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Lottery CRM Software

Lottery CRM Software

Comprehensive and all-in-one iGaming platform

GammaStack offers an all-in-one iGaming platform known as GS core which is a scalable advanced and versatile and offers you the flexibility to integrate any third party as per your choice for launching live casino, online casino, sportsbooks, lottery, virtual sports, bingo, poker and provably fair casino games at affordable prices and in no time. Being in industry since more than 12 years, GammaStack is known for offering high quality and state of the art iGaming software development solutions and services which can be completely customised as per your requirements.

Best-in-industry iGaming Platform Software Provider
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Highlights of our lottery CRM platform

Prospect management

Prospect management

  • Contacts and leads management
  • Contacts and leads management
  • Campaign management
  • Segmentation
  • Profiling
  • Social media management
  • Cost optimisation

Back office system

Back office system

  • Customisable admin dashboard
  • Users management
  • Frauds and risks management
  • On-demand customisations
  • Easily expandable
  • Admin management

Sales management

Sales management

  • Workflow management
  • Invoices management.
  • Sales and leads management
  • Sales opportunities management
  • Sales analytics and forecast
  • In-bound and outbound channel management

Customer service

Customer service

  • Social media monitoring
  • Feedback management
  • Knowledge management
  • Process automation
  • Case management
  • Issues handling and resolving .

Customer retention management

Customer retention management

  • Customer profiling
  • Customer activities analysis
  • Bespoke retention strategies
  • Player interaction management
  • Case management
  • Personalised bonuses and rewards

Customer interaction

Customer interaction

  • Right way of interacting with customers
  • Automated email replies
  • Automated SMS
  • Automated mails
  • API triggered and automated workflows
  • Automated messaging systems

PAM system

PAM system

  • Automated KYC
  • Safe authentication
  • Automated risk management
  • Player acquisition tracking
  • Player acquisition tracking
  • Player account handling

Security module

Security module

  • Responsible gaming guidelines
  • Risk management tools
  • Real-time updates on unauthorised access attempts
  • Real-time notifications on suspicious activities
  • Easy to use and engaging dashboard
  • Absolute safety, reliability and privacy

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Benefits served by our lottery CRM software


Information tracking and management

Our lottery CRM software tracks and manages comprehensive information in an efficient manner.


Mobile responsive

Mobile responsiveness of our lottery CRM software helps your players to access the platform on mobile devices easily.


Reduced manual efforts

Lottery CRM software minimises manual efforts by automating processes effectively.


Instant insights

Through our lottery CRM software, you can get instant recommendations and insights.


Detailed reports and analytics

Detailed reports and analytics can be checked in our lottery CRM software.


On-demand customisations

We can do all the required customisations in our lottery CRM software solutions.


Full ownership

We give you the complete ownership of IP or source code of lottery CRM software.


Scalable infrastructure

Our lottery CRM software supports a highly scalable and robust infrastructure.

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Brownie points of our lottery CRM software

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Choose lottery CRM solution as per your need


White label lottery CRM software


Custom lottery CRM software development


Turnkey lottery CRM software


Lottery CRM mobile app development

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Lottery CRM software development process

Requirements are identified and defined
Gathering Requirements
Ideation & Planning
Select between third parties or bespoke deployment
API integration and development
Front-End Development
Third-party system integrations
Bespoke integrations
Back-End Development
Configuration of back office
Custom Configuration
Quality analysis
Lottery Games Integration
On-Demand Customizations
Lottery CRM software is ready to be launched
Advanced solutions for boosting your online lottery business’s KPI
Full transparency and on-time communication
12+ years of industry expertise
Team of expert and skilled professionals

GammaStack is a recognised lottery CRM provider offering advanced and feature-rich online lottery CRM software development solutions and services. Our team of experts ensure to cover all the latest functionalities in our lottery CRM software and also customise it based on client’s requirements. We always make sure to integrate all the trending aspects in our lottery CRM platform and match our client’s expectations to the fullest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is lottery CRM software?

Lottery CRM software is a platform that manages, stores and tracks information of existing as well as potential customers.

2. What are the benefits of lottery CRM solutions?

There are multiple benefits of lottery CRM solutions such as it is used for enhancing the retention of customers, reduces manual efforts, provides instant insights, etc.

3. Do you offer lottery CRM software?

Yes, we can offer lottery CRM software.

4. Is your lottery CRM software customisable?

Yes, our lottery CRM software is fully customisable.

5. Can you build a lottery CRM mobile app?

Yes, we can build a lottery CRM mobile app.

6. Is your lottery CRM software compatible on different devices?

Yes, our lottery CRM software is compatible on different devices.

7. What are the different lottery CRM software development solutions and services offered by you?

White label lottery CRM software, turnkey lottery CRM software, custom lottery CRM software development, lottery CRM mobile app development, etc are the different lottery CRM software development solutions and services offered by us.

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