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Home » Mobile Games : Overruling the Global Revenues of Game Development Industry in 2023

Mobile Games : Overruling the Global Revenues of Game Development Industry in 2023

Mobile Games : Overruling the Global Revenues of Game Development Industry


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Statistical Analysis of Revenues of Mobile Game Market
  3. Popular Genres of Mobile Games
  4. Challenges Faced by Mobile Gaming Industry
  5. Trending Mobile Gaming Industry Stuffs
  6. Popular Game Development Solutions
    -Android Game Development
    -iOS Game Development
  7. Popular Mobile Game Development Tools
  8. Must-Have Factors in Mobile Game Development
  9. Proven Business Models that can Mark Impressive Growth in Mobile Game Market
  10. Process of Bringing Mobile Games Idea to Reality
  11. How to Select a Reliable Mobile Game Development Company?
  12. Why can GammaStack Prove to be a Dependable Mobile Game Development Company

Mobile game development has proved to be one of the rapidly growing sectors belonging to the gaming industry. Commencing from the game evolution of classic Snake in our phones to highly advanced Poker game, Pokemon Go and many more , the mobile gaming industry has witnessed a remarkable growth since the past few decades. Evolution of technology and growing digitization has contributed to the overall development of the mobile gaming industry. In 2019, the revenue of the mobile gaming industry was worth nearly $70 billions which will eventually hike up to $80 billion till year 2021. Also, the situation of global pandemic all over the world has resulted in global lockdown & this has enhanced the affinity of people towards mobile gaming options.  Thus 2023 can prove to be a perfect timing for putting your step in the gaming business !

Statistical Analysis of Revenues of Mobile Game Market

  • Mobile gaming industry has successfully become one of the most popular industries of $65+ billion.
  • Online mobile games hold 45% of the total gaming industry of $120+ billion 
  • Asian countries including South Korea, China, Japan  & UAE , European countries and North America hold major portion worth $40 billion worth in the enhanced revenue and the active participation of mobile gamers.
  • As per a recent report, mobile gamers spend nearly 15% on Google Play Store and iOS App Store that yielded nearly $55 billion & $63 billion in 2018 and 2019 respectively.
  • Android gamers represent nearly 80% of the net global gaming market.
  • iOS gamers are more in only one nation which is USA.
  • Witnessing the growing opportunities of mobile game development across various regions of globe, most of the console and PC based games are rolling out the respective mobile versions to enhance their revenues.
  • As per a recent report, net revenue of mobile gaming market has hiked to more than 13.3% as compared to previous years.
  • Mobile gaming segment has increased with 25.5% to $70.3 billion, PC gaming segment with 1.6% to $32.9 billion , console based gaming segment with 4.1% to $34.6 billion.
  • Tablet games generate 10% and smartphone games 41% mobile game segment revenue.
  • Strategic growth of mobile games has been contributed by launching of new games, enhancement of game genres and advancement of game development technologies.
  • As per a report, $137.9 billion is spent on the games by 2.3 billion gamers 
  • Mobile gaming has proved to be the rapidly growing segment in the past 10 years in terms of revenue that has seen an increase of  70 billion dollars.  

Have a look at the popular genres of the mobile games for understanding the trend of market and the audience’s interest :-

  • Casino Games
    Land based casino’s virtual version is termed as online casino games. Players can get real-time and astonishing gaming experience of their favorite casino games through their smartphones. The casino games are based on different randomly generated outcomes and include multiple popular games such as Poker, Slot games, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Bingo and many more. Casino games hold the highest count of installs as compared to the other games on playstore. These games come in white label or ready-made solution as well as customized solutions thus operators can choose their desired solution as per the requirements.

  • Card Games
    Card games have its roots in traditional origin and are played through a deck of cards thus are termed as card games. Different popular games including Poker, Hold’em Poker, Teen Patti, Rummy, etc fall in the category of card games. Just like casino games, card games have also gained popularity in different oates of globe including Qatar, UAE, USA, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Egypt, etc. Poker is one among the most loved card games in this genre.

  • Puzzle Game
    Puzzle games are those that are based on the problem solving skills of the players. The players get a limited time for attempting and solving the puzzles hence the players with enhanced problem solving abilities can easily and rapidly rule the puzzle games. Multiple popular games that fall under this genre include trial and error, tile matching, hidden object games and many more.

  • Sport Game
    Sport games are those which recreate a gaming experience that is realistic just like the sports including Basketball, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Rugby and many more. Different online tournaments based on the specific rules of the respective sports are played by the players with the realistic gaming environment.

  • Casual Games
    Casual games are those that have simple rules and directions for following and are meant just for simple fun. Various gaming categories such as trivia, adventures, strategy, arcade, word and action games lie under this category. These games cover audiences belonging to varying age groups thus they have a huge popularity globally.

  • Hypercasual Games
    Easy to play yet engaging games involving shorter time of gameplay are termed as hypercasual games which are way too easier as compared to the casual games. These are simple games with easy rules meant for relieving the stress and have huge popularity worldwide among all the age groups. These games are based on the achievement of goals and are based on various levels to be crossed thereby keeping players engaged for longer runs.

  • Runner Games
    Runner games are combination of action oriented as well as casual games which start with easy level and move ahead with advanced and tough stages which flow on continuously.

Challenges Faced by Mobile Gaming Industry

Although ads which come in between the mobile games prove to be lucrative and make up nearly 53% of the total revenue but they affect the gaming experience of your users. Most of the time, players find it easy to play games with no ads and games having more ads affect the retention of the players. Just 5 % of the players all over the world do in-app purchases while playing the games which clearly indicates that although ads seem to be profitable for the businesses but they do not seem engaging to the players. 

Mobile game development is a completely dynamic industry with rapidly changing trends and this industry is growing rapidly and will surely enhance the revenues by billions in the upcoming years of 2021 and 2025. In this quickly evolving industry, it becomes difficult for the businesses to survive with constant game development solutions as they need to stay updated with the trends and keep on involving and launching new versions of the games in order to stand untouched in the market full of competitors. 

Trending Mobile Gaming Industry Stuffs

As we need to be cool and stay updated with the bleeding-edge advancements in the game development industry, here are some of the trending ideas as per the recent researches about the trendsetters:-

  • Battle between smartphones and gaming consoles in terms of graphics has become more intense with the passing time due to enhancing visual technologies.
  • Gameplay opportunities that are concurrent with desktop as well as mobile via same applications are preferred by the gamers
  • 3D touch always seem to attract the gamers and offer them realistic gaming experience
  • Advancing to higher gaming levels with expansion packs covering engaging weapons, power boosters, etc entice players.
  • Integration of AR and VR in games enhance the overall gaming experience of the players.
  • Various audiences belonging to different age groups and geographies have varying demands thus we should stay updated with the specific needs of target audiences.

Popular Mobile Game Development Solutions

HTML5 Game Development

HTML 5 Game Development

Board Game Development

Board Game Development

Unity Game Development

Unity Game Development

Arcade Game Development

Arcade Game Development

-Snooker Game Development

Snooker Game Development

Popular Mobile Game Development Tools

For developing advanced and high quality games, cutting edge and technically advanced game development tools, technologies and engines are required that include:-

  • Unity
  • CryEngine
  • Amazon Lumberyard
  • Unreal Engine 
  • HTML 5
  • SpriteKit
  • BuildBox
  • Godot 
  • GameMaker Studio, etc.

Must-Have Factors in Mobile Game Development

Planning out a mobile game does not involve just coding but there are various other aspects that demand consideration :-

  • Engaging Storyline
    A highly engaging storyline is must for any game thus a reality-touched and intuitive storyline must be created for the games.

A highly engaging storyline is must for any game thus a reality-touched and intuitive storyline must be created for the games.

  • Solid Game Plan A well-defined strategy or plan must be framed for the games including costing calculations, time for launching, target audiences, targeted geography and much more.

  • Advanced Game Development Tools
    Knowledge about the advanced game development tools such as Unity, HTML 5 and many more enable you to create unrivalled gaming solutions.

  • Impressive Graphics and Animation
    Mobile games with engaging and impressive animations and graphics act as engagement boosters for the games.

  • Relevant Audio and Images
    Relevant audio and images belonging to the related storylines is a must for any engaging mobile game.

  • Enticing Game Assets
    Different enticing game assets such as weapons, gaming elements , backgrounds, effects, etc must be present for attracting users.

  • Interactive Game Environment
    Integration of AR and VR in games bring interaction to the gaming solution and enhance the retention rate of users.

Proven Business Models that can Mark Impressive Growth in Mobile Game Market

Simple gameplay & various game engines such as Unity make mobile game development a quite cheaper variant of game development. As per the game type, certain revenue streams are being focussed on by the game development companies:-

  • Paid
    It is a monetization model that has gained popularity since days of console and PC games. It refers to owning games through payment of some particular amount of money. Paid games hold 8% in total revenue of the game development industry. Paid games are known as premium games that involve paying money for holding the ownership.

  • In-App Advertising
    The paid model did not get much success, thus a freemium model came up which includes free gameplay and making money through ads running in between. 53% of industry prefers in-game advertising and is one of the most popular monetization models. Maximizing the count of players means more number of players watching the in-app ads that ultimately drives more revenue.

  • In-App Purchases
    In-app purchases means allowing players to purchase additional digital items or gaming add-ons within game from a pre existing store that enables your players to play the game more conveniently and profitably. This monetization model contributes to 48% of total revenue in the mobile gaming industry.

Process of Bringing Mobile Games Idea to Reality

  • Thorough research regarding the mobile games you need
  • Frame a proper storyline of the game
  • Plan out the entire process
  • Research about the costing involved in development
  • Research for a reliable game development company
  • Plan out your monetization strategy
  • Work on your marketing strategies
  • Connect with a trusted mobile game publisher

How to Select a Reliable Mobile Game Development Company?

Here are some of the crucial aspects that need to be paid consideration while choosing a mobile game development company for your business:-

  • Experience and Reputation
    Criteria which holds utmost importance is the reputation and experience holded by the game development company along with their work history. You should check the client testimonials and reviews of their past work. Game development companies possessing more than 5 years of experience should be preferred for reliability and dependency.

  • Game Development Portfolio
    A strong and promising portfolio is a must for any game development company thus you should always keep a check at the portfolio of the company and have an insight about the type of projects delivered by them in the past.

  • Team of Experts
    You should always count on the company possessing an exceptionally strong team of experts including game designers, developers, testers and business professionals who can work mutually to deliver you the best possible mobile game development solutions.

  • Availability for Discussion
    The professionals should always be available for the discussions regarding various stages of the projects and to ensure that the requirements and implementation are on the same pages.

  • Deadline Aspects
    Deadline aspects should be perfectly met by the company in order to avoid delays in the launching of the games and their team should always adhere to assigned timelines for deliverables.

  • Understanding of Industry Trends
    The team must have a thorough understanding about the on-going trends in the mobile game development industry and should deliver their solutions and services in accordance with the trends.

Why can GammaStack Prove to be a Dependable Mobile Game Development Company?

Are you in search of a reliable mobile game development company? Then , GammaStack can be your perfect destination for getting high quality mobile game development solutions that are rich in assets, graphics, animations, effects and much more. Whether you require bespoke mobile game development services or ready-made solutions, we have got you covered for every bit of your requirement. Our team ensures that we cover all the necessary aspects in the games including trending features, popular genres and much more which can contribute in engagement of the users in an effective manner.