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Cutting-edge Esports Tournament Hosting Software

The Esports tournament hosting software developed by GammaStack is highly functional and enables you to centrally manage all sorts of tournaments within one solution easily. With our state-of-the-art Esports tournament engine software, you can organize and manage all of your online as well as offline tournaments, games, teams, players, payments and so much more without any hassle.

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Major Highlights of Our Esports Tournament Engine

Dedicated Dashboards

The Esports tournament hosting software solution is equipped with dashboards that help you keep track of new registrations, tournaments and tournament participants. In addition to this, it gives you full control by the powerful settings feature from where you can control multiple aspects of the software.

Exciting Leaderboards

Leaderboards help you keep the gaming spirit alive among players. Display ranks, award badges and distribute bonus points to the top gamers. Leaderboards not only enable your players to analyze their positions in the tournaments but also help them create better strategies and improve their skills.

Multiple Esports Titles and Tournaments

Not only the software covers various genres of games, for example, FPS, RTS, racing, fighting games and many more but also enables you to host diverse tournaments, namely, Capcom cup, Call of duty world league, Overwatch league, Halo championship series and many more.

Tournament Chatrooms

With real-time chat, your users get the opportunity to interact with gamers of all levels. Tournament chatrooms not only enable your users to socialize with other gamers but also help them improve their skills and share insights with other gamers.

Tournament Creation and Promotion

The Esports tournament engine developed by us is equipped with all the features crucial for effective tournament creation and promotion. You can easily create new tournaments and send invites to existing users for ensuring maximum participation. In addition to this, you can also share your tournaments on social media to ensure the onboarding of new users.

GDPR Compliance

One of our top priorities is the protection of your user’s data. At GammaStack, we make sure that the personal data of your users used for transactions is always protected. Hence the Esports tournament hosting software developed by GammaStack comply with GDPR.

Tournament Listings

With the help of this feature, you can schedule and list tournaments publically to keep your players informed. You can inform your users about the location, games, awards, teams and so much more.

Multiple Payment Integration

At GammaStack, we aim to deliver highly functional as well as flexible solutions. Hence the Esports tournament engine developed by us is equipped with multiple payment gateways so that your users can make transactions without any frets.

Multiple Game Compatibility

The Esports tournament engine software developed by GammaStack is highly compatible with multiple games, game features, and characters so that you can introduce new and exciting games and features without any frets.

Export to CSV

With this feature, you can easily export the important information without the need for another solution. With just one click, you can conveniently gather all the information in one file without any hassle.

Participant Management System

Our intuitive Esports tournament hosting software ensures a seamless user experience. With our easy process, your customers can easily register themselves on the platform and participate in the tournaments easily. Once they have registered on the platform, you can easily manage your users effectively with our solution.

Diverse Tournament Structures

With this feature, you can customise your tournaments by choosing from various structures, for example, single elimination, double elimination, league, round robin, bracket groups etc.

Multiple Streaming Software Integration

Our Esports tournament engine is equipped with a wide range of streaming software solutions that enable your users to enjoy the live streaming of games and tournaments. These include Azubu, Twitch TV, Youtube Gaming, Hitbox TV and many more.

Participant Placement

Our Esports tournament engine is equipped with participant placement feature, which helps you organise the list of all the players in one place and create bracket groups, which help you plan the tournament effectively and make the progression of players in the tournament easy.

Multiple Console Support

With high console compatibility, your users can enjoy participating in the tournaments using Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch and many more.

Manual and Automated Game Results

With the help of manual game results, participants can easily feed the match results of the tournament. The role of the admin comes into play only in case of disputes that arise among the participants. The process of entering results can also be automated with the help of CS:GO eBot and LOL Tournament Codes.

How GammaStack helps you in Esports Tournament Hosting Software Development?

Hands-On Experience In Cutting-Edge Technology

Hands-on Experience in Cutting-edge Technology

GammaStack boasts a team of highly creative designers and highly skilled developers. We break down complex problems and come up with easy solutions that are not only beautiful but also highly functional.

Consistent Communication

At GammaStack, we ensure our customers stay informed at every stage of design and development. We follow the agile software development model which helps us in keeping our customers in loop at every stage of design as well as development.
Consistent Communication
Highly Intuitive Software Solutions

Highly Intuitive Software Solutions

Apart from being beautiful and highly functional, the solutions developed by us are highly intuitive and user-friendly. Our teams brainstorm for hours to create plans and maps for the software solutions, which are later implemented to create user-friendly solutions.

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GammaStack has a reputation for delivering on time. We at GammaStack take deadlines very seriously and our development team always delivers next-gen solutions on time.
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Why GammaStack?

Next-gen Esports Tournament Hosting Software
Bleeding-edge technology
For the development of the Esports Tournament Engine, Gammastack is perfect a perfect choice. Along with the standard platforms, we also specialize in custom Esports tournament engine development which allows you to incorporate any functionality or any feature you want in your solution. Our user-friendly solutions render a seamless experience ensuring maximum user retention. With 8+ years of iGaming experience and a highly skilled team of seasoned professionals, GammaStack becomes an ideal choice.

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