Top 10 EOS Gaming Casinos DApps

Top 10 EOS Gaming Casinos DApps

While there are already a number of blockchain-based networks like Etherium, when compared with them EOS is the 7th largest cryptocurrency based on market cap. It has a value of around $3 billion since February 2019. Facilitating decentralized applications, EOS focuses on main critical points of blockchain and attempts to solve the problem of speed, flexibility and scalability. 

Here are the top 10 EOS Gaming Casinos DApps


Running on EOS Smart Contract, it is played fair and has strong security. With the usage of cutting-edge technologies, they claim that the results of dice are not touched by anyone. 


They introduce themselves as a multi-person online entertainment platform based on blockchain. Multiplayer Texas, multiplayer Blackjack, Baccarat, PowerBall Lottery, Caribbean Poker, Sports, multiplayer three card and other games are supported by it. Their aim is to build a user autonomous community, and create a platform that belongs to poker enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts using blockchain.

3. BigGame 

BigGame so far has launched Banker Bull, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Poker War and Dice, all of which are transparent and fair with verification tools provided. 


It is built on the EOS.IO blockchain architecture keeping it player-centric. It is fully decentralized, maximally scalable, provably-fair, and offers the hottest casino games with low house edges with almost zero fees.

EOSBet was the first on-chain gambling casino to receive gambling license from Curacao’s Ministry of Justice

5. Spinach

Bringing together all kinds of blockchain games and money-making opportunities, It aims to be the only portal for you to enter the world of blockchain games.

6. BatDapp

Leveraging the technology this DApp uses Basic Attention Token to provide their users a great experience. 

7. EOSPlay Lottery & Dice

It is the fairest Lottery DApp on EOS Mainnet, They generate winning numbers by Block Hash Dice


They believe in the motto of  “Bet against the Hash Value of the Blockchain and Win Big” BetHash is the Decentralized Crypto Casino Built on EOS, use hash to draw winning numbers to guarantee absolute Fairness.

9. Poker EOS

The rules are automatically executed by smart contracts. It is a board game that uses EOS block hash tails and adds timestamps to calculate the card type results. Players can customize each game. The random number seed is used to verify the game results. 

10. SportBet 

It is the first decentralized sports-betting platform built on the EOS blockchain. Unlike traditional online sportsbooks, our platform doesn’t require identity verification and deposits. It provides transparent betting and instant payouts to the users’ EOS wallets.


So these are the top 10 EOS Gaming Casinos DApps that have completely changed the way we looked at Gaming Casinos Applications

The main feature of EOS is that it uses a consensus model called delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS), where higher throughput is achieved by decreasing the number of nodes that participate in consensus. Working on DPos algorithm, its requirement for miners and computing power is less demanding. As a result, on-chain transactions don’t charge any fee. In case of more resources such as computing power, storage capacity and or bandwidth, developers mostly put certain amount of EOS tokens as a stake. 

EOS is often considered similar to Etherium since we can code smart contracts on EOS. But it has been reported that EOS is way better than Etherium in factors that include scalability, flexibility, speed and efficiency.

Let’s discuss some benefits of EOS

  • DApps development 
  • Free Transactions
  • Ease of Governance 
  • ICO friendly
  • Fewer Risks
  • Self-sustaining 

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