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Looking to broaden your horizons in the lucrative Esports industry? Then Esports community platforms by GammaStack can prove to be a game-changer for you.

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Scalable and Cost-effective eSports Community Platform Development

Our team of seasoned professionals equipped with concrete knowledge of the Esports industry can develop an Esports community platform for your users. The advance platform built by incorporating cutting-edge technologies enables your users to collaborate, communicate and connect. Your users can share their achievements with their fans and grow their audiences in a new and improved manner, all in one place.

Key Features of our Esports Community Platform

Seamless User Onboarding

We create user-friendly platforms where users can easily register and become a part of the community without any hassle.

Individual Gamer Profiles

Our Esports community applications enable users to create their individual profiles. These profiles help your users to share their insights, explore communities, share experiences, and achievements with their fans. Not only gamer profiles help your users keep track of their activities but also help them in collaborating with several players and diverse teams around the world.

Activity Feed

The Activity feed feature helps your users stay updated with the latest news and trends. This feature of our eSports community application enables your users to get all the updates about their favorite players and teams without any hassle in one place.

Team Building and Management

The eSports community websites developed by us are equipped with all the features crucial for effective team building and management. This feature enables your users to build teams, chat, share strategies, decide roles, divide duties and play together.

Event Listings

With the event listing feature, your users can stay updated. The feature enables your users to keep track of all the major as well as minor eSports events taking place near them.

Dedicated User Dashboard

The Esports community software aims to enhance the experience of your users and make it as seamless as possible. Our dashboards help players plan ahead, view statistics, keep track of their progress, join communities, etc.

Knowledge Sharing Rooms

Our Esports community websites not only enable your users to collaborate but also help them socialize with gamers of all levels. With this feature, gamers can interact with each other in real-time and discuss strategies, share knowledge and enhance their skills.

Hosting & Tournament promotion

With this feature, your users can host and promote tournaments all in one place. The eSports community application developed by us equips hosts with audience insights and also helps them manage budget, sponsors, and managers. In addition to this, the application also assists them in promoting the tournament across the community effectively.


Forums help your users help each other. This feature enables your users to open new threads, post queries, and answer questions posted by other users.

Community Moderators

Community moderators help you keep the platform safe and secure, reduce spam and maintain the decorum across the platform.

Intuitive and User-friendly Interfaces

The platforms built by our teams are not only beautiful but also highly intuitive. At GammaStack, we ensure that the users without technical exposure can also use websites designed by us effortlessly.

What makes GammaStack different?

MetaTrader User-Friendly Solutions

Thorough Research and Planning

After comprehending your idea completely, we conduct thorough research and come up with an ideal as well as cost-effective strategy for your project.

Consistent Communication

Despite the time difference, our teams of professionals at GammaStack ensure that our customers stay informed. Our customers consistently stay in the loop during the eSports community website development and our teams ensure all the queries of our customers are resolved.
Hands-On Experience In Cutting-Edge Technology

Cost-effective Solutions

Even though we incorporate the latest technology and tools, we ensure that we provide the best in industry services and products to our customers at highly competitive prices.

Trusted Third-Party Providers

At GammaStack, we understand the value of your privacy and security. And hence, we connect with some of the most dependable and authentic third-party providers that are trusted by millions around the world.

Team of Seasoned Professionals

At GammaStack, our team of seasoned professionals equipped with extensive experience in their respective areas ensures the seamless development of every project. Our team shares a common vision of putting our customer’s needs first, which makes GammaStack a perfect pick for your projects.

QA and Testing

At GammaStack, we believe in perfection and our teams strive for the same. Hence we ensure robust testing of our eSports community website solutions to ensure seamless user experience.

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More Features of Our eSports Community Platform

In addition to all the features listed above, we also incorporate some of the most crucial features in your Esports community platform

Video Streaming Software Integration

Video streaming




Dedicated Team Pages

Guides and Notification

Dedicated Communities for individual eSports titles

Best in industry Esports community platform development
Scalable solutions

Why GammaStack?

Safe and secure solutions for your users
Highly skilled team of professionals
At GammaStack, our team puts the needs of our customers above all. Equipped with 8+ years of experience in the iGaming industry, we ensure that our customers get top-notch solutions at competitive prices. With more than 10 years of hands-on experience in bleeding-edge technology and expertise in the eSports industry, GammaStack becomes a turnkey eSports platform provider.


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