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Get the premier league fantasy sports platform that is rivalled to none and can exceed your expectations in an impeccable manner.

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Action-Filled Premier League Fantasy Sports Software

Broadcasting to 643 million homes in 212 territories and grabbing a potential audience count of 4.7 billion, Premier League has gained immense popularity and has become one of the most trending soccer leagues. Keeping in mind the trend of industry, we develop state-of-the-art premier league fantasy sports software.

Features Covered in Premier League Fantasy Platform

Easy & Engaging Drafting

Our premier league fantasy sports platform comes with easy and engaging team drafting feature which includes selecting a perfect squad for the gameplay. The team drafting process gets easier through player cards.

Player Transfers

The users of your premier fantasy sports platform get a free player transfer every week i.e. they

Manual and Integrated Data Feeds

We ease up your task of finding a trusted data feed provider for your fantasy sports software by bringing you in touch with the recognized data feed providers in our contact who can serve you with the best-in-class data feeds.We can also provide manual interface in case data feeds are not available.


We include multiple engaging dimensions and filters in our leaderboard for amusing your users and keeping them well-informed about their scores at different levels of the game.

Custom Ad-modules

We integrate custom ad modules in the fantasy sports software in order to help you with an additional revenue stream by attracting sponsorship and google ads.

Multiple Sports Supported

We can develop premier league fantasy platform for different sports including Soccer, Hockey, Rugby and many more.

Real-time Scoring System

Our premier league fantasy sports platform possesses a real-time scoring system that can perfectly depict the real-time scores of the players at different levels of the game.

On-demand Customizations

Along with our existing features list, we can also do the on-demand customizations of features as per the specific requirement of your brand.

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Major Highlights

Premier League Fantasy Sports Squad Selection

Squad Selection

There are different combinations for squad selection that can be customized as per the requirement of client. For example, to join the game, users must select a squad of players consisting of 2 Goalkeepers, 3 Forwards, 5 Defenders and 5 Midfielders. You can set a limit for the budget and number of players in your fantasy sports software for the initial squad selection.

Prize Distribution

Prize Distribution

The prize distribution feature includes different prizes depending upon the performances of the participants.

Premier League Fantasy Sports Squad Management

Squad Management

Your users can manage their squad of players participating in the fantasy sports premier league.They can choose a captain, a vice captain and prioritize the automatic substitutions in the gameplay. Free transfer of players can be done once in a week and for carrying out more than one transfer, there will be a deduction of 4 points.

Fantasy Sports Web DevelopmentFantasy Sports Web Development

Game Week Deadlines

A particular game week is decided for the particular league and if changes are required, they need to be made within the gameweek deadlines. The gameweek deadlines for different set of matches in the leagues are displayed for the users in the fantasy sports platform.

Premier League Fantasy Sports Private Leagues Creation

Private Leagues Creation

As the users enter their squad, they can create the league and start the gameplay for competing with the other participants. They can create different types of leagues including private league and public league and can also keep a check at league scoring.

Premier League Fantasy Sports Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Multiple payment gateways are integrated in our premier league fantasy sports software thereby making the payment process hassle-free for your users.

Sports Wagering Software Real-Time Scoring System


Your fantasy players gain the scorings as per the points that they get for their performance in the premier fantasy sports league. Different scores are allocated as per the varying achievements, for example, 1 point for a 60 minute gameplay, 5 points for a penalty save, etc. The scoring system can be customized as per the requirements.

Premier League Fantasy Sports Player Card

Player Card

Our premier league fantasy sports platform comes with player cards that contain all the requisite information about players including their identity, gaming history, etc. Player cards make it easier for users to choose the players for their squad.

Fantasy Sports Web Development Quality Assurance


For enhancing the performance of the teams and adding engagement to the gameplay, users can use the chips during the league season. There are different available chips in the software including wildcard, bench boost, etc.

Development Cycle of Premier League Fantasy Platform

Premier League Fantasy Sports Analysis

Analysis of Idea

At the initial step, we analyse your idea in order to detect your exact requirement, thereby understanding it in order to find ṭhe optimal solution. Our team pays close attention to every minute detail so that you do not need to make any compromises with your needs.

Task Allocation

After analysing the requirement, we move towards allocating the tasks to different team members so that different stages of the development process can move in parallel without wasting any time.
Task Allocation
Premier League Fantasy Sports UI Planning

UI Planning

We possess a team who dedicatedly works on projects related to fantasy sports and creates an impeccable and eye-soothing design for your premier league fantasy sports platform.

Injecting Life to Designs

Our development team injects life into the designs through coding and developing the premier league fantasy sports software, integrated with all the requisite functionalities.
Injecting Life To Designs
Premier League Fantasy Sports Bugs Fixing

Bugs Fixing

Our QA team fixes all the bugs in the software and ensures that we deliver a well-functioning premier league fantasy sports software within the specified time frame.

Ready for Launch

After quality testing of the software, the feature-loaded premier league fantasy sports software is ready for launch.
Premier League Fantasy Sports Ready For Launch

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On- Demand Customization
Experience in Developing Fantasy Sports Platform for Multiple Leagues
Scalable Premier League Fantasy Sports Platform

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