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Horse Racing Software

Horse Racing Software Development Company in Turkey

Provide a feasible horse racing betting platform to your players with the help of a matchless horse racing software development company in Turkey.

    Peerless Horse Racing Software Development Company in Turkey

    Wish to provide a real-life horse racing betting experience to your players with the help of next-gen horse racing software? Guess what your wish has come true. At GammaStack we design and develop futuristic horse racing software using cutting-edge technologies and inventive ideas. Our team of connessiours is gifted with talent, passion, and unique abilities which is why our horse racing software is beyond comparison. We are aware of the latest trends of the iGaming industry and work hard in order to provide an Avant-grade gambling experience to players all over the world.

    Benefits of Horse Racing Software Development Company in Turkey

    Custom-built Software

    A unique and creative software requires innovative ideas and we at GammaStack not only use the minds of our excellent developers but also provide an opportunity to our customers to make their software novel with their distinct ideas.

    Quick Market Entry

    Our seasoned team of experienced professionals ensures that your software is launched in the market in no time. They follow agile development methodologies to deliver your horse racing platform on time.

    Risk Management Tools

    We adhere to the fact that providing safe and secure gambling is a major aspect thus our software is enriched with risk management tools that alert the gambler/punter about its betting limits.

    Cross-Browser Compatibility

    To provide a non-stop gambling experience to the players our software is compatible with other devices such as mobile phones, thus your players can experience the thrill of horse racing betting at any time and from anywhere.

    Call Center Solution

    With the assistance of GammaStack, you can even provide call center solutions to your players. It will enable them to place their bets via phone calls and will also help in reducing miscommunications.

    Zero or No Revenue Share

    We build cost-effective horse racing betting applications enabling a hassle-free betting experience. Our developers leave no stone unturned in delivering you cost-effective yet highly competitive betting applications.


    Horse Betting Industry in Turkey

    The Jockey Club of Turkey (TJK) is responsible for conducting horse races in Turkey since 1953. Turkey is home to some of the fastest horses as one can find a thoroughbred of English and Arabian horses. It is one of the most important regions for the horse racing industry as it hosts almost 7 international races every year along with numerous national races which are highly enjoyed by spectators all over the world. The TJK ensures the safe and secure functioning of the horse racing industry all over Turkey by spreading the popularity and prestige of horse breeding and provides the necessary training and infrastructure for the growth of the horse racing industry in Turkey.


    Types of Horse Racing Our Horse Racing Software Supports

    Flat Races

    These are the most popular races in Turkey, it involves running horses on a plain surface and the one who finishes first is declared as the winner.

    Steeplechase Races

    Steeplechase race is a slight modification in Flat race where certain obstacles or hurdles are placed on the track and the horse has to overcome those hurdles and finish first.

    Harness Race

    The jockey is seated on a small cart often called sulky, and the cart is dragged by the horse. The horse who reached the finish line first is declared as the winner.

    Endurance Race

    Endurance races are held for 3 consecutive days and prediction in such races is quite difficult.

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    Types of Bets in Horse Racing Betting

    To enjoy the thrill and madness of the horse racing industry, A huge variety of betting options are available for gamblers. We at GammaStack aim to amplify the gambling experience of the players and to achieve our goal we provide a variety of bets to the gamblers. Some of the bets which our software supports are:

    Looking for more?

    Horse Racing Handicapping Software

    GammaStack’s horse racing handicapping software is designed by keeping in mind that it meets the high standards of the gambling industry. Our feature-wrapped software is built using pioneering technologies and creative ideas that will surely provide a remarkable gambling experience to your players. We provide the exact odds and information of the previous races to your players with the help of which they will be able to compete with advanced gamblers in the pool of horse racing betting. Additionally, our horse racing handicapping software comes equipped with risk management tools and live to wager tools which will make your players fall in love with our outstanding offerings.

    Features of Our Horse Racing Software in Turkey

    Bunch of Betting Types

    Provide a variety of betting options to your players with the help of first-class horse racing software.

    API Integration

    By integrating our API, you can provide your players will receive multiple sports data and odds enabling them to enjoy their gambling.

    Live Streaming of Horse Races

    Our software will enable your players to witness multiple horse races in HD quality in any part of the world.

    Detailed Admin Dashboard

    With the help of our comprehensive admin dashboard, the admin will be able to manage multiple jockeys, horses, and much more.

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    Our software can provide several options for payments to your players so that they can use any mode of payment that is convenient for them.

    Horse Racing Users’ Account management

    With the help of this feature, your players will be able to sign-in from anywhere in the world and without any problem.

    On-time Betting

    This feature allows users to track all the previous bets placed, compare bets on a day-to-day basis in real-time.

    Odds Management Tool

    In order to provide the best odds to your players our software is equipped with odds management tools.

    Covers multiple Horse Races Covered

    Different horse races are covered in our horse betting platform to enable users to place bets accordingly.

    Risk Management For Horse Betting

    In order to enjoy betting seamlessly, high-risk management is ensured by our high-quality horse racing software.

    Advanced Analytics

    With the help of this exciting feature, your players will be able to place accurate bets while using your software.

    Information Management Tools

    Our software is enriched and updated with the latest information related to racing, jockey’s, bets, and much more.

    Manual Event Creation

    Gamblers will be able to create their manual event with their rules and invite their friends to place bets.

    Need More Features?

    Horse Racing Mobile Application Development in Turkey

    For a feature-rich horse racing mobile application, get in touch with GammaStack. Our mobile application will provide easy-access and 24/7 gambling to your players. With the help of our exquisite design and ingenious concepts, we craft a hassle-free gambling experience for your players. Our mobile application fabricators craft beyond imagination apps that will provide a bewitching gambling experience to your players and will allow you to witness growth and magnification in your online gambling business.

    Popular Horse Racing Tracks We Support

    USA horse racing tracks

    USA horse racing tracks

    uk horse racing tracks

    uk horse racing tracks

    UAE horse racing tracks

    UAE horse racing tracks

    Australia horse racing tracks

    Australia horse racing tracks

    japan horse racing tracks

    japan horse racing tracks

    France horse racing tracks

    France horse racing tracks

    and many more

    and many more

    Highlights of Our Horse Racing Betting Software

    Horse racing Software Development Process

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    Project Planning

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    Task Allocation

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    Software Designing

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    Development Process

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    Marketing Support

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    Sports Betting Software Launching

    Need Customizations?

    Carefully Crafted Software
    Pioneering Technologies

    Why to choose GammaStack?

    Live Wagering
    Expert Developers

    Get a customized horse racing software from the experts of the gambling industry. GammaStack has empowered several organizations in the past years and has emerged as a noble horse racing software provider in the iGaming industry. We are always ready to accept new challenges and we aim to provide a marvelous gambling experience to the gamblers. Over the years we have equipped numerous businesses around the globe with our comprehensive and scalable solutions and have helped them to grow in the iGaming industry.

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