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Perks of Live Casino Software

Multilingual Support

Cryptocurrency Support

Multiple Device Adaptability

High Quality Video Streaming

Multiplayer Support

Bespoke User Interface

100% Customizations Opportunity

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Get Advanced Solutions from Renowned Live Casino Software Provider

Whether you are planning to make an entry to live casino business or upgrade your existing casino business to live casino business, GammaStack can be your perfect helping hand. Our team helps you in setting up your live casino studio and also provides support and maintenance services for the platform.
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Popular Live Casino Games Supported on our Platform

Fan tan
Two Up
Standard Blackjack
Shake the Plate
Gin Rummy
Dragon Tiger
32 Card Game
Texas Hold’em
Standard Baccarat
Live Bet on Poker
Teen Patti
Three Card Poker
Live Bingo
Auto Roulette
Squeeze Baccarat
Unlimited Blackjack
Andar Bahar
European Roulette
Speed Baccarat
Baccarat Insurance
Sic Bo
Live Keno
American Roulette
Live Roulette
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Live Casino Software Built by us Possesses Multiple Features

Game Views

Our live dealer casino software supports varying screen views for dealers and players.

Games Management System

Multiple live casino games can be managed in an efficient manner through the casino games management system in our platform.

Video Streaming in Best Quality
Our supports high quality video streaming so that your players can enjoy a flawless gaming experience.
Loyalty Programs
For enhancing the retention of your players, we integrate loyalty programs or referral bonus systems in the software.
Live Chatting
Live chatting with the dealer and other players is also facilitated in our software.
Multiple Payment Gateways
Various quick and secure payment gateways are integrated in our software.
Tailor-made Casino Studio Set Up
Our team can do customizations in camera angles, quality of streaming, gaming features, etc depending upon your preferences.
Engaging GUI
Scalability, zero latency, easy accessibility and interactive gaming is ensured through an engaging GUI in our software.
Risk Management System
Risks can be detected, analysed and handled in an effective manner through risk management systems in our software.
Limit Management
To ensure responsible gaming on our software, we integrate a limit management module in the platform.
Admin Dashboard
Admin can easily manage and monitor the live dealer casino games, players, bonuses, etc on our platform.
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Live Casino Software Developed by us has Various Brownie Points

Casino Game Development
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Cycle of Developing Live Casino Platform

Needs are studied
Project documentation
Analysis of Client’s Requirements
Project documentation
Logic development
Logic development
OCR integration
OCR integration
Game Features Integration
Streaming services are set up for video
GCU is set up
GCU is set up
Designing is done
Designing is done
Integration of Features
All features get implemented
Testing of platform is done
Testing of platform is done
Testing of platform is done
Quality Analysis
Final Launch
Live casino platform is ready !
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350+ Developers
25+ Casino Themes
100% Customizable Solutions
8+ Years Experience
We are a recognized live casino provider offering top of the line live dealer casino software integrated with the exciting live dealer casino games as per the demands of clients. Our team possesses strong proficiency in the cutting edge technologies along with sound knowledge of the industry trends thus we are known in industry for building the most innovative and exclusive solutions which can be customised completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you build custom live casino software?

Yes, we build custom live casino software.

2. Are different game views available on your live casino platform?

Yes, different game views available on our live casino platform including player & dealer view.

3. Is crypto payment enabled in your live casino platform?

Yes, crypto payment is enabled in our live casino platform.

4. Is the feature of rating the dealer available in your live casino software?

Yes, the feature of rating the dealers is available in our live casino software.

5. Are loyalty programs present in your live casino software?

Yes, loyalty programs are present in our live casino software.

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    Clients Testimonials


    Choosing GammaStack as the live casino software provider was the best decision for our business. Their highly customizable software has allowed us to create a unique gaming platform that perfectly aligns with our brand and vision.

     by Tom Poetter, Germany
    Date: 2023/07/31

    From start to finish, this live casino software provider of ours has exceeded our expectations. Their team's expertise in online casino software development has allowed us to stand out in the market and attract a larger customer base.

     by Oscar Clark, USA
    Date: 2023/07/31

    GammaStack’s live casino software providers bring efficient progress to our business. Throughout the development process, they offered valuable insights to our users. We were grateful to the team for being supportive of us.

     by Henry Garrod, Cameroon
    Date: 2023/06/30

    The live casino software provider of GammaStack provided us with flexibility and understand our vision appropriately. We were glad to connect with them and had such unique software for our users. It contributed to our business growth and fulfilled our user’s requirements.

     by Colin Austin, South Africa
    Date: 2023/06/30

    Thanks, GammaStack and the development team, you have been the most fantastic live casino software provider in the state we have partnered with. Keep up the good work, quality development, and promising support.

     by Marco Bianco, Europe
    Date: 2023/06/01

    I am happy to have collided with such a live casino software provider whose team is very professional, dedicated to work, and skilled in the domain enough to provide us with ideas about novel trends.

     by Caesar Madelien, USA
    Date: 2023/06/01

    I am very impressed with my live casino software provider. They offered us deals which were always the top-priority for many of the operators like us.

     by Roxena Nanda, Canada
    Date: 2023/05/31

    Got my live casino software provider and the development has got us to a new height. GammaStack is a great partner for such development deals.

     by Oshone Olasope, Nigeria
    Date: 2023/05/31

    GammaStack’s live casino software providers are skilled and ready to offer the solution on time. They contributed to our business growth and fulfilled our expectations within the budget. 

     by Thomas Smith, USA
    Date: 2023/05/26

    The live casino software provider of GammaStack are highly trained and never fails to offer appropriate software to us. The team implemented high-quality features that causes huge success for our business.

     by Tom Carter, Germany
    Date: 2023/05/26

    I have been partnered with the best live casino software provider and I am extremely satisfied with the results. GammaStack has become the most likeable provider to us.

     by Sarah Sokol, UK
    Date: 2023/05/22

    Got in touch with the live casino software provider for an upgrade and the final result turned out to be very outstanding. I thank their team for the continuous efforts made.

     by Carol Lamprakis, Nigeria
    Date: 2023/05/22

    GammaStack’s live casino software providers are talented and skilled in making appropriate software for the audience. They never disappoint us and delivered the best possible solutions to us without any delay.

     by Frank Knowles, South Africa
    Date: 2023/05/18

    Live casino software providers of GammaStack are knowledgeable and known for offering customized solutions to the audience. They implemented high-tech features that made our platform strong and better in the competitive market.

     by Joe Halter, Italy
    Date: 2023/05/18

    GammaStack has an efficient team of live casino software providers who never disappoint us in offering qualitative services. It helped us in delivering efficient solutions to our players and retaining them to our business.

     by Vladimir Bieber, Ethiopia
    Date: 2023/05/16
    Average rating:  
     15 reviews