and fun nature. The number based game consists of draws where the player chooses any six numbers of his choice from 1 to 47. In each draw, 6 numbers are drawn randomly. This also consists of bonus numbers that take the excitement of the game to the next level.

    The Lotto jackpot starts from 2 million! And if left unclaimed, it only builds up from there. The cost of playing each line is $2 and the minimum play is 2 lines. For playing, customers can either choose numbers randomly or can select Quick Pick option for picking numbers automatically.

    Benefits of playing online lotto games? Customers never miss a draw. They get to play and save their numbers automatically and can also get their numbers checked automatically!

    Some of the most popular and most played lotto games include Powerball, Mega million, Euro Millions, Lotto Max, Northstar Cash, Daily 3, Gopher 5, Lotto America, Lotto plus etc.

  • Online Bingo Games
    Bingo sounds like a modern game, but it is one of the oldest games that was played in 1530. It went by the name “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” which is still played in Italy. The game made its way to France in the late 1770s where it was known as “Le Lotto”. When Bingo made its way in North America in the year 1929, it became popular as “Beano”.

    Playing Bingo is super easy and super fun! The game of Bingo can be played in countless ways. And its diversity makes it so engaging. The game of Bingo varies on the basis of the number of balls it’s played with. Traditionally, the game is played with 75 balls.

    Bingo tickets consist of numbers that are called out by the caller and if someone has these numbers on their ticket, they get crossed off. Online Bingo game also comes with the option of auto-daub, which enables players to automatically cross off numbers on their cards when they are called. Bingo games come with diverse rules, and each of these come with their own set of terms of winning. Some of the most popular online Bingo games include Bingo Superstar, Bingo Happy, Bingo Infinity and many more.

  • Online Keno Games
    Keno originated in China, but the word Keno is known to have Latin or french roots. It is also said that the game helped in raising funds for the Great Wall of China! The game of Keno also earned several names such as white dove ticket or white pigeon, since birds were used to send the results to various locations.

    In order to play Keno, the players are required to choose the amount they want to wager with for the Keno draw. The amount of money can be altered between the draws. Once the amount is chosen, players can choose the lucky digits or they can do so with the help of an auto picker. Some variations of online Keno games allow players to play a particular set of numbers for more than one time for multiple rounds. This makes a huge difference as playing becomes more efficient and players get to pick the same lucky numbers. Once these steps are completed, players can click on play. This initiates the calling of numbers. The player can now sit back, relax and hope to win the jackpot. Once the calling is concluded, the computer tallies the results.

    Some of the most popular online Keno games include Vegas Keno, Klub Keno, Keno Jackpot, Instant keno and many more.

  • Online Raffle Games
    Raffle is another form of gambling that has been around, but has gained immense popularity recently. Why? Because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Raffles are used to gamble as well as to raise money for various causes. Raffles are basically fundraisers. Now what could be a more perfect opportunity for fundraising than COVID-19 Pandemic? The internet is flooded with several raffles for COVID vaccine, COVID care, medicines, and much more.

    So what exactly are raffles? Raffles are gambling competitions where people receive their tickets, and with each ticket comes a chance of winning a bumper prize. The numbers are drawn randomly and the tickets are checked for prizes. If the number matches, the ticket holder takes the prize home.

    In case of online raffles, the events are hosted online. There is a significant rise in online raffle software platforms that allow fundraisers to create and host their own raffle events. The tickets are sent in various formats such as SMS, emails as well as printable formats. In addition to this, the online raffle software solutions offer several other features such as event creation tools, KYC/AML trackers, admin dashboards, pool lock and unlock timers, ticket buying systems, wallet systems, scheduling tools and much more that make the complete experience seamless.

  • Mystery Boxes
    Mystery boxes are the latest trends, but it’s safe to say that these are here to stay. The concept of the mystery boxes is quite simple. The customer creates his account and adds money. Next, he starts browsing all the mystery boxes. Each mystery box contains goodies from some of the most high-end brands such as Nike, Apple, Supreme, etc. The goodies can include watches, shoes, t-shirts, smartphones etc.

    The contents of mystery boxes are visible to the customers. The detailed description is provided with the probability of receiving the products. This makes sure they know what they can expect. Once the customer is satisfied, he can buy the mystery box. Now comes the fun part. Once the customer has bought the mystery box, he can unbox it in just one click. If the customer is lucky and scores a mystery box full of goodies, he can choose to keep those items. If not, he can return those.

    The millennials like surprises. They enjoy taking risks and the thrill. And the mystery boxes give them what they are looking for. Mystery boxes are full of surprises, suspense and fun. No wonder, these have caught the attention of the internet generation.

The times are changing for the lottery industry and they are changing for good. Online lottery industry is more accessible, renders more choices and provides complete flexibility with transparency as well as security. No wonder, we can see a rise in the number of online lotto software solutions, online keno software solutions, online raffle software solutions, as well as online bingo software solutions. The online lottery industry is profitable and those who have already spotted the opportunity are rushing to generate as much profit as they can.

Want to Get Most Engaging Games in Your Online Lottery Software Solution?

GammaStack can help. At GammaStack, we provide you with the most engaging as well as electrifying selection of online lottery games that enable you to grab the attention of your customers, enhance participation, increase customer retention while boosting your profits. Our integration services allow you to seamlessly get all the different lottery games added into your online lottery platform without disrupting your business operations.

Apart from providing engaging games, we also specialize in rendering feature-loaded as well as next-generation online lottery software solutions that allow you to render world-class lottery experiences to your customers. In addition to this, we also provide dedicated solutions such as online lotto platform, online keno platform, online bingo platform, online raffle platform and mystery boxes software solutions. Want to know more about our online lottery platform and lottery game integration services? Contact us today!

FAQs on Must Have Types of Lottery Games

Which games does your online lottery platform support?

Our online lottery platform comes packed with various exciting list of lottery games such as Pick4, Pick5, Lotto America, Mega Millions, Cash 5, Match 6, MegaBucks Doubler, Mass Cash, Numbers Game, Instant Lotto, Keno System, Lucky for life, Treasure hunt and many more.

Do you also provide API integration for international lotteries?

Yes, we provide you API integrations for international lotteries such as Powerball, Powerball plus, Poland lotto, Spanish Daily, SuperLotto, Texas Two Step, Lotto and many more.

Do you provide certified RNG with your online lottery platform?

Yes, the RNG we provide is certified by iTech Labs.

Can you integrate the payment gateway of my choice in the online lottery software?

Yes. Even though we have tie-ups with some of the most renowned third parties that provide advanced as well as most secure payment gateways, we render our customers complete freedom to choose the payment gateway of their choice.

I have a unique idea for lottery. Can your team design and develop a custom lottery type for me?

Yes, we can. We boast teams of highly creative designers and highly skilled developers that hold years of experience in creating and developing custom online lottery software solutions.