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Mobile Game Development

Interactive, user-centric, graphically rich and highly responsive mobile game development solutions & services that can entice your users.

    End-to-end & Graphically-Rich Mobile Game Development

    GammaStack is known for offering comprehensive and advanced mobile gaming development solutions and services with adherence to quality aspects. By developing rich visuals and exciting gaming levels for multiple games, we ensure the excellent quality of gaming for multiple mobile users. Through our broad vision and creative approach, we ensure maximum revenue generation for your business. Our team possesses expertise in bleeding edge technologies including isometric, 2D and 3D games, Cocos2D, PhoneGap, HTML5, Cocos2D-X and Unity, we develop games with maximum engagement. Being a renowned mobile game development company, we ensure that our clients make the maximum bang out of every buck that they have spent.

    Key Benefits of our Mobile Game Development Solutions & Services

    Ready-made Games with Customization Opportunities

    We have ready to launch games that come with all the necessary game features, graphics and other game assets thereby allowing you to quickly launch them.”

    Multiple Mobile Game Genres

    Various genres of mobile games including action games, puzzles, role based games, etc are developed by us.

    No Revenue Sharing

    You need not stay worried about any false pricing models or any wanted sharing or revenue as we follow zero revenue sharing policy and transparent pricing model.

    Bespoke Game Development

    Our custom game development solutions enable you to get tailor-made gaming solutions that are exactly as per your specific needs.

    Coded in Cutting-Edge Technologies

    Our mobile games are developed by employing cutting-edge tools and technologies thereby allowing your users to have an unforgettable gaming experience.

    Multilingual Games

    Our mobile games come with multiple languages support which allows you to attract gamers from various locations throughout the world.

    Cross-Platform Compatibility

    The mobile games developed by us are compatible on multiple platforms including desktop, laptop, mobile, iPhones, iPads, etc

    Mobile Game Genres we Cover









    Educational Games


    Mobile Game Solutions

    Android Game Development

    -3D & 2D Android Games
    -Compatible on All Android Smartphones
    -Auto Update
    -Popular Android Games Covered
    -Employ Advanced Frameworks & Tools (Android SDK, OpenGL Libraries, etc)

    iOS Game Development

    -2D and 3D iPhone & iPad Games
    -High Resolution Games
    -Excellent Graphic Rendering Capabilities
    -Popular iOS Games Covered
    -ZERO Performance & Lagging Issues

    2D & 3D Game Development

    - Exciting and Animated Assets Creation
    - Realistic and Quality Graphics
    - Lively Game Assets
    - Cutting-edge Technologies(Flash, Unity, Unreal etc)
    - Popular 2D/3D Mobile Games

    Social Game Development

    - Exciting Gaming Genres Covered (Puzzle, Adventure, etc)
    - Popular Social Games
    - Engaging Video, Audio and Image Formats
    - Development in High End Technologies ( HTML, Flash, etc)
    - Offline Gaming Flexibility

    Unity Game Development

    - Enhanced Assets Storage - High Quality Audio & Visual Engines
    - Popular Mobile Games in Unity
    - Expertise in Unity Tools (OpenGL, Unity Graphics Libraries, etc)
    - Employ Terrain Packs and Unity’s Social Plugins for Game Quality

    HTML 5 Game Development

    -Varied Genres Supported (Arcade, Racing, Word, Adventure & Custom Games)
    -Popular HTML5 Mobile Games
    -Cross-Platform Compatible Games
    -Dynamic Mobile Games
    - Well-Versed in HTML5 Frameworks (PlayCanvas, Three.JS, etc)

    AR/VR Game Development

    - Expertise in Advanced Engines & Technologies (ARCore, Vuforia, etc)
    - Popular AR/VR Mobile Games
    - Supports Face Recognition, Visual and Marker
    - Mobile Games Based on Geo-Location
    - Cover Simulation Based Games

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    Our Mobile Games Portfolio

    Strategy Game - Medal-of-War
    Pro Feel Golf
    Kalutai Game Development
    Sea Dash Game Development
    Brigade Battle Game Development
    Riyadh Run Game Development
    Oskar Game Development
    POPTROPICA Game Development
    CRAZY CANNON Game Development
    Synchrony Game Development
    Bubble Shooter Game Development
    Snake Game Development
    Black-Mamba Game Development

    Major Features of our Mobile Games

    Engaging Graphics

    Our mobile games come with highly engaging graphics, game assets, animation, icons and lucrative displays that entice your users and offer them an entertaining gaming experience.

    Game Controls

    Powerful game control features in our mobile games enable your users to perform various gaming operations based upon the game genre including shooting, attacking, using weapons, etc.

    Great Sound Effects

    High quality and game specific sound effects are included in our mobile games to enhance the gaming experience of your users and offer them real-time game feel.

    Quick Loading Time

    Rapid loading time of our mobile games can prove to be a highly lucrative aspect for your users as gamers often prefer having a convenient gaming experience that loads up easily in the respective devices.

    Lucrative Rewards

    Highly lucrative rewards and badges at various gaming levels keep the gaming enthusiasm of your players high and enhance their retention rate for your gaming platform.

    Referral Bonuses

    Your players can refer the games to the other players and successfully engage them which helps them earn the additional bonuses.


    Ultra modern leadership boards in our mobile games allow your users to stay well informed about the leading participants in the games and enhance their competitive spirit.

    Seamless Payment Options

    Multiple fiat as well as cryptocurrency payment gateways are integrated in our mobile games for enabling your users to have convenient and secure transactions.

    Multiplayer Support

    Multiple players can play our mobile games at a time which seems exciting and adventurous for your players to compete with multiple other gaming enthusiasts.

    Game Notifications

    Timely notifications regarding the game are provided to your players so that they do not miss any crucial update about their favorite game.

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    Mobile Game Development Services & Solutions

    White Label Game Development

    Custom Game Development

    Our Technology Stack

    Html 5 Technology
    IOS 9 Technology
    Cocos 20x Technology
    Flash Technology
    Appgamekit Technology
    AR COre Technology
    Vuforia Technology
    Phaser Technology
    Photon Technology
    Unity Technology
    Smart Fox Server Technology
    Unreal Engine Technology

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    Our Mobile Game Development Expertise

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    Our Mobile Game Development Cycle

    Set up the Milestone

    -Discuss & analyze requirements about the game concept
    -Refining of concept
    -Detailing the game framework
    -Finalization of gaming project goals
    -Project Planning

    Game Designing

    -Select from the pre-defined game design templates
    -Customizations in design as per brand needs
    -Creation of first design draft & send it for approval
    -Finalization of gaming designs (icons and set)
    -Creation of UI and 2D and 3D game assets.

    Game Development

    -Coding of game assets including animations, objects, etc
    -Delivery of initial game draft
    -Development of on-demand additional components
    -Creation of Multiple Designing Levels

    Final Delivery

    -Integrate all elements in games
    -Proper QA & Testing
    -Assistance in marketing as per niche audience
    -Final Delivery

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    8+ Years of Industry Expertise
    Varied Genres of Mobile Games Covered

    Why Gammastack?

    Graphically-Rich Mobile Games
    Seamless Customizations Flexibility

    GammaStack is a well-known and highly trusted mobile game development company that provides feature-rich and engaging mobile games. Our mobile games are wrapped up with engaging features, high quality graphics and animation that can engage your users and offer them an exhilarating gaming experience. Our team of experts ensure that we meet the precise requirements of our valuable clients and deliver them the best possible gaming solutions and services. We adhere to higher standards of quality in our every work and ensure to meet the time deadlines specified by the clients.

    Awards and mentions

    Silicon India Company of the Year
    Emerging experts in Blockchain ETHDenver
    3rd ranked among 1000 entries in IBW Blockchain hackathon
    Keynote Speakers in Blockchain for Pharma Supply Chain Conference
    Brand Leadership Award by best brand awards, India
    Keynote Speakers in BFC APAC-Singapore Conference
    Rising Star 2019 Award
    Premium Usability 2019 Award


    Gaming Laboratory International
    Gambling Commission
    Malta Gaming Authority
    Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
    General Data Protection Regulation


    U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    Florida State Golf Association INC
    All India Gaming Federation

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    BWinner Sports Betting Software
    P2P Fantasy Sports Software
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    Car Lottery
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    Payment Gateway

    First Data - Payment Gateway Integration
    Merchant Scout
    Ikajo - Payment Gateway Integration

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