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Fantasy Exchange Software Development

Do you desire to offer an all-exclusive stock-based fantasy gaming experience to your users? Then fantasy exchange software developed by Gammastack is a perfect solution for you.

    Optimize your Business’s Success with One of a Kind Fantasy Exchange Software

    GammaStack is known for offering a unique fantasy sports solution i.e. fantasy exchange software that can upsurge the growth of your fantasy sports business. We develop a state-of-the-art fantasy exchange software that is integrated with multiple requisite features for enhancing the gaming experience of your users. Our fantasy exchange software is developed for offering your users an exact feel of forex trading as it enables your users to purchase their shares or stocks for different available players and can also sell or trade their shares for the purpose of minimizing their losses. The software can be customized as per your requirements to give it the exact look and feel of your brand.

    Benefits Offered by our Fantasy Exchange Software

    Fantasy Exchange Software - Enhanced Customer Retention

    Enhanced Customer Retention

    Integration of customer retention module enables the admin to send the promotional items including newsletters, offers, crucial announcements, etc through a built-in mailing system in the fantasy exchange software.

    Entirely New Online Fantasy Gaming Experience for your Users

    Offering a fantasy exchange software loaded with multiple unique features enables your users to experience an entirely new level of gaming. Your users can get the complete feel of forex trading while purchasing and selling shares or stocks in the form of players in our fantasy exchange platform.

    New Online Fantasy Gaming Experience For Your Users
    Fantasy Exchange Software - Higher Revenue Generation

    Higher Revenue Generation for you as well as your Users

    Our unique fantasy exchange platform proves to be a revenue booster for you as well as your users. Your users can purchase stocks and can also sell or trade them for minimizing losses and locking profits. Thus it proves to be an engaging model for the users which helps in increasing the count of users on your platform thereby enhancing your revenue generation.

    Boosted Gaming Spirit of your Users via Social Sharing Feature

    Our fantasy exchange platform comes with a social sharing feature through which your users can share their game achievements and winning scores with other players over social communities. Sharing the achievements socially and getting praised for them boosts up the gaming spirit of your players.

    Fantasy Exchange Software - Social Sharing Feature
    Custom Esports Betting Software Development

    Engagement of Mobile Users through Mobile App Development

    We also offer fantasy exchange mobile application development solutions for Android as well as iOS thereby assisting you to engage a great count of mobile users for your platform.

    Major Highlights of our Fantasy Exchange Software

    Player Account Management

    User maneuvering and seamless user-onboarding is efficiently supported in our fantasy exchange software. The player account management module helps the admin to keep a complete control over the player’s account and track of player’s activities including sign-up / sign-out process, user’s financial details, scores, winning frequencies and many more.

    Secure E-wallet

    An encrypted built-in e-wallet is integrated in our fantasy exchange software through which your users can carry out seamless transactions in a secure manner. Wallet management system in our platform enables smooth flow of money between the application and the users.

    Admin Access Portal

    Admin access portal enables the admin to keep a complete control over the user’s account and activities and admin is capable of generating all the crucial reports including total count of users and their activities, total transactions carried out, geographical location, referrals generated, etc.

    Dispute Management

    Our fantasy exchange software keeps a track of your user’s scores, line-ups and gameplay history in real-time and offers only “VIEW” access to everyone including admin. These details are helpful in resolving any disputes that are raised by any one of the users regarding the winning outcomes.

    Game Management

    Admins will be capable of modifying the player selection through which users can create the portfolio. The admins also get the capability to edit the games available for user’s selection and can control the total count of shares that are offered to every player. Base price for the players can also be set up by the admin.

    Admin Reporting

    In case, your users find anything wrong with the gameplay or faces trouble in any of the features associated with the platform, they can immediately report it to the admin through an admin reporting module present in our fantasy exchange platform.

    Multiple Payment Gateways

    Our fantasy exchange software comes with plethora of secure payment gateways options as we are connected with multiple reliable payment gateway providers. Thus it is quite easy for your users to carry out transactions on our platform.

    Built-in SMS & Mailing Platform

    Integration of a built-in SMS and mailing platform enables you to send promotional messages and mails to your customers thereby enhancing the retention rate of users on your fantasy exchange platform.

    Wallet Management

    Wallet management module in our fantasy exchange software enables smooth flow of transactions between the application and the users in a hassle-free and secure manner.

    Selling and Trading of Shares

    Your users can sell or trade the shares that they have purchased for locking their profits or saving themselves from the losses. Selling or trading of shares or stocks can be done through the application or among the users directly.

    Multiple Sports and Leagues Covered

    Our fantasy exchange platform covers multiple popular sports including American Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, etc and the major leagues associated with these sports.

    Player Card

    Player cards in our fantasy exchange software contain the crucial details about the players including scores, number of participated matches, winning rates, playing history and many more.


    A state-of-the-art and comprehensive dashboard is integrated in our fantasy exchange software for perfectly showcasing the crucial details related to gameplay including scores of different players at different gaming levels, winning outcomes, etc.

    Mobile Responsive

    Our fantasy exchange platform is highly mobile responsive thereby making it easier for you to engage an array of mobile users for your platform.

    Top-Class Fantasy Stock Data Fe eds

    We are collaborated with some of the most reliable data feed providers and are thus capable of integrating best in class fantasy stock data feeds in our fantasy exchange platform.

    Brownie Points of our Fantasy Exchange Software Development

    Some of the brownie points covered in our fantasy exchange software include:-

    FIFA Tournament Management Software - Smooth Online Operations

    Powerful Backend Support

    Connected with Reliable Stock Live Data Providers

    Connected with Reliable Stock Live Data Providers

    Fantasy Sports Software - SEO & Digital Marketing

    SEO Friendly Platform

    Social Sharing - Fantasy Sports Software Development in Paris

    Social Invite

    Fantasy Exchange Software - Trending Players Section

    Trending Players Section

    Zero Revenue Share Policy - Gammastack

    Zero Revenue Share

    Gammastack Quick Market Time

    Quick Market Entry

    Fantasy Football Software - Branding Customization

    Fantasy Exchange Mobile App Development

    How we Develop Feature-Rich Fantasy Exchange Software?

    Jurisdictional Compliant Fantasy Sports Software

    1. Requirement Gathering and Analysis

    Our professionals gather the specific requirements of our valuable clients and analyse them thoroughly.

    Rapid Market Entry

    2. Market Research

    Our professionals carry out thorough market research to study the market trends and competition.

    Interaction with Users

    3. Interaction with Users

    We interact with the potential users and analyse their expectations from a fantasy exchange software.

    Liability Tracking and Reporting

    4. Assessment Document

    We create an assessment document perfectly depicting the requirements and its solution set in a comprehensive manner.

    Multilingual Platform with the User-friendly Interface

    5. Wireframing

    Wireframing of the entire project is carried out by our team prior to the start of the development task.

    Fantasy Sports Software Match Selection

    6. Task Allocation

    Tasks are allocated to individual teams so that the entire project development process can be carried out systematically and delivery of work can be on-time.

    Fantasy Sports Software Implementation

    7. Designing

    Our designers create an engaging and brand-oriented design for your fantasy exchange software.

    Sports Betting Software Development Germany

    8. Development

    Our technically strong developers integrate all the requisite as well as custom features in the fantasy exchange software.

    Servicenow Integration Services - Solution Selection

    9. Third-Party Integrations

    We are connected with reliable third-party providers and are thus capable of doing the best third-party integrations including data feed, payment gateway, etc.

    White Label Rugby Betting Software Development Testing

    10. Testing

    The fantasy exchange software is deeply tested and every module is checked to detect the potential errors in it.

    Gammastack Business Environment Set Up

    11. Business Environment Set Up

    After the designing, development and testing, the business environment is set up for your fantasy exchange software.

    Marketing Guidance

    12. Marketing Guidance

    Our marketing experts give you precise guidance for the marketing aspects including search engine optimization, social media optimization, etc.

    Final Delivery - White Label Football Betting Software

    13. Final Delivery

    A feature-rich fantasy exchange software is ready to go live now !

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    8+ Years of Industry Experience
    On-Time Delivery of Work
    Remarkable Expertise in Fantasy Sports Industry

    Why GammaStack?

    Proven Working Methodologies
    White Label and Custom Solutions

    GammaStack is a well-known fantasy exchange software provider that develops state-of-the-art fantasy exchange platform for your business needs. We have a team of best developers who are capable of integrating top of the line features in the platform. Our professionals incorporate cutting-edge technologies for creating an ultra-modern stock-based gaming experience for your users. 


    Markets Covered in our Fantasy Exchange Software

    Our fantasy exchange software covers following markets:-


    Gaming Laboratories International
    Gambling Commission
    General Data Protection Regulation
    Malta Gaming Authority
    Gibraltar Regulatory Authority


    US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    Florida State Golf Association
    All India Gaming Federation

    Data Partners

    Fantasy Data
    Goal Serve

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